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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You people seem to be threatened by a mere choosing of words. Anyways i don't see the point in continuing on with this discussion, i don't want to reply to any more replies. Fi Aman Allah.
  2. Go ahead and put me in "my place" i am longing to see your "knowledge" the basic hadith of the reappearance of the Mahdi [ajf] you don't believe in. You people are something else wallahi.
  3. Prophet Mohammad [saas] has said: Verily Allah, Mighty and Exalted sent me as a mercy to the worlds and in order to eradicate string instruments, the flute and other pre-Islamic pagan practises (Bihar al-anwar v.79 p.250 hadith n.2) Prophet Mohammad [saas] has said: Two sounds are cursed in this world and in the hereafter; the sound of the flute played in celebration for a bounty and the twang of a string instrument played during a calamity. (Kanz al-'ummal hadith n.40661) Imam Al-Sadiq [as] said: Singing (music) is one of the things that Allah, mighty and Exalted has threatened to r
  4. May i ask how you came to know about Islam and shia Islam in particular? May Allah bless you and keep you in the true path.
  5. Wa alaikum Salam Visit Al-Muhassin mosque in furmel, Sheikh Yasser al-Habib has a personal hawza there and he is a follower of Ayatollah Sadiq Shirazi (may Allah lengthen his life).
  6. Inna lillah wa inna ilayh raaji'uun, do you people simply lack the brain power to process simple text??? When in my text did i ever claim that a revert can not attain a righteous maqam? If they reverted before the dhuur and became righteous, 100% they can be amongst the 313 but for someone to argue that after the dhuur (when the 313 are already assembled) can an individual revert and become one of the 313 (that have already assembled!!) So what mashallah now there are 314?? SubhaanAllah, how some people can not even comprehend basic logic.
  7. Firstly this ayah that you quoted is referring to the true christians, jews and sabians before the Final Messenger [saas] truly they were righteous, but as for their existence after the revelation of the true religion of Allah, all of them reverted and followed Mohammad since in their books Mohammad [saas] is prophesized, hence they can not exist in the present time since if they truly were followers of the true christianity for example they've should've known about Mohammad [saas] and the true successors of Muhammad [saas] and reverted to the true religion of Allah, a true christian who follo
  8. I understand your logic now, you are assuming that things that are not prophesized in hadith may happen, the hadith state that the 313 will all be ready and they will be key to the reappearance, you however are saying that there may happen sometimes else, which is extremely stupid of you. How can you say perhaps something will happen and you have no hadith backing your statement up, we can not assume things by ourselves, my statement is backed by ahadith. Your's is not.
  9. Why can't you people understand that i am not claiming that a revert can not attain a righteous maqam, rather i am only stating the obvious, the 313 are the 313 for a reason, they have the attributes needed, and these attributes can not be attained lest you first and foremost have the Iman and a non muslim can not even have this simple Iman then how can they have the other attributes? Why can't you understand this simple logic is beyond me...
  10. You seem confused, this will be my last reply to you, believe in what you believe i will not waste your or my time after this. 1. The whole concept of the 313 is that they are real followers of ahlulbayt, they are the real shia of ahlulbayt, they spend their whole lifetimes in the path of Islam, learning and teaching. 2. I am not claiming that a revert can not become in his life time (before the reappearance) a shia and be of these attributes and among the 313, of course they can and i am sure there will be lots of reverts. 3. My only problem is here, how can a person be regarde
  11. Mashallah making your own conclusions to who the 313 are, disregarding ahadith all together as to what these 313 have for attributes. Try to think with your brain for a second please, try googling the descriptions of the 313 and read on them, then ponder can a non muslim be of these descriptions and stop making your own deductions "312 will be ready and the last one will be a revert by the hands of the mahdi" what kind of logic is this? This is not from the books of ahadith, you can not make things up you silly goose. Wallahi you people kill me with your ignorance.
  12. How can the Imam regard the individual who reverted after the reappearance and put him in the ranks of the 313 when the Imam does not appear before the whole of the 313 are ready, they are the reason he [ajf] reappears. How can a person join the 313 after they've already assembled. Again, you are not thinking hard enough.
  13. I know you may not be the sharpest pen in the box, but this is getting stupid. How about you go read donald duck maybe you'll understand something from there.
  14. You are comparing two different scenarios, the time of the occultation is different to the time of Imam Hussain [as] and that is a long discussion as to why but i will only say this and you may use your brain or not up to you: The Imam of our time is waiting for the 313. The 313 have attributes, what are these attributes? many, but the foremost of them is Iman in Allah, the final messenger and wilaya of Ahlulbayt. If a non shia can't have this attribute in him (as for if he had, he would be considered a follower of the Islam of ahlulbayt or what it usually is called, shi'ism) now how coul
  15. Of course you can say that, but the op asked for a correct way to send la'nat on the killers of ahlulbayt and what better place to look for that but the very words of the ma'sooms, hence dua sanamai quraish.
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