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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I see what you did there. I'm looking forward to the remake, but I keep hearing of cast & crew shakeups that might delay or outright prevent the production. Did you know that those books were to credit for me beginning to research Islam?
  2. @Ashvazdanghe that's very interesting how I don't follow Khamenei at all, but he has said the same things about social media that I have been saying for a while. I'd have to point out that if he believes that Islamic faith is the religion that is the most under attack on the internet, that he must not read the comments left on the YouTube videos of Christians. These comments, if you took the words "Jesus/Bible" & replaced them with "Muhammad/Quran" would almost certainly cause some sort of violent reprisal (which I don't condone because I don't believe that religion nor the God who establishes it to need humans to defend it's/his honor & see as brutal and antithetical to the nature of a merciful higher power). You see, political correctness from the Western left teaches that Islam is a religion tied to having "brown skin" & thus, they do not criticize it lest they be called racist despite Islam by what I see not sharing any values with Western leftist secular ideology (LGBTQ "pride", the soft bigotry of low expectations for people of color, atheism, "feminism" aka misandry, communism, hatred of anything traditional, abortion, etc) I guess the saying "great minds think alike" is true. I'd love to have a conversation with the Imam & see what he would have to say about some of my other ideas.
  3. Bro Waseem, Allow me to clarify and explain my reaction to your post, because your goals in using social media are of course admirable. Seeking and spreading knowledge seem like a given and the proper motivation for someone to use social media (Facebook in this case); but Facebook has a huge underlying flaw (or a perfectly engineered danger depending on how we view it). Since the way that FB makes money is to deliver targeted advertising by showing you products and services that it believes you will like based off of the profile it builds from the data it collects from you, the flaw/danger I speak of is how the algorithm gets you trapped in the "filter bubble" where you are only exposed to information that will keep you engaged with the platform and keep you clicking. The truth about Facebook is that we can think that we are disseminating and receiving knowledge, but because of this very filter bubble we may (and most times, are) only being exposed to the stories and information that we want to read and therefore could be missing out on truth that the algorithm reads as being something we disagree with, thus it won't be shown to us. This also happens with content we share with others: people don't like what you have to say so they don't unfriend you, but mark that they "don't like this content" or "show me less like this" which works as a means to effectively turn off the voice or filter out similar opinions or stories. Facebook claims that it is very concerned about "fake news" (which means opinions that run counter to the leftist political opinions of it's owners and those of the other silicon valley technocrats) but this is largely in reaction to the platform being used to rally support for Donald Trump in 2016 and of course, doesn't seem to matter at all when the fake news happens to be misrepresented statistics or "reporting" that skews heavily to the left. FB does function as a utility to make long lasting friendships as Myspace did before it-- I have a friend I talk to almost daily that I've never met in person but had first encountered on Myspace back in 2008 from Anchorage, Alaska; so I agree with that. I'm not saying that people who use FB are "bad" either, quite the opposite-- many of the people who try to use FB as a means to spread and seek knowledge have nothing but the best of intentions. I'm simply saying that I don't trust FB's ability to be impartial in the nature of the content it delivers because only showing me what I like or agree with could be keeping me from being exposed to valuable information that would provoke critical thought or even change my mind about a situation or topic that I am ignorant to or misinformed about in reality. As someone who is particularly sensitive to the effect of living in a "post truth society" where there are "multiple truths", this is why I am very suspect of getting important information (or sharing important information I may have a critical opinion of) on the platform. If FB were to take steps to mitigate the problem of the filter bubble & feedback loop, I'd be much more apt to make an account again because it certainly is a convenient way to stay in touch with friends and family who are separated by long distance.
  4. I'd like to know just so that I can prioritize my life for once.
  5. Tuesday 18 Dec 2018: Finish the book I am reading.
  6. I hope this is not too personal, but what is it that you believe that everyone wants you to be? Oftentimes when we consider changing ourselves because we believe that others want us to "be" someone else, we are projecting our own insecurities about ourselves onto others. Usually, these expectations that we believe others to hold are not grounded in any sort of reality.
  7. Is Allah not all forgiving and most merciful? That's one of the things that stood out to me the most from my limited knowledge of the Quran.
  8. Here's a fact that's not really openly acknowledged about evangelicals: while they claim that they "love Jews" and they go to great lengths to try and establish links between Judaism and their uniquely half-baked American churches; most of this is lip service to not get called on the fact that they live in anticipation of the day that Jesus Christ returns on his White Horse and mercilessly slaughters all of the remaining Jews (and Muslims, Catholics, Orthodox Christians and the mainline Protestants) before locking them up in hell forever and throwing away the key. People like Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron just to name two. The more you learn about Evangelical Christianity-- if you possess even a shred of critical thinking skills, you quickly realize exactly how absurd and based in a deeply patholigcal misanthropy it is. I mean granted, there are a fair number of aspects of Islam that I am struggling to make sense of (most of which seem to either come from Hadith, fiqh, or are cultural practices that get lumped in with Quran) but the main theological points of Islam on a broad sense seem to be based in more sound logic than pretty much every doctrine of Evangelical Christianity.
  9. Males are raped and abused all the time. Oftentimes it's worse for a male victim of rape or sexual abuse because he is made to feel like less of a man, or labeled a homosexual or if the abuse came from a female, that he should have "enjoyed it". Prisons are one of the most common places where male on male rape occurs in the US, but men are also raped in bars (go figure) and private residences.
  10. Please keep me in your prayers, SC.

