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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam... As a Sunni Sister; I am absolutely sorry for all of this thats resulted in deaths of both sides... the Sunni that I am with the majority... we do not support killing etc... theres a small radicalised minority which are actually spawns of satan from Abdul Wahabs ideology (produced f4om the British Empire) even though these people arent sunni; I know they claim it hence why I say that there is a minority ..the point is that we love you and it may seem fake etc but I genuinely am sorry Kind Regards Sunni Sister
  2. Updates A holy shrine of Syed Muhammad in Balad has apparently been attacked with over 50 martyred إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ
  3. Sister* as ive said about 3 times haha...
  4. Thats really sweet of you. جزاك الله
  5. I love how you agree that he WAS a shia if he was one haha and didnt say that he is.. although that would be politically incorrect.. Anyways, there have been pictures of a man meeting with extremists and then selfies of his in the court of Madinah and now hes missing or something but like I said, Its a rumour and I am putting out on here as a means of question not an attack or insinuating that anybody supports it or that he was actually a Shia Kind regards Sunni Sister
  6. And you will find that sunnis like me are 100% backing you in this fight against terrorism... we know as a FACT, that terrorism is not in Islam full stop. If anyone kills somebody innocent then we know they are not in the fold of Islam
  7. Salaam So I was on Social Media and there is rumours that the bomber may have been an extremist that was a Shi'ite (obviously up until he killed innocents because that makes him a Kaffir now).. now before anyone throttles me...I said an EXTREMIST that WAS Shia(meaning he left Shi'tism) not a Shia Extremist (which insinuates that what led him to do it)... differentiate please before you go crazy... Now a brother on here asked about what sunnis are doing to combat the rise in wahabi extremism (they are both different sects but anyway) we clarified that its the ummahs job not the sunnis because technically speaking the wahabbis are a result of the English Colony... my question is, would you now say what are Shi'ites going to do or what you say what does our Ummah need to do because I am still sticking to the Ummah vibe haha :p Kind regards Sunni Sister
  8. Allah has said that there was going to be Khwarij and the Prophet SAW described them explicitly... we have tried and the sunni scholars in the UK are doing an excellent job at the moment because the wahabbis/salafis have really corrupt scholars and they are stubborn in their beliefs and they target the youth and its abit like trying to get toothpaste back into its bottle... you can after hard work but all of it still wont go back in.... its not the sunnis job because these people arent part of the ahlus sunnah but we still try... BUT it is the whole Ummahs job
  9. Simple put... its the Wahabis that have hijacked Sunnism as a propaganda stunt to generate their evil beliefs... Its evil to the extent that one of their leaders... Ibn Taymiah declared Takfeer on Imam Ali (AS) and any sane person would know that Sunnis love the Ahlul Bayt and we would refute such a person and we do... the wahabis are what the Prophet described as the Khwarij. Simple
  10. I dont think you can say sunnis have hatred towards you... i have bumped into shias that have attitude towards me... its just individuals with their stupid thoughts... abit like on my other forum I asked about some things ive heard about shias and i got attacked for asking
  11. So you think I SHOULD JUST NOT ASK.. OKAY THEN... you shia complain if we ask and you complain if we dont. Blimey
  12. I am Sunni actually and well I have friends that left Sunnism to be Rafd and some Shia that came to Sunnism... the issue is; these individuals cant sit together for some odd reason without bickering
  13. Thankyou.. I genuinely am sorry if you feel offended... not my intention
  14. I am really sorry if I offended anybody Being a young adult you can understand that I am in really early stages of research ans genuinely want to clear up misconceptions and not offend anyone AT ALL
  15. Salaam, I am a British Hanafi Sunni but I am intrigued by Shia beliefs (not looking into it but just want to know more) and was wandering why do shias (alot) have tattoos and the women do not cover and they think its permissible on a special night to sleep with family members in one room and produce a "special baby" with whomever? Please do not be offended.. I am merely asking
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