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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. i cant pronounce these foods for my life, but ras maley and die baray have a special place in my heart, a big special place *.*
  2. This is really interesting. What would be more interesting is if they made a survey in which they had all those options on the map, and asked ex - muslims to check off their source(s) of doubt. Then we could see what the biggest doubts are
  3. definitely ma gurl, although outer appearance is 1 of the many factors that determine a person's modesty, it is not dismissed as unimportant. he gave us the whole package, so we gotta try our best to be the whole thing. dont know if that last sentence made any sense, wow rly bad wording, srry it sounds right in my head lol
  4. You're so right siss. I also hold the opinion that outer appearance is a very small faction of a woman's (or man's) modesty. I know quite a few modest women (outwardly modest - hijab, long skirts etc) who are more interested in talking to males more than females and take them as friends really easily, texts them etc., and it used to confuse me a lot. In my head, growing up I thought that if you're outwardly modest, you're totally modest in general. I hate to talk like this about the few women but, it is true. It proves perfectly that modesty is many things, and not just confined to the headscarf or loose clothing, for example. Modesty is in your speech, modesty is the way you look at another person of the opposite gender, and it's how you present yourself to them (body language). Both men and women are not safe from each other if all they do is guard their outer modesty. There's so much more to it yakno
  5. Thx for letting me know , I will do this beautiful task forsure. God bless you all !
  6. @Irfani313 I highly doubt anyone has taken it, it seems that it has disappeared in thin air...!! I appreciate your advice, unfortunately most of my family is not really religious if you know what I mean. I will always keep it in mind however. Point 3 and 4 I can do, but how do I give sadqa of imame zaman (as)? Do they collect it at shia mosques? (Sorry i dont know, i used to be sunni) Thanks a lot!!!!
  7. @MaryamAfghan Salam, Just today I found out that something I kept hidden in my closet is not there anymore. It was in a purse and I put a lock on it too, so whatever was inside was only accessible by me. The purse is not there at all anymore and I'm freaking out. Is there something I can recite? In the meantime can whoever reading this make dua for me please. Another thing is that my mom just told me that this isn't the first time something precious has gone missing in the house. Apparently her, my dad, and my older sister all experienced losing precious items and I didn't know. I hope there is some sort of dua I can recite for this.
  8. khoob astom khahar (srry my farsi isnt the best, i think that's right lol), i havent tried it either but I just heard, I hope it works for you :~)
  9. Salam, damn gurl, it seems you have it really bad. I can't relate as much, but I also get really cold and a lot of back pain and muscle aches. I just take an advil. I know tea has been suggested already lol but I heard that camomile tea is really good if you get stomach aches and cramps: http://www.theteatalk.com/benefits-of-camomile-tea.html Maybe visit your fam doctor as well. As for getting cold, idunno what else to do except for wear fuzzy things or be in a fuzzy blanket, i know, it sucks. Goodluck!!
  10. So there's no shia student association at your uni? Interesting, maybe you could start one tho!! and somehow advertise it, maybe at a nearby shia mosque. Another thing is when you go to majles in the city that you're in for uni, maybe talk to some of the youth you see there and who knows , they might go to the same uni as you. Goodluck I'll make due for u, i hope it becomes easy :-) don't worry
  11. JUST AN UPDATE : They said its good i ignored it I freak out about everything
  12. I dont think it would matter if i see it; more scared if i touch it, or take it and keep it with me for some time until i properly dispose of it i just feel bad but you never know what it could be idunno i just heard of these things growing up so im not dealing with it, omw 2 the mosque i cant take this stress
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