    I am very sick with some form of stomach virus & slept all afternoon, evening, and night yesterday after getting violently sick around 2pm yesterday.

    I feel better today than I did yesterday, but my skin still has that "creepy clingy" feeling that lets me know that I am not yet recovered.

    1. Laayla


      وَإِذَا مَرِضْتُ فَهُوَ يَشْفِينِ

      26:80 and when I fall ill, is the One who restores me to health,

      Insh'Allah you feel better soon. God bless you and bring you back to good health

      You are a valuable member to this site.  I'm very happy you decided to come back and join us.

      M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah

  11. Most of my friends are "nones"-- they aren't affiliated with any religion yet aren't atheists. Some are christians. I don't know any Muslims in real life anymore. I could be wrong. A lot of people who are religious in modern America keep it within the walls of their homes so as not to be mocked by the rest of society or worse, be labeled as "bigots" and lose their jobs.
  12. Hmm... Very few people ever comment on my pictures But yes, that is why these apps have a block feature: because people believe that their opinions absolutely *must* be heard and agreed with by others, which just so happens to be another major negative of social media: narcissism and an unwarranted sense of self importance.
  13. Stop using social media, yes. The tech companies are agents of this Dajall you speak of. Social media was designed to deliver dopamine hits when people like your content, much like the pharmacological action of crack cocaine: a short term high that quickly fades and gets you hooked quickly, so that you spend as much time on social media as possible where the technocrats mine data on you and create a very detailed profile of who you are and then use this to feed content back to you that they know you will like so that you are never exposed to new ideas or opposing views. They do this so that the can sell advertising space for lots of money to the highest bidder and trigger you into materialism and consumerist desires. It's also posited that social media has made people more withdrawn from one another as well as much less civil/far nastier and this is evident when seeing the types of comments that flood YouTube about religion from bitter and hate filled atheists as well as people threatening one another and slandering other's families over politics on Facebook. Furthermore, children and teens commit suicide frequently as a response to bullying on social media. I don't use Facebook at all. I still use Instagram, but it's less bad because people don't really comment the way they do on YouTube and Facebook.
  14. I would love to visit Iran someday, but I don't ever see myself leaving the United States permanently. How could I inspire hope and shine a light to the spiritually starved United States if I moved away? That wouldn't help my country, but subtract one more person who wants to change it for the better and get our morals back on track, one less person who can stand and fight against hopelessness, depression, addiction, materialism, the destruction of the family, and the elites in ownership of my nation who persecute and oppress the rest of the world? I believe I have a mission here, so I will stay.
  15. Shiachat friends, be careful. Something about OP doesn't strike me as particularly genuine. 1. "She" is showing her hair 2. "She" mentions the need to Ally with "Orthodox Christians" and then immediately qualifies that statement with (Russian) ... There are 14 separate autocephalous Orthodox Christian churches, not just "Russian" and the Moscow Patriarchate is currently in a bit of a quarrel with the rest of the autocephalous Orthodox churches because Kirill has been involved in numerous corruption scandals and is pretty much known for being the pocket of Vladimir Putin,as well as for advancing the idea that the Moscow Patriarchate should ascend to be the "Orthodox pope" which flies in the face of the very concept of autocephalous patriarchates. Why not Ally with Orthodox christians from Ukraine or Greece? Why not Serbia, Alexandria, Cyprus, Romania or the rest of these churches? Why just Russia, especially when Kirill wants to ascend to be "first" among the patriarchs like a pope? EDIT: "She" hasn't posted here since May 22, 2016. In "her" OP, she makes me statement about fighting against "America, NATO, and Turkey". Now why would a Muslim want to open a community to observation and harrassment by telling them to "fight against America, NATO and Turkey" when Muslims are already having to constantly denounce terrorist activity by "Muslims" against America and "NATO"? Who was NATO organized to contain, hmm? Also, "her" English shows a pattern of having trouble with definite articles. Normally I wouldn't criticize someone's English, but there is one language group that seems to have a very serious *ahem* peculiar difficulty with definite articles when speaking English. (Also, so many of you in Iran, India, Pakistan and other countries seem to have a very serious grasp on definite articles in English). Friends, I am a Ukrainian-American who speaks very little Ukrainian, but knows enough to realize that Ukrainians aren't the only ones who have a severe difficulty with English definite articles. There is another language that also does, one very similar to Ukrainian... Something is suspect to me, friends. God bless every one of you, stay safe, and pray for peace. I love you.
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