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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salamu alaikum can a man be forced to divorce his wife (family of wife threaten to harm him if he doesn't divorce her etc) if family of wife want her to be divorced but she doesn't want divorce herself, she has not asked for it but her family believe it is best for her, and they force her husband to divorce her, is that divorce valid, considering that the wife has not asked for it and that the husband is threaened and is made to divorce her, what is the ruling on this. if the husband divorces the wife under threat and without the wife asking for it, what rights/obligations are there for the husband/wife to follow. does wife get mahr/ does husband get back from her what he previously gave her in mahr/gifts etc?
  2. firstly there's not much mixed marriages amongst arabs ( not as much as there should be) lebanese shia and Iraqi shia are the best match for each other in terms of mixed marriage, since they are two of the biggest shia populations and are very practising, so really there should be no problem in them marrying amongst each other. however its is ignorane that results in such marriages being uncommon, simply because they prefer their own nationality our generation needs to mix with and approach people of all nationalities so that we bridge the gap and understand each other better in order to increase such marriages we need to approach our shia community with open minds and approach our parents with the idea of marrying a shia from other nationalities, our generation needs to be truly open minded and united by encouraging and engaging in such marriages. please give a person a chance and welcome the idea of mixed marriage and don't be afraid to approach your parents with your intention to get to know/propose to someone of lebanese/Iraqi nationality.
  3. Does the husband give a reason for not furnishing the house? the reason he gives is that its not neccessary and that the marriage can just take place on the wifes' own bedroom furniture that shes had years before he proposed to her which consists of only a bed and wardrobe(no dressing table etc) he says thats enough and that new bedroom is not needed and says he will purchase one a year or two later and that the wife should just make do with the furniture her parents had provided for her many years ago.he says the money he has is not enough to furnish a house,even though his money is definitely enough to do so. Has he even got the intention of setting up a home with you? he wants to be married first and promises to later set up a home with furnishings etc.the wife tells him to set up a home and get married in it as that is the right order of things and also allows the couple to settle down quicker ,not to mention the benefits of being in the comfort and privacy of your own home especially for newlyweds as can be understood.he refuses to set up home and insists that she agrees to his idea of conssumating and waiting a while until he sets up a home.
  4. salams he has a job that he has held for many years and is generally considered as the generous one in his family,so he spends on them including food,outings,special needs,for Eid he takes them out and buys them clothes and he is the go-to person for financial assistance.whoever needs money they usually ask him because he is the one that is most receptive,so his family rely on him and love him for that,he also enjoys being generous/taking care of his family and assumes more responsibility than he needs to ,he takes his married sisters to the doctor,shops etc (doing things that their husbands are responsible for) in addition to giving them cash . he even spends on the children of his siblings(nieces/nephews) even though their fathers have the means to spend on them.he was told to cut down on the generosity as the money being spent is better spent on setting up a home when he gets married.he says its ok I like to make my family happy.so he does not like to give up the spending on his family and save up for his own future home.
  5. Assalamu Alaikum what is the ruling regarding a man that does not spend on his wife and requests her to spend on him. I know that spending is the mans responsibility and that he is required to spend on her and the household and that it is not permissible for him to ask for her money even if she works and has wages,however I want to know what is the ruling where a man asks his wife for money,how is a woman supposed to react to such request. if a man does not provide furniture to furnish the apartment where him and his wife are to be married and settled into, to the point where he does not even provide bedroom furniture,despite having enough money to do so, how is the situation to be handled. the husband does not provide any furniture(not even a bed) and requests to marry his wife and consummate the marriage ,the wife finds it hard to marry in such condition as she will be entering a house that is empty of furniture and that is uncomfortable to live in . she asks her husband to provide just the bedroom furniture and forgives him for the rest of the house furniture, she says she is willing to sit on the floor (no couches or any living room furniture),she tells him her parents will provide the fridge ,washing machine,vacuum, kitchen needs etc(despite this offer, he still refuses). her only request is for a bedroom to be furnished,the husband does not agree and pressures the wife and treats her badly and blames her for not allowing him to marry her in an empty house where she finds it hard to marry in such a condition. what is the ruling in regards to this unusual scenario, is the wife supposed to accept marriage and sleep on the floor? or is it permissible for her to deny him consummation of the marriage until he provides the necessary means for marriage? please note the husband has the means to provide household furniture but but he does not want to provide as he is stingy and does not want to spend money,he even asks his wife for money and spends from her money while keeping his own money. the husband faults the wife and refuses to provide furniture despite the wife's negotiations and he now wants to divorce her with the claim that she does not want to consummate the marriage,he does not take accountability for his decision to not furnish the house,which is what provoked his wife into reacting in this manner. please provide assistance, jazakumullahu khairan.
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