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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This dude here can't even talk to like a true gentleman. A Shia claims: Ali r.a is the best of all Sahabah --> what do you call this? You are playing God by putting your own words to Allah swt 'mouth'! SHIRK is when you bring something or someone Allah swt as accomplice. The problem is, you Shias don't see what you are doing is wrong because it is YOU WHO PLAY ACCOMPLICE to Allah swt in deciding who's the best among men in the judgement of Allah swt! Masyallah brothers and sisters, only God who should decide who's more "sacred" among men. Not you and me!!
  2. Which contrary point are you talking about. Have you seen a Muslim mourning the death of Usman Ibn Affan r.a or Abu Bakr r.a? No. We Muslims see all of them equally as strong Islamic historical figures. We should learn from them a lot. Mourning only any one of them is clearly an example of a favoritism and a political BS! How can you tell that Allah swt favors Umar r.a over Ali r.a.? Are the Shias playing accomplice / sidekick to Allah's will, work and calculation? HOW BLASPHEMOUS CAN YOU PEOPLE BE for playing accomplice to Allah swt? First you dismiss the concept or Redha, and now you Shias are plaing SHIRK too?
  3. I am talking about Ta'sub. Not whom Allah swt chooses. Iblees is one very Ta'sub dude. Confuciusm is another example of people playing ta'sub to makhluk. Ta'sub and Ta'jub to other than Allah swt lead people astray. It's all there in the Quran. Hinduism and Buddhism have similar ta'sub practices.
  4. Indeed brother. Even if he sinned, his grandfather Muhammad s.a.w is full of syafaah and he's an ahlul-bayt too! We don't have to worry about him nor should we hit anything else.
  5. Redha is a spiritual value of a true Muslim. The mourning of Sayyidina Husayn r.a. shows me that Shia people are full of vengence, vindictive - This is not good. How can you find peace in your heart when you don't understand Redha in the first place? Sabar, Redha, Tawakkal are among the highly regarded spiritual values of Islamic teaching. They build strong characters.
  6. Indeed, he showed me the top rank terrorist state right now is Iraq - a shia majority. He helped me a lot. I am starting to doubt that he's a real Shia.
  7. Now this is funny. You Shia scums proclaim yourselves as representing the true Islam AND yet at the same time you categorize yourself as an exclusive SECT. Even my keyboard is laughing at you Shia logic. Hahahaha
  8. We, ASIANS MUSLIMS, see them all as Arabs vs Persian political conflicts. They are all politics. Isn't Shiism a political sect? Isn't Iran/Shia states is funding your own terrorist groups all over the world too? How do you think ASIAN MUSLIMS (400 million) should react seeing you idiots fighting your own political wars by using Islam? Your only problem is when you can't confine your attacks to your own middle-eastern cults (shiism, wahabbism, salafist). We asians muslims don't understand those and you don't want to involve another 400 million innocent Muslims into your sandtribe conflicts. Btw, we don't know this thing called Sunni vs Shia. We are simply Muslims. We don't know this sect thingy. If you call yourself a "sect" so be it - you are a "sect". LOL
  9. 1. Ta'sub towards any Islamic leaders/figures, past, present and future, is not part of Islamic teachings. Moderation is what Islam is all about. Only Allah swt should become the center of a muslim's ta'sub and ta'jub. Ta'sub and Ta'jub towards makhluk is the root for all idolatory and ancestral-based religions. 2. Islam should be viewed as a non-partisan religion. Past history, good or bad, should be able to strengthen a Muslim's understanding of the spiritual concept or Redha. Sayyidina Ali r.a. was martyred by some acquintances - why don't you just accept (redha) what is written in Luh Mahfuz? Being vindictive only demonstrates your lack of appreciation of one of the core Islamic spiritual value -> Redha. Your level of redha shows your level of acceptance to Allah's work and will. Should the Catholics hate the Romans for 'killing' Jesus pbuh? LOL. Don't tell me Catholics understand the concept of Redha more than you do. 3. Muslims see all sahabah as equally important in strengthening the foundation of Islam. Favoritism should not become part of one's iman. Favoritism is for Allah swt to judge. We don't have the rights to say who should be revered or favored over the others by Allah swt simply because we are not Him, the Most Willing, the Most Knowing, the Best Judge. 4. Inventions and liberalization are the enemies of a Muslim's aqeeda. Inventions are the roots of all sub-religions and deviations and of course lead to syirk. Christianity is an example of an invention off Judaism - big one. Ahmadiyya, Sikhism, Bahai'sm and .... are the products of those who failed to understand the true concept of aqeeda, tawheed, iman and ehsan of Islam, or they had other hidden or personal agenda that we are not aware of. If you claimed to have understood the concept of Tawheed, why would you invent something like Bahai'sm off the teaching of Shiism, for example? 5. Karbala: Who are we to judge who's politically wrong and correct in the battle of Karbala? Are you God? Those martyrs are probably enjoying their heavenly liquors right now and you're beating yourselves up with hot rod thinking that something bad happens to Sayyidina Husayn r.a right now? How stupid can one be? Don't you read the Quran about Allah swt's promises to those who died as martyrs? Don't you believe in Allah's promises? True Muslims believe in what is promised by Allah swt in the Quran. Haqqul Yaqin. That's why Allah swt commands us the appreciate Redha to what had happened in the past so that you won't knock your own heads around town, crying like babies, due to your own ignorance of the Quran, Allah's promises and Redha! (You intentionally let yourselves to bleed (najis) and SKIP PRAYERS all day long?) This is my honest opinion as a Muslim, Asian, non-Arabic speaking.
  10. Top 1 is a Shia state. Situated next to another Shia state. Thanks. Afghanistan is at constant wars. No real issue there ;D Is Iran at wars? Nope and yet its Peace Index equals to those at wars. So yeah, you'll just to accept the fact that Iran is a terrorist state and sponsoring half of the world's terrorist groups. So I assumed you cannot afford a mirror when first started this thread?
  11. This is the first time I heard Thailand and India are two muslim States. Never heard that before except from a Shia debater today. I am disappointed.
  12. Simple. Because there are Shias and Hindus in it Top 6 - 10: 6 India 7.747 0.046 7 Yemen 7.642 0.486 8 Somalia 7.6 0.48 9 Libya 7.29 0.966 10 Thailand 6 - is not a Sunni state. I starting to doubt your education quality. 7. Yemen is a SHIA MAJORITY state 8. Somalia is at wars 9. Libya was attacked by the outside forces. At wars. Sorry. 10. Thailand is a Buddhist state. Is not a Muslim state. Like really? Do you really have to seek help from Buddhists and Hindus to help you with your arguments?
  13. How come the biggest shia country in the world is ranked among the lowest in the peace index? Are you living in hell or something? You are not even involved in any wars but your rank is on par with the countries that are actually at wars! I can't believe this
  14. A shia asks: Why do sunnis love terrorism? US answers: Iran regime is a terrorist state! Now this is interesting Global Peace Index, 2016 --------------------------------- The top ranked Muslim country is: Malaysia (30). - Sunni country. Iran (133) - DANGEROUS. Peacetime. Azerbaijan (134) - DANGEROUS - Shia majority. Peacetime Yemen (158) - DANGEROUS - Shia Majority Iraq (161) - HOPELESS - shia majority. Syria (163) - Hopeless. A [Edited Out]e REGIME. The lowest ranked --------------------------------- How is this possible? OMG! ;-(
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