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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam My husband experienced sth like a miracle at Karbala.he went there in Arbaeen with his friends , on the way, once they got separated at some place and planed to see each other at a certain place. but my husband couldn't arrive on time and he lost his friends. he continued to Karbala in the hope that find them.but he couldn't. He became hopeless .a teenager ,19 year old,without any money at a foreign country, even he didn't know the language of people as well.he was compelled and did Tavassol to Imam Al-Husayn (as) . In a nutshell, every thing was changed. The servants of Imam Al-Husayn took care of him and searched the entire city and finally found his friends.
  2. A good point to contemplate ... Thank you
  3. salam sisters and brothers قالَ صادق( ع): التَّقْدِیرُ فِی لَیْلَةِ تِسْعَ عَشرَةَ، وَالإبْرامُ فِی لَیْلَةِ إحْدَی وَعِشْرِینَ، وَالإمْضاءُ فِی لَیْلَةِ ثَلاثٍ وَعِشْرینَ. امام صادق (ع) می فرمایند: مقدّرات در شب نوزدهم تعیین، در شب بیست‌ و ‌یکم تأیید و در شب بیست ‌و ‌سوم امضا می‌شود. کافی، ج 4، ص 159 Imam Sadiq, peace be upon him said: One’s destiny is determined on the nineteenth night (of Ramadhān), confirmed on the twenty-first and finally approved on the twenty-third.
  4. what about the will of God? Not important?!
  5. How do you say that?! Any proof?
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