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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It is ideology at its finest. The sheltered safe nature of democratic materialism has been shattered, instigating a trickle-down fear as a purulent violence erupts from the pustule of a global capitalist corporate hegemony. Pure ideology.
  2. السلام عليكم Thank you brother. There has always been a Western-led movement to change the patterns of praxis within religions like Christianity, Judaism, and more recently Islam and the normalization of homosexuality is being done through a similar means domestically towards Muslim inhabitants of the Western world as it had been accomplished just a few years prior among the majority populace. I take a more pessimistic view than you, however. We must unapologetically hold fast to the thaqalayn no doubt, or we shall perish just as others have across the course of human history but I do not believe our expression of faith is necessary. I watched Shaykh Sekaleshfar's interview with a journalist earlier today regarding this event and what was striking, other than the rudeness of the interviewer and the scholar's steadfastness upon the religion, was his statement that allowing the lecture to be hosted on YouTube was a major mistake. I think it is necessary to engage in some self-censorship and dissimulation if one were to continue to live in the West. Key doctrines of our faith itself--of God's Law and Divine Truth--are considered too unsavory and hateful in the current social discourse. As such, I think it may be necessary to insulate ourselves to some degree, just as we must when living in Sunni majority countries with regards to the Imams' ع declarations upon those they revere. I wonder what you or others believe. Should we stop using major websites like YouTube, Facebook, etc. and instead engage with our religion on less visible sites like shiatv or this forum for example? How does one spread Islam in this climate? Should we discuss our religion in public offline or online spaces at all? Do we even belong in the West, especially when we and our fellows of the ummah are dehumanized and maligned as savages worthy of murder and oppression?
  3. السلام عليكم رجس means filth and abomination.
  4. السلام عليكم Erythritol has alcohol (-OH) groups but it is not the same as alcohol. Even though it is called a sugar, it does not have an empirical formula of Cn(H2O)n. So it's neither a sugar nor alcohol. It is perceived as sweet by our taste cell receptors, not digested as easily as sugars are so it has fewer calories but can cause digestive problems, and does not lead to insulin release so it can be better for diabetics. Thus there is no issue with it.
  5. السلام عليكم This event sets a very dangerous precedent. A scholar's simple articulation of the Shia Islamic view on homosexuality, even in a very academic, withdrawn manner, led to a "moral" outrage leading to the vilification of his character and what can only be described as modern exile. The mere expression of what our faith says on an issue that has only in recent years become consecrated in this fickle system of Western law is tantamount to a declaration of hatred not only for a group but for the systems in power within these countries, thus the one who voiced said expression is deserving of excommunication and pariah status. Homosexuality in the Western system of thought from the 1800s onwards became a behavior to be studied instead of an act to be curtailed. The medical establishment then pathologized homosexuality, deeming it a mental illness without scientific basis. While proponents of this deviant practice today would oppose this characterization, it did pave the way for the normalization of homosexuality as now the one who engaged in this act was not regarded as one who decided to act upon an urge but rather as one who can not be culpable for his or her action like the insane. Later research showed that this psychiatric designation was predicated on nothing, so advocacy groups called for groups like the American Psychiatric Association to change their viewpoint as social mores began to change, which they successfully did in 1973. Now we see the scientific community attempting to "geneticize" homosexuality--a move that, in the Western mindset, allows homosexuality to remain as a behavior but without stigmatizing it as an illness--, which has largely been to no avail save a fairly recent study (http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.1086/668167) that suffers from some methodological issues and the fact that a predictive model showing with relative accuracy some association between epigentic modification of the portions of the genome studied and sexual orientation cannot be considered definitive "proof" for a causative relationship, especially when there is no clear testable biological mechanism to explain such a relationship. Even if there were some biological aspect to homosexuality present prior to parturition or triggered by environmental changes in the womb or shortly after birth, from an Islamic mindset this does not warrant any reconsideration of homosexuality as it just serves as a test for some believers to withhold their sexual urges to commit illicit relations, just as someone who may be "genetically" promiscuous (read an attempt to "geneticize" infidelity here: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0014162) must avoid their urges to commit zina. There are also similar attempts in evolutionary psychology to present hypotheses for homosexuality as a product of natural selection. The reasoning for all of this is that once you make an action part of a state of being rather than a state of doing, then it cannot be denigrated and must be respected. If homosexuality is considered an essential nature of a human, then, like race or gender for example, to curtail the action in society is problematic and hateful. This conceptualization of homosexuality is entirely foreign and strange to Islam where the act is only taken into regard and is treated as a moral and legal matter. This nuance is lost, however, on most people who fervently anathematize that which they are told to anathematize. I wonder what thing next will become virtually "illegal" to speak of in our faith within the West.
  6. السلام عليكم It seems all groups were voting perfervidly in reaction to rhetoric on one side or the other, i.e. out of nationalistic interests or fear of rightist rhetoric.
  7. Thank you very much brother for that information.
  8. السلام عليكم I use these sites often: rafed.net, hadithdatabank.com, imamreza.net, alseraj.net in addition to scholars' sites.
  9. السلام عليكم How is living in Bahrain as a Shia? I wish to go study there for a few years and then leave. Is there stigma against praying the salat of our Imams ع? Does the government surveil computer activities? Is one allowed to keep Shia literature? Thank you
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