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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I did not quote Einstein in order that you understand Einstein's brain. The purpose of quoting Einstein here is to make you know whatever you have been arguing is futile and useless. Also, you are unable to explain on what basis you are defending shia islam? If questions are not raised, should I become silent? You need to see things from other's perspective as well because if you fail to do so, it will only make you more perplexed about the idea you are trying to make me understand. So, please avoid beating about the bush and stick to the point.
  2. I need to read some basic level books on shia Islam. If anyone can help, I will be grateful. Thank you!
  3. If you cannot explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough--Albert Einstein
  4. You are not a follower of Ahl Aal Bait AS, It is clear from close hardheartedness.
  5. Well... thank you everyone for your help. I have been asking Allah for the guidance of the right path and he is giving me more love of Ahl al Bait (AS) day by day. Although the area I live in is majorly Ahl al Sunnah sect dominated, most of the clergies are uneducated, illiterate and living far away from twenty first century. Clergies, all in all, when address the general public their discussion includes either sectarianism or self interest of their own mosque. I have never met any shia scholar before; rather, to be very honest, I took a course at university in which my teacher taught me about history of Islam, who was a follower of Ahl al Bait AS. In his course, I came to know about some of the facts I was unaware of previously, like marwan bin hakam case, and mawiyah e.t.c. As soon as I finished my course, my curiosity to know about shia islam increased. Then, I took another course from a female teacher whose piety, self righteousness and commitment also made me to know about shia islam. Now, at the peak of my interest, I really want either to have a guidance of shia scholar, whom I cannot find near my area or I want to run away from my home and join Hawza ilmia for studies. What do you guys suggest?
  6. I am not afraid to ask questions because it's my right to ask the right question from a rightly guided individual, rather from an individual trying to humiliate others upon asking a pinching question. One may have accepted its religion without asking and understanding religion but one cannot learn religion without raising questions on the building blocks of religion. Your concepts and logic come quite later, as they are not the matter of concern right now. In order to gain the proper understanding of religion, one has to put in a lot of concerning questions. And I will not be afraid to ask question about a thing which is leading me astray. I will love to study the basics and ask questions like a kid if it is leading me to a straight path.
  7. Unfortunately, I don't know Arabic but I am trying learn Arabic on my own.
  8. 1) No. I could have discussed them later on, but for me those questions should have been addressed earlier because those questions are the major questions being raised on shia islam wherever you go. Moreover, it is because of those questions, shia fail to attract non muslims to their community (personal view) 2) No. I read somewhere and I put that in my questions, however, I will be more careful about such things. 3) Allah is AADIL but Allah has 98 other names as well, It means we should say that we pick one of the names among those names and make them a pillar of Islam. Don't you think all these interpretations after the demise of Prophet SAW created tension and divisions among Muslims?
  9. Though it is a very scholarly and an academic level discussion, we need to discuss it step by step. The points upon which we have agreement are: Tawheed, Prophethood and Qayamah. The rest of the two according to you are: Adal and Imamah. Let's talk about Adal: The verses that you have quoted above do not give direct significance of Adal or Imamah. I believe it's an interpretation to comply the verse to Imamah. Now Imamah: As you have quoted some verses in the favor of Imamah, did Prophet SAW give any Ahadith or signs of Imamah to be followed after him in a direct way?
  10. Where is Hajj, zakah, and fasting? Why do you believe in adal and Imamah? Are these pillars of islam given to you by Hazrat Ali?
  11. Bro if it offended you my apologies for that, but I;m asking same kind of questions from sunnis too, and they get offended the same way... don't know where to go
  12. I believe somewhere shias are right, somewhere sunnis.
  13. and for me it will be better to just be in between shias and sunnis, rather become a radical like you.
  14. First, I'm not defining Shias on my own turn I respect both sunnis and shias point of views, though somewhere shias are wrong and somewhere they are right. Somewhere sunnis are wrong and shias are right. And thank you for giving me fatawa of a kafir. You have proved yourself that how devoted you are with teachings of Ahl al Bait AS... May Allah forgive you for saying so
  15. I just want clarification who is right and who is wrong is very difficult to decide. Some teachings of yours do make sense to me but others don't. In this situation what should a man do? If questions are not raised, everything is ok, but if questions are raised it offends both shias as well sunnis. Time to leave the earth
  16. You are way too judgmental bro! I'm here to ask questions which is my right and I was not satisfied with the anwers previously provided... Had there been a good scholar on this forum, he might have understood my situation, So stop judging and start removing the doubts and questions being raised on shia islam... simple!
  17. And what is the proof that Prophet AS and Ahl Al Bait teachings were not corrupted by Shia scholars, who introduced innovations like, chest-beating, mutah, disrespecting and lanah sending, worshiping graves, and asking for help from graves... can you give proofs of all these things?
