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  1. I wouldn't specifically say Zionism is at war with Abrahamic religions, because Zionism is in and of itself, at least in the way that it currently exists, a colonial project of American Right Wing Evangelicals, often ones that preach the "prosperity gospel". The idea being that if they can run this colonial project in the Middle East and load it up with Jews, then the Jews are both out of their countries and they're "helping to fulfill Biblical prophecy" thus bringing about the End Times™. They are mistaken because by their own theology, the only way to end the Jewish diaspora is for God himself to establish the State of Israel by bringing the Messiah. At least this is what Jewish groups opposed to the state of Israel (Neuteri Karta) teach, and that it is a gross sin for humans to reestablish Israel and use it as a dumping ground for the Jews that they don't want in their own country. Israel is inherently an American colonial project designed by Evangelical Christians to get Jews out of America so they can eventually create an Evangelical theocracy... but it's not working because Israel eats up American tax dollars and rather than the country becoming more Christian, it's becoming aggressively secular and threatening the existence of religion as a whole by the left wing who are pushing degenerate alternative lifestyles, critical race theory, and ultimately some weird form of Neo-Marxism, that doesn't focus on class but focuses on essentially starting a race war (because there will be a race war in America soon, regardless of whether the left likes it or not, Whites aren't going to simply roll over and be demonized when their ancestors built this country) and overturning any sort of normative sexual expression... the more degenerate, disgusting, perverse, and wicked the better. Atheism is definitely to blame for this, and I can see it in the culture of the past two decades when it slowly started in the 2000s as Christians were being demonized and then took off in 2010 under Barak Hussein Obama as platforms like YouTube were used to broadcast the atheist message to millions of people and Obama began weaponizing the IRS against churches and other religious charities: teach pro LGBT/Queer nonsense or lose your tax-exempt status. Soon they're going to be forcing churches to teach queer ideology and to marry homosexuals. Beta O'rourke said it himself: marry homosexuals and be pro-queer or lose your tax-exempt status. And don't think that it's going to stop with Christianity in America. Once they get done destroying Christianity and undermining it, they're going to come for Islam because Islam takes a hard stance against homosexuality and the ensuing queer ideology. The democrat party is not the friend of the Muslim regardless of how much they say that they are, they are going to eventually push their way into the Masjid to force their weird Black Nationalist/Queer feminist ideology to be taught within them to Muslim children. It's just a matter of time until it happens. The question is, what are Muslims going to do to stop it? How should we best resist unnatural and degenerate ideologies from invading our mosques and being forced upon our children in public schools?
  2. I don't have a Switch yet and the chances of me having the money to get one are very slim. Part of me wishes I still could justify sitting down with a game like Dragon Quest or whatever because playing video games was a big part of my youth, but they're just so complex now that I can't really make my way through them as well as I used to when I was a kid. Most RPGs have so many side quests and so much other stuff that is a part of them like weapon-forging/item synthesis etc that I can't possibly understand it all anymore and it's a shame because I love the Dragon Quest games and want to play the new ones, I just feel like they're going to be too complex to handle compared to games like Dragon Quest III, Final Fantasy Tactics, so on and so forth. And I just did 6.25 miles on the bike & burned 151 calories in a half hour. That's pretty good for me but I wish I could stay on for a full hour without my legs and butt getting sore/tired.
  3. I'm doing the same thing. Or at least trying to. I'm actually about to go hit the exercise bike.
  4. Did you know that the entire concept of the Illuminati as a conspiracy theory is based on nonsense that someone who wrote articles for a pornographic magazine made up in the 70s? Adam Curtis' newest documentary series "Can't Get You Out of My Head" goes into great detail about the genesis of the Illuminati theory and how it impacted people's tendency to believe in conspiracy theories, which is a major source of disinformation today. See, there really are conspiracies, but conspiracy theories are spread to take the public's eye off of the actual conspiracies that the Western governments are engaging in. One of the most famous ones was in the late 80s throughout the 90s when the government was creating and "leaking" fake documents about UFOs and Aliens to throw the public off of the fact that they were testing stealth technology and drones in places that could be seen around America. The B2 Stealth was only revealed during the first invasion of Iraq in the early 90s but had been in development since the Carter administration, along with a host of other air and spacecraft that were tested but not put into production. People saw these flights over their cities or suburbs, when they would report them to local law enforcement, they either did not know what they were or simply denied that the people saw anything. As these trials continued on, govt began to "leak" documents about UFOs (that were spurious) to throw people off of the trail of what was really going on. Illuminati is a similar thing. It was first mentioned in I believe Playboy magazine by two writers who were running something called "Operation Mindfreak" (had a different name, but it's a profanity so I'm censoring it) in order to basically fool people who believe in conspiracies.
