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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I agree with you,but there is contrast in your words!If i misunderstand, let me know.you mean because some countries go to war with each other and some innocent people who are healthy and dont have any pain,are killed, so euthanasia should be permitted??
  2. I think in such situation doctor can cut his/her life support like brain dead patients,because his/her brain loses its all functions and his/her heart,liver and kidnies will be disabled and the important note is the patient doesnt feel any pain.
  3. Being in this situation is reallly hard. Islam tries to improve the patients morale to increase his power of tolerance, so if a patient has religious beliefs, he feels pain less,because he knows that his unfinished pain is his divine exam and by that pain his pain will be excuse by Allah or by tolerance of this pain, Allah will give him rewards and.... There are many hadeeths as admission of my words: Prophet muhammed(pbuh): The sins of a patient sheds like sheding leaves of atree (mizanulhikma.p490) The reward of not sleeping for one night because of the pain is more than a year worship(Alkafi.p:114) O!Ali the groan of a patient is like praise(tasbeeh) , his shout is tahleel(la ilaha illa Allah),his sleeping is worship and his movement side by side (becauseof the pain) is jahad
  4. Euthanasia means that if a patient is suffering great from a disease,and there is no hope left on him/her with today technology,he/she can have euthanasia. Euthanasia is legal in some countries,but it is haram in islam. There are four kinds of euthanasia: 1)active voluntarily 2)active involuntarily 3)passive voluntarily4)passive involuntarily that all four kinds are haram in islam,because islamic position is that life belongs to Allah.it is he who gives and takes away life, and no one can give or take it.
  5. Salam, Why do you insist that buy loose clothes dear? A tailor can sew beautiful loose clothes for you. In my country, if we cant find suitable clothes,the tailor sew it for us.
  6. I remember that my brother in law(the husband of my sister)narrated when he had been at uni,one of his classmates had fallen in love with him and she had proposed to him by his father!!!but he had rejected him so polietly, then her father had fallen in love with him because of his character
  7. Salam, Miss amy,your story really touched me and i cried when i heared your words .I hope that you could be as hazrat Zeynab(sa) to imam Mahdi(aj)(as you said)
  8. Salam On the base of johani hadeeth,23th night of Ramadan is Laylat al-Qadr. Abdullah ibnionays who was a stockman said to Prophet muhammad(saaw):"I can’t stay awake all three nights because of my hard job.would you tell me which night is Laylat al-Qadr"? Prophet muhammad(saaw)said quietly:"It is enough that you stay awake on 23th night
  9. There are five decrees in islam: Wajib (recommended),Mustahabb (recommended ,but not essential),Mubah (neither encouraged nor discouraged),Harram (forbidden) and Makrouh(prohibited ,but not compulsory) Liberalism says everything is "Mubah" that means: THERE IS NOT ANY RELIGION
  10. باسلام و عرض ادب لازم است عرض کنم که حتی اگر این جمله را منتسب به آیت ا...بهجت ندانیم راجع به تاثیر نماز اول وقت برکارهای دیگر هیچ شکی نیست .شاهد مثال آن هم توصیه معروف آیت ا...نخودکی به جوانی که به ایشان مراجعه کرده بود است که ایشان فرموده بودند نماز اول وقت شاه کلیدی است برای ازدواج سالم وکار پربرکت و عاقبت به خیری .منبع:نشریه افق حوزه ،یکشنبه نه تیر1392،به نقل از شیعه نیوز راجع به اطمینان از نقل که فرمودید،عرض کردم که این سخن حالت حدیث متواترراپیداکرده انقدرمنتشر شده که کمتر کسی به منبع آن فکر میکند(البته سوءتفاهم نشود حساسیت شما کاملا منطقی است).راجع به تقوای واسطه هاهم نمیتوانم نظری بدهم چون تشخیص اینکه یک انسان با تقوا است یا خیر بسیار مشکل است. در آخرهم به خاطر بی تقوایی ام که باعث شده این جمله را بدون منبع معتبردر پستم بگذارم از شما عذر خواهی میکنم
