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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hey guys Im currently living in New York and I'm converting this week , I've seen a lot of places where u can meet Muslims dating apps and such but is there any good social media places " besides shiachat" that's good to contact other Muslims ? I only have two friends hard to meet friends so busy with life "work & college " any suggestions ?
  2. Hey guys im converting on Thursday was wondering if there was anyone in ny area that may wanna give me guidance. I'm in Brooklyn area by the way it mean a lot just looking for Mosque that's recommended and some guidance don't know to many people yet .
  3. Hey guys I'm from New York n I'm Hispanic 22 year old that is converting I went in mosque and was stared down maybe I was paranoid or they wasn't use to seeing Hispanic going in to convert any advice on not thinking as if I'm different ?
  4. As a Hispanic converting into Islam I def understand what your saying I have many friends and even family that are so blind and ignorant to knowledge and the truth they only speak and believe what they hear on news or social media without actually reading N finding the truth . One of my biggest dislikes from people themselves Especally living in New York people can be so cruel and disgusting without knowing anythjng but what someone wants them to believe way I see it is that people who truley wanna know what's going on is going to read n learn n others who are ignorant and know nothing will just talk that's just how the world is , not only to Muslim people it's to a lot of racist n religions that they hear things of on news or social media . Best thing do just let them talk . No point of explaining it I personality learned what truley going on from learning myself instead of judging n listening to social media world or news
  5. Hey guys being someone who Would be converting in New York on Wensday I'm wondering after hearing all these terrible things that's been going on what you think as a whole "Islam" we could do or should do ? To make it better or to help n support any ideas ? I know it's prob a stupid question but I love to hear people's opionons ! Anyone feel free to private message me your ideas or comment also looking for people in New York that can guild me if anyone near by on here
  6. Hey guys I'm a 22years old converting soon to Islam just wanted to know if there was anyone who personality knows good Shia mosques or people that may guild me and teach me I'll do whatever it takes I'm from New York City thank you!
  7. Thank you I appericate this comment a lot your totally right as much as I liked her , some secrets are just to much to handle and that is not who I would want in my life . I decided to move further n not be involved thank you again !
  8. As I replied to the other guy who has no train of thought n called me Idiot she not the "save life nurse" she complete opposite which I have decided not to move further with her I never knew this about her and as much as I like her I can't hear or see that see hurting people not why I decided to convert .
  9. Hey guys titles pretty clear I met this female who is Islam n is very religionist as we spoke daily I grew feeling for her I am a converting male who's 22 live nyc but as we talk she told me Wat she does as nurse and is such a sin but my feeling grew to strong n I already accepted her Wat should I do ? She doesn't seem as if she would change by the way .
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