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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. In Islamic view, Prophet Jesus was not crucified on the cross, and so would not have been in the tomb after the event. If so, does this mean the story of his resurrection from the tomb is false and the resurrection story didn't happen?
  2. TIL in Jerusalem every Easter a spontaenous flame erupts at a church that does not burn people as regular fire would. This is known as the Holy Fire miracle. After some research, there is no clear explanation to this. It's said the area from which the fire comes is checked before the flame presents itself by the israeli police and they don't find anything suspicious. An elaborate hoax or something more?
  3. If the Prophet Muhammad was created to be an example for mankind, why is he given so much praise? If God creates such a personality for that specific purpose then why does said personality warrant so much credit and love, if he was 'meant' to be perfect?
  4. Is this that culpable vs inculpable ignorance? Can you elaborate on what is required of people who have not received the message of Islam properly?
  5. Given what is said is Quran and Hadith, it is apparent that most people will go to hell as they do not follow the path set out by God. Just thinking about this raising all kinds of depressing thoughts in my mind and I wanted to hear others thoughts on this.
  6. What about the hadith about 17000 original verses (see my post with the video).
  7. The 'old verses' are still in Quran and havent been removed? Is the Quran exactly how it was revealed 1400 years ago?
  8. Oh, I initially brought this topic up because I was watching a debate between a shia and a sunni and the sunni accused the shia of believing in the changing of the Quran, to which, from what I observed, the shia was not able to refute. It mentioned something about one of the shia hadiths talking about an original "17000 verses" compared to what we have now. Below is that video, there are useful time stamps in the comments if you want to have a look yourself. Thanks
  9. Wow that's a great way of looking at it. Didn't think about that. Can you provide an example of such a verse that has been given more detail? Thanks for the reply.
  10. Sorry for the vague question. I meant that one of the verses of the Quran mentions how God brings forward verses to replace or add to new ones. If the Quran is divine and God's word, why is this necessary? It seems fishy to me and I was hoping I could find an answer here. Thanks
  11. What is the need for adding new verses to replace/add to old ones (as stated in Quran)
  12. Fundamental Question: Heaven is a place of eternal light and happiness as a reward for those who did well in the world. Hell is a place of eternal burning and pain as a reward for those who did poorly in the world. Two extremes. From what I know you're one or the other. Where is the in-between? What is the difference between the one in the lowest heaven and the one in the highest (least awful) hell?
  13. Any idea where the hand folding comes from? Always found it weird how they say its proper. Why would there be a dispute on this type of thing?
  14. So 85% of the Muslim population are offering invalid prayer... :0
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