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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The rib story may or may not be fabricated, I just do not know, but I was merely pointing to that fact that it fits with this verse, whether fabricated or not!
  2. Lol, the way you were describing this verse I was expecting something very different and big which was going to show me evolution. but this verse actually does seem to describe the Adam (عليه السلام) and rib story. The one living entity being Adam (عليه السلام), and then it says "out of it brought its mate" - this seems perfectly aligned with the rib story; Huwa (عليه السلام) is the mate of Adam. It seems from this verse there was a direct next step in which the "mate" was drawn from the entity. Now with evolution, it would not have been a direct step. Some water organism woul
  3. I don't blame him... With all the ... Erm.. Things that I hear these days at my office. Affairs and people sleeping around, many non Muslims do it like it's completely normal now. Now shame no care. I really wish some companies could start in the west where they had a Muslim culture, run my some Muslim entrepreneurs/billionaires. We need this you know. Like where is the Muslims version of BMW? With the Muslim CEO laying out the culture for the company... Prayer times, and expectations of how to interact, and just an overall Muslim culture in the business ya know?
  4. Wow I thought I was the only one. I stopped watching TV in 2012. Complete waste of time. When I used to watch TV it was almost impossible not to watch haram. Now I spend my time going out, chilling with friends, Internet for specific things, and more going out and relaxing.
  5. About the brother above who passionately dislikes marriage... And as sister @Hameedeh said if one marriage fails that doesn't mean marriage is not a beautiful thing in and of itself... Well I have this to say to brother @hasanhh : If you eat some bad food, and then you have the runs, will you curse food for life and never eat again? ... You might even get unlucky and eat bad food two or three times in a row!!!! Lol.
  6. That's wise... I like that. Unfortunately most Muslims around the world don't watch what they feed their brains (from TV, Internet, books etc.), and it's led to a lot of deviation.
  7. I've heard him say the opposite of what you have just said. What speech of his did you listen to?
  8. It's a very foolish comparison. There is no comparison really.... I think these westerners just need to let it go.
  9. These are rue dreams/visions from Allah, and a divine blessing. My understanding is truthful people get dreams like these.
  10. Yeah this is something all Muslims should be aware of now. The enemy is very clever. They will probably begin using A.I for this purpose. But Allah's plan always prevails.
  11. Fair enough, that would achieve the desired results even quicker then!
  12. Iraq needs an Imran Khan.
  13. Ok fine I give you that, but trust me, Trump is MUCH better for USA than Nazwaz or Zardari are for Pakistan. With Trump it's a bit of nepotism here and there, and some money here and there. But he has big pride in the USA and wants it to succeed. Nawaz and Zardari on the other hand, Pakistan can go to HELL, every paki could die on the streets, the world could insult Pakistan.... No problem for them. As long as they can suck the damn blood of the country. Damn cockroaches. Prison is a light punishment for them.
  14. Oh really? As much as I dislike Trump your analysis is completely wrong. Is Trump looting US tax payers money and sending it to Iran or China and buying himself properties there? Is he selling out his nations citizens and pride to Iran? Is he allowing Iran to send drones into the US? What kind of comparison have you made here? Lastly let me tell you, I have studied Economics, and the US economy is growing the fastest it has for years. As much as it might surprise people, his tariffs are actually having positive effects. I am not saying I support tariffs, but I am saying the US econ
  15. I am really really annoyed by what's going on in Pakistan. I am surprised there are still such THICK and STUPID Pakistanis existing in Pakistan who voted for PMNL and PPP and likes of the maulana fazlurahman. If this exact same situation were to exist in a western country like UK or US (imagine white version of IK and the Sharifs and Buttos etc.) I bet you the whole nation would have brought their IK version to power straight away. Because they are not [edit]. They know they and their nation as been raped and they want to rise. And now these opposition parties are calling for a complete r
  16. First of all i am so proud to have him as our Prime Minister. He is no ordinary Prime Minister, he is like the father of the nation, he will be remembered and honoured like like Jinnah is. Secondly, he is one of the most amazing leaders in the world right now i think. Previous PM Nawaz would walk into any room and meet any leader of other nations in the world, and he was useless. He had no importance. He could barely speak English, or think critically, deeply, and articulate those thoughts. Whereas Imran Khan, what a legend, i think he could shut any leader up who tries to push him down,
  17. Yeah I have to say actually, I find it doesn't really fit the pious and righteous image of a fully grown Muslim women going down slides in a mixed water park.. If the park was a women only water park it time slots for women, then that's understandable, but I sure as hell can't picture a 40 year old practising Muslim lady in my family doing that in a mixed water park wearing a Burkini.... It just does not fit.
  18. I have to say, and I find it very annoying, I noticed on the Internet that a lot of (I would all) of the news websites in the west, and especially India, are writing stuff against Imran Khan. Especially India it's like a obsession for them ... Or maybe more like a big thorn or pain in their ass if he comes to power. This is just annoying me a lot, these two faced hypocrites should mind their own business, I know it would kill them to see a leader in Pakistan who actually wants good for the country and his people, but they should keep their trashy analysis to themselves. I pray Imra
  19. wow, first time i'm hearing of this. Can you give an example... a link to a post by a bot on this site?... then all of us on this site can down vote or dislike the post, and curse at it.
  20. The first point i strongly agree with is that we need a system, because although having an individual who is good is great, that individual can be killed or something else could happen to derail what could potentially be the opening door and path to economic and social success and justice. However, when that system is not there in the first place, i would happily settle for a great and good individual. Also, when this system does not exist, you actually need good and great individuals (like Imran Khan), to actually help build and put this system in place (and from what i've read he has build a
  21. @shia farm girl Thank you very much. InshaAllah i will do this.
  22. Well then people should vote the one who is not interested in taking peoples money, neither is he cruel or sadistic.... i will let you decide who that is... And if even still after ALL the stuff Pakistan has been through over the past 20 years, people still vote Peoples partly or Muslim league, and Imran Khan does not win the election, then i say they bloody deserve this. They don't deserve Imran Khan.
  23. Okay so someone has come to me and asked me for help... A friend of mine recently started a business importing products into the country. He told me it is going well, but obviously it's the start of the venture. He called me recently and said he is going to go and see a potential investor in his venture, and then he said to me to call him during his meeting and pretend to be one of his customers/clients, and then say to him "we received your goods, and we have orders to take them from us i.e. to sell them on" . I felt quite uneasy about this, and i asked him if anything fishy is g
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