  11. با عرض سلام وسپاس از از حسن توجه شما به این مساله هدف من از نوشتن این سخن نشان دادن اهمیت نماز اول وقت بودوباتوجه به اینکه این جمله ومثال لیموشیرین را در بسیاری از سایت ها و کانال ها دیده بودم اصلا فکرنمیکردم که منتسب به آیت الله بهجت نباشد اما موقعیت و شرایط الان با گذشته خیلی متفاوت است .امروز سخنان بزرگواران در فضای مجازی منتشر میشود.ممکن است مدیر فلان سایت یا وبلاگ که سخنان یک استاد اخلاق را منتشر میکند شاگرد درجه شش آن بزرگوار باشد وآن سخن را با چند واسطه از استاد شنیده باشد ودر فضای مجازی منتشر کند وبا توجه به جذابیت و عقلانی بودن سخن سایت های دیگر هم از آن استفاده کنند ودر این میان هیچ کتابی نباشد که بتوان به آن مراجعه کرد و با توجه به توضیحاتیکه در پست قبلی دادم تشابه لیموشیرین درنگاه آیت مداری با نماز اول وقت کاملا عقلانی است اما من کاملا نمیتوانم بگویم که این مثال منتسب به آیت الله بهجت نیست یا هست
  12. If you have the motivation for getting shaheed, you percept it at each moment of your life and around then you will get to be glad and you will feel that you are heart of the world . you will have the feeling of a candle that melts to guide others ,so you enjoy your melting.If you dont live like a shaheed now , you wont get to be shahid with your death......
  13. (In the name of who we trust) The ratinal viewpoint on woman One of the important notes is comparing the islam and western's viewpoint on woman.western's point of view on woman is inwardly,however islamic perspevtive is rational.eye says that woman is beautiful,yet astuteness says this beauty ought to be utilized in a particularr situation. If isn't utilized, it changes social relations and obliterates life's peace. About the hijab, we should realize that it has a rational appeal not an enthusiastic one, so certainely,hijab isn't attractive because it covers women's passionate charms.it is perceptible that hijab's appeal is rational and judicious. Lamentably,some individuals attept to give an engaging quality to hijab that comes to failure certainely.Because we can't make any thing more beautiful than God. Rational point of view on woman doesn't imply that we ignore the enthusiastic one. It means that if we represent this sort of view point in the society,shrewdness itself utilizes woman's beauties in it's particular situation,yet diverting the people with passionate angles, will disable the insight,so for advancement of islamic society,at first rational viewpoint on life and society ought to be expressed,then we ought to advance the islamic life style. The other note is that, western's point of view on woman can be advanced by a photo,however we can't use this method.for advancement of islamic viewpoint, we must decipher it in quite a while.We should see the nature of rational conceptions is this that they're known in quite a while.
  14. Salam Yes, you're right. Some times, if we focus on the meaning of the word, we won't need reference.let me explaine it for you: In Ayatollah bahjat's opinion, sweet lemon is a sign of the first time salat.(this view is called Ayatmadari).Sweet lemon is used for natural treatment of some sicknesses, and one of this fruit's features is that if it is put in the outside's air,it'll be bitter and after 15 minutes, it won't be useful. For showing the importance of the first time salat, Ayatollah bahjat has called it as a sign of salat. To answer to your question, i should say that this word is so famous. If you're not satissfied with my answer, i try to find the reference for you.
  15. Salam, your welcome! Mr mortezapour's answers are complete. Imam Ali (peace be upon him) Your works shouldn't cause delay in your first time salat,God has blamed any one who delays his salat. BaharolAnvar,Chapter10,page100
  16. Ayatollah bahjat: Salat is such a sweet lemon. If is delayed more, It'll be more bitter.Any one who has the habit of doing that,he should make himself ready for delay in doing his works:Delaying in marriage,Delaying in employment,Delaying in give birth to a child and delaying in health.The more your salat is regular ,The more your life will be arranged.
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