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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Mashallah dear Brother i think we both read the same book thats what i meant in my post
  2. Salam dear brother I am convert also and i understand how you felt with your parents , its always hard to deal with them But Elhamdulilah you found the right path ! Welcome
  3. Elhamdulilah !Mashallah ! Finally got my answer thats all i needed lol
  4. indeed lol this guy just try to create conflicts for nothing
  5. oh is he ? i guess publicly saying that the graves of abu bakr wa umar should be digged is very much pro unity isn't it ?
  6. ok i did a mistake but for the love of God bro/sis this guy just diverted the original topic in a useless debate lol
  7. ill answer but stop being a beta male please i said to YOU what are you afraid of ? i was not even talking about hezbollah until you brought it in a topic that has nothing to do with it you seem to just need attention
  8. youre the one who seem to have internal issues ..talking about putting things in peoples mouth HAHAHA i havent actually criticized or villyfied anyone lol youre overreacting my post was not even originally about that but ok che guevara however you like it
  9. lol dont think that because i am a convert im somewhat stupid or clueless about religion. just because you follow someone ex :khamenei or nasrullah dosent mean they are right all the time. do you also want me to kiss the grave of umar also ? there is a difference between unity and interest. Hezbollah and iran are acting out of interest not because they love the sunnis so much.
  10. cry me a river i dont even care about your post that was not even the goal of this post. i do not care about what shirazis say i am just amazed at how clueless some shi3as are while sunnis hate us but hey its ok next step we are going to praise umar and abu baker
  11. lol nasrallah said like at least 20 times in his speeches and call her the mother of believers and why hide the truth ? what are you so afraid of ? that the sunnis will hate more than they hate you now ?
  12. hum well i mean unity should come from both sides when they kill us all day we cant really unite but thats beside the point lol Imam Ali(AS) wrote sanam e quraish du3 was that shirazi lobby lol ? and i mean lets say i dont mind these because some have to apply taqqiya but to ban azadari for Fatima(SA) and say Radiallahu anha to Aisha ? Thats too far
  13. trump is actually pro-jewish and pro israel lol
  14. i read a lot of your posts and i know youre a staunch anti tatbir lol. i am actually a convert and i never viewed tatbir in a good light and i never done it but i dont mind some people doing it i actually love these 3 mar3ja especially khorasani and shirazi because they do not live in pro-unity fairyland . now can you provide an answer to my question ?
  15. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem Sallallahu Ala Muhammadin wa Ale Muhammad Attayibeen Attahireen Salam dear brothers and sisters Recently i have been gravitating around Bashir Najafi , Vahid Khorasani and Sadiq Shirazi . I respect all mar3ja but i love those 3 in particular because they are very knowledgeable . my question is knowing Sadiq Shirazi allows Tatbit and even encourages it , does he allow it on kids though ? Please no tatbir debate or mar3ja debate for the Love of God.. Wasalam
  16. if you mean pills forget it lol i took those its useless
  17. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem Sallallahu Ala Muhammadin wa Ale Muhammad Attayibeen Attahireen Salam What are you guys opinion on this Du3a ? I heard this has the rewards of doing 1000 umras is this true ?
  18. Alawi doctrine is heretic they believe in a trinity consisting of Ali-Muhammad and Salman al Farsi ... But a lot of modern day alawis got closer to twelver shiism and even the brother of bashar became Ja3fari Elhamdulilah
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