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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hi s/a am i allowed to pray in the hallway UPstairs? There are no photos or anything, its just a narrow hallway with bedrooms. Also the railing is not covered. Pls Answer soon bcs i rlly need to pray thanks
  2. Lol okay but whats wrong with jar of hearts?
  3. Is SAD music haram during Muharram? Like for example Adele-Hello, Jar of hearts, rolling in the deep, control, and dark paradise. And summertime sadness. Also, before you say "music is haram" heres my argument: You guys listen to those sad latmiyas and nasheeds for ashura, and they have musical instruments behind them! Sometimes even more than the music I listen to! Also the music is SAD. And its not tempting me to do any haram. It just makes me feel better. Also nowhere in Quran does it say "Music is haram" mkay so dont even
  4. "Not be known"? What does that mean
  5. thats the point. its 2016. it is not hand to hand combat anymore. Women can fight. Armies have developed. No man will be in charge of me. I know my rights. Thats complete sickness. IT IS 2016. almost EVERYTHING changed. Where I live, its illegal to make the women listen to you especially when leaving the house. Times have changed. women have more rights now, yet here we see these smart men trying to deny the rights and calling it islamic protection.
  6. And by gender roles, I meant like if a girl acts as a boy and a boy acts as a girl. If a girl doesnt want to wear skirts or makeup, men have no right to say "Islam says you need to look good for your husband." Let her relax and wear sweatpants and watch netflix sometimes. And if a boy wants to be emotional, so what? Women have no place in telling a guy he is weak, just like guys dont tell women they belong in the kitchen.
  7. Men get raped and abused too. Lets be realistic. Whats wrong with a confident woman? You make it seen like women are weak, when in fact we have women in the army and women who control business. Some are even smarter. Patriarchy is opression. Women are allowed to have the same jobs as men.
  8. Oh, I get it now. I'm sorry. I didn't know women are too weak to take care of themselves. I didnt know women couldnt leave the house without her husbands permission, since you know, husbands know everything. For a second there I almost thought women were, strong independent and dont need to depend on a man. My bad. I almost thought women are equal. I understand now. I cannot wait to get an education and become a doctor just to find out I can only leave the house by the rules of another man. May god curse me for all the times I went to work and made MY OWN money. but hey-at least I can repent.
  9. Yes, I am talking about things that happened to Starlight. Such cruelty. Your ex sounds disgusting @starlight and if Islam came out in 2016, I dont think it would say "women must cook and clean and cannot leave without her husbands permission." Women are now policeman, politicians, they gave BIRTH to you. They arent just your maids. And stop giving her even less rights and then say "Well Islam says you cant have a job eithout my permission" Oh-and you know what REALLY grinds my gears? Men marrying four wives.
  10. Its 2016. People need to stop using old islam to treat women like trash. who else agrees?
  11. Please help She does this ritual where she lights candles in a circle, turns the lights off, wears a red or black robe, CUTS herself with glass, takes the blood from her wrist and put it in the middle of the circle. Then she "sacrifies" some strands of her hair and chants some things in arabic. She keeps repeating the word "djinn". How do I stop this? I already asked marja and they said that its just a teenager going through a phase ? I dont think shes doing this for attention. My sister is not like that. Also whenever quran comes she flinches. She also has hair loss. (Though the hairloss
  12. Are lip fillers/temporary lip injections haram? What about the ones that don't hurt? Short and simple answer please.
  13. Hi do any of you guys know where I can find a muslim woman therapist? Either online or where I live. (PM for area) I need help I keep having REALLY dirty (I mean REALLY DIRTY) thoughts. (Its a medical condition so pls do not say "you need to pray" or "its just an islamic thing" thank you very much). Also my parents wont take me to see a therapist so Im trying to find one myself.
  14. Salam. is snab chat haram thanks
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