  18. Guys! I'm still in perplexing situation. At one point, I believe it is wrong to disrespect any of the wives of Prophet Muhammad SAW, and on the other hand, I believe we shouldn't send lanah to anyone because it goes against the teachings of Ahl al Bait and Prophet's teachings. Do you think Shia's are truly following the teachings of Ahl al Bait, why do they wear black clothes, when prophet AS predicted it is a dress of people of hell.. Why do they beat their chests ? Why do they worship graves? Why don't they ask for help directly from Allah, when He says he is near to your jagular vein? Why do shia worship Horse? Why do shia do Mutah? it is an injustice with women and clearly an act fornication They always send lanah to the companions and wives of Prophet Muhammad SAW, whom Prophet AS used to love more. Why are shias not attracting non Muslims to their beliefs? Prove that shia did not introduces any innovation in islam, I will become shia.. Aren't they the shais who firstly divided the Muslims when Quran says don't be separate just stick to the rope of Allah. Ok, you may have differences with companions, but sending lanah is completely a symbol of ignorance and illiteracy because Islam of Prophet Muhammad SAW never taught such things to any Muslims. Please ponder over your practices like I did.
  19. I read the references given above, however, if I put these questions in front of sunni scholar he will also give me the references from various sources. Now, who is right and who is wrong? it will be difficult to decide.. Now I go in the history and I see that Imam Jaffer Sadiq AS was the teacher of two sunni imams.. why did they establish a separate school when the teacher had the school already, serving thousands of people in Madina. When I go to sunni reference, they say shia religion is not religion of Imam Jaffar Sadiq AS, rather it is fabricated religion and it came into being much later time; moreover, Imam Abu Hanifa had the permission of Imam Al Sadiq.. it is a simple logic that a student can never outshine his teacher unless he works hard, puts in a lot of effort, and does everything to achieve perfection like his teacher, but here Imam Sadiq was teacher, who had the knowledge passed on to him from world's best teacher Prophet Muhammad SAW, in this case, we can say that Imam Al Sadiq was the greatest teacher of his time. Imam Abu Hanifa spread the teachings of Imam Al Sadiq, since imam al Sadiq did not write any book on fiqh and jurisprudence, so we have to go to the teachings of his students, who, after he passed away, established their separate schools based on the teachings of Imam Al Sadiq
  20. But as far as I know, it is an allegation on Omar Ibn Al Khattab that he broke in Imam Ali's house. If it had happened, why would Imam Ali become chief advisor of Omar Ibn Al Khattab during his caliphate? Most people say that shia alims of ninth or eighth century made this fabricated story on the account that Omar destroyed the civilization of Iran during the battle of Qadsiyah. This was the hatred and envy against Omar which resulted in story of this kind that he broke into Fatima AS house. And secondly, if it had happened, imam Ali would tolerate this injustice, oppression, and tyranny..since he had divine powers as well... I don't this incident had happened. Even a normal Muslim cannot believe this fact that somebody can break into the house of the daughter of Rasoolullah SAW... I have read the biography of Omar Ibn Al Khattab and it was being written without any biases. It shows that there existed some differences between two families but the incident like you are narrating did not happen. It doesn't even make sense! Because Fatimah AS was the most beloved and respected lady of Madina during that period of time. People did not spoke against this injustice? there may have been existing some differences... but I think it is a lie against Omar Ibn Khattab...can you quote any sunni reference?
  21. Assalamualikum to all members! My question is: why don't shia scholars memorize the holy Quran?
  22. ASSALAMUALIKUM Warahmatullah to all members! I have been researching about shia Islam quite a long time. Although I have now developed a genuine interest in shia islam but i have some reservations which held me from moving ahead. It has been generally observed that shias, in their general discussion on religion, abuse companions of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW, accusing that Abu Bakr, Omar and Othman were infidels. Also shias hit themselves with blades and swords during Ashura which repels me from joining shiaism. One last thing, shias concept of Mutah marriage. I have read a lot on this topic and Imam Ali narrated various ahadith in Sahih Bukhari, in which he states that Mutah was banned by Prophet Muhammad SAW after Khayber with donkey meat. My question is why shias are practicing mutah when it was banned by the Holy Prophet PBUH before it was banned by Omar ra. I want to join shia islam but convince me on these three topics: 1) Disrespecting the companions and wife of Holy Prophet PBUH 2) Senselessly hitting oneself with blades and swords 3)Mutah marriage If I enter into shia Islam, what resistance will I have to face? 1) At home- I might be thrown out 2) My family members will be mocking at me 3) I want to become an alim and master of shia islam but have no access to shia alim in my area, except a few shia friends 4) Is there an online alim who will provide me assistance with shia beliefs and ideology, from basics to alim level? 5) Is it necessary being a secretly following Ahlal bait in a sunni family to offer prayer like Ahl al bait told us?
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