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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I’m here sorry. I was a bit overwhelmed with all the support I received here. Just reminded me of why I chose to revert to Islam. I’m sitting here right now crying, with regret at the choices I made that got me here but also with gratefulness. Made the appointment to get this recovery process properly started. They’ll get me into detox ASAP then a 6 month program in rehab. I feel this strength inside of me starting to grow and grow. For the first time in months I feel a desperate urge to pray. Going to try to grab hold of these feelings and not let them disappear or fade away. I’m ready to get
  2. Salam alaikum brothers and sisters... it’s been so long since I’ve logged on here and scrolled through the forums. It saddens me because I remember when I reverted I spent so much time on here connecting with other Muslims, learning and sharing - I was filled with inspiration and excitement and LOVE for Allah. I could not help but cry almost daily because I was so grateful to be guided to Islam, I felt whole and new - the world transformed and tears welled up in my eyes just seeing the sky, the earth, the plants, all the things Allah has created and knowing He had the power to create such a pe
  3. oh thank you this is brilliant! i can't wait to get started on this for my son. i definitely wanted to include some women because i want my son to see that women play a really powerful role in islam and that they deserve all of our respect. it brings me so much joy sharing all of these things with my child.
  4. oh i totally agree with you! i mean same for weddings. my friends don't understand why i don't feel the need to have a western style wedding. all i want is to go and get married with a few people present to witness the ceremony. that's it. because marriage isn't about a flashy wedding. people get themselves into crazy money troubles because they spend 10,000 bucks on a wedding. why?? what's the difference if you have a massive expensive wedding or a low key ceremony? a wedding doesn't make a marriage.
  5. so salam everyone since reverting i have been exposed to a world of people (the prophet, imams, ahlulbayt in general) that had such amazing qualities and now when people ask me who my role models are i don't even need to hesitate. i'd like to introduce this to my son... i'm going to make up a little book with a characteristic associated with the prophet and each imam and some others that i find truly inspiring like for example abbas. the issue is i'm stuck lol. each page will be like: Be ____ like _____. I have courageous for imam ali. can anyone help for the rest? like i have a b
  6. i'll take a look! thanks for sharing. honestly wouldn't surprise me if it was true. islam is so reasonable - that's partly what drew me to this religion and to revert. it's so practical and logical.
  7. really??? our sheikh charges like $200 for an islamic marriage. we don't want a 'wedding' - in terms of a western wedding. we just want to go with our witnesses and get married... i'll have to look into this more because it did strike me as odd that he charges for the islamic marriages... because then for people like me and my fiancé it makes it pretty hard to make it permanent and i would've thought he would want to make it as easy as possible because marriage is so important.
  8. i wanted to share some of my posts i have written about karbala and the brutalities committed against imam hussain and his followers. (1) During this month do not just remember and weep for Imam Hussein a.s. Also remember Hussein's baby sons who died screaming from thirst. Remember how Hussein held up his 6 month old son to show Yazid's army what they were doing to an innocent child, begging them to allow the infant water... and instead they shot three spears into the baby's chest. The youngest martyr. Remember Abbas, the flag bearer and children's saviour, struck down a
  9. salam! still haven't found my marja. khameini and sistani have english sites but i would like to know if there are any others so i can make the best decision possible walaikum salam thank you
  10. assalamu alaikum everyone me again with another question!! so i know combining certain prayers is permissible. can someone tell me which prayers? i have classes once a week and we hardly get any break time and my lecturer gets annoyed if we even step out to use the bathroom so i can't imagine he'd be too open to me popping out frequently to do my prayers. i know i know what's more important? but you know... i'm there from 9am and don't get home till 6pm usually. i think it's permissible to combine evening and night prayers? or afternoon and evening? is that correct? what about the
  11. yeah we ended up just doing it in like five mins when he got home from work haha grabbed a texta and did a makeshift contract. set it for five years. yes we want to make it permanent but it costs too much for us atm and there's only one shia sheikh here who does marriages. i am financially independent so it's not a big deal from that aspect and we combine our money anyway but obviously nikah would be better and inshallah it'll happen very very soon.
  12. salam! me and my fiancé had a mutah contract for a year and it just finished so we need to renew. problem is he is hardly home. he is always working and it'd be easier to just call or text on his break and get it done. i just don't know if this is allowed. also is there a limit to how long you can make your contract? because i'm tempted to just say okay ten years lol and then when we make our marriage permanent that's fine. okay thank you!
  13. I know that's what I keep trying to say. He can't get it through his head. I mean he thinks we think Ali (as) is a prophet lol
  14. Sunni references: 1. Fadha’il al-Sahaba, by Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, v2, p655 2. Hilyatul Awliyaa, by Abu Nu’aym, v4, p329 3. Tarikh, by al-Khateeb al-Baghdadi, v12, p289 4. al-Awsat, by al-Tabarani 5. Majma’ al-Zawa’id, by al-Haythami, v10, pp 21-22 6. al-Darqunti, who said this tradition has been transmitted via numerous authorities. 7. al-Sawa’iq al-Muhriqah, by Ibn Hajar Haythami , Ch. 11, section 1, p247 The Messenger of Allah (S) said: "The Shi’a of ‘Ali are the real victorious in the day of res
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