  5. I was baptized into and raised in the Catholic church. The idea that they are "sun" and "moon" worshipers is patently false.
  6. I can almost assure that it will be removed if it starts to go viral. Big Tech is at war with religion, because Big Tech cares about so-called "social justice" and the LGBT activist movement who actively seeks to destroy religion in the world, because they do not like the fact that religion, at least the religions of Abraham, call their lifestyle sinful. If you'll notice that religion videos are often throttled and shadow banned on YouTube whereas videos about "social justice" and atheism are propelled to the top of the search function. This is not random, nor by accident: There is a concerted effort by FB, YouTube, Google, and IG to undermine religion and make religious people into second-class citizens around the globe because religion "gets in the way of building a GLOBAL society" Religion videos are alright to YouTube as long as they portray religious people as hateful, sectarian, etc. A video showing unity between Christians and Muslims doesn't go with that narrative that Big Tech wants to push, so I definitely expect it to be banned. I would recommend HalalTube as a good site to see videos, but I think that almost all of their content comes from Sunnis and that Shia are either not present on the site or are simply not allowed to upload Khutbah, lectures, etc to there.
  7. I don't talk to my father at all. He's got his new family now and only calls me if he wants to try and make me feel bad about "disappointing" him. This usually happens after he's been drinking or using drugs and at 2:30-3am when I am asleep. The reason I stopped talking to him initially was because he was pressuring me to get him LSD and magic mushrooms, possession of both are a felony charge and it didn't seem to bother him that he was telling me to break the law and get him drugs. Then in order to get an annulment from my mother through the catholic church so he could get remarried in a Catholic ceremony, he lied to the church tribunal, telling them that I'm "retarded" and that my mother was "cruel" to him (she wasn't). The fact that he was willing to lie to a church tribunal to get his way disgusted me both at him and the fact that the catholic church just granted him the annulment no questions asked after he lied disgusted me with them, and I embraced Islam soon after.
  8. I don't go to the gym to workout. I have an exercise bike that I ride about six miles or so a day in my living room while I listen to podcasts. I'd try to ride longer but doing six miles ends up hurting my butt and I have to get off after that (I should get a gel seat and see if that does any better for me). I haven't incorporated any pushups or crunches into my routine yet because I'm normally pretty smoked by the time I get off the bike and don't think that I'd have the energy to even be able to bang out a set of 20 each. I'm horrendously out of shape due to years of treating my body like an amusement park and living a sedentary lifestyle, but I'm trying to get in some semblance of shape because you only get one life on this earth and I don't like looking in the mirror at myself due to the weight that my meds have made me gain.
  9. Speaking of which, I've been IP banned from Reddit for "repeatedly violating site policy". What site policy? Stating that in Islam, homosexuality is a sin and that men and women are different from one another and thus, have different rights and responsibilities under Islamic law. A question was asked on a religion subreddit about what Islam believes regarding these fashionable, hot button issues. I answered what my understanding of Islam's take on homosexuality and LGBT is, along with what Islam teaches about men and women. So they banned my IP. Not my account, my IP address so I can't make any different accounts and go back on. Keep social media out of Islamic countries. Better yet, Islamic countries should make their own social media networks that will enforce modesty standards for men and women and not allow LGBT propagandizing to take place, because social media indoctrination is, as Ash said, a most powerful tool for spreading this reprobate teaching and programming of children. Social media pressure is how LGBT recruit their next generation since they cannot produce children.
  10. That's what "Hate Speech" is going to mutate and become though; watch, within the next 5 years, criticizing the democrat party in America will be considered "Hate Speech" as Nancy Pelosi has already primed the pump by referring to the Republican party's policy proposals as "hate". What policy might you ask? My home state banning MEN from competing in women's sports. This is considered "hate" now because the democrat party has chosen to go all-in on radical social experiments.
  11. Nation of Islam definitely isn't a Muslim denomination. It's a race supremacy cult that bases itself off of Islam because of the false premise that Islam is a religion for brown people (Islam is a religion for all people). Malcom X, probably the most well known member of the NOI ended up quitting the organization after going on the Hajj and realizing that Islam was a universal religion for people of all colors: White, black, tan, olive, and everything in between and beyond. The NOI also believes a lot of nonsense that doesn't line up with Islam at all such as their belief in the "Mothership" and the scientist with the lightbulb-shaped head (Yaq'ub) who made white people in a laboratory. Islam does not teach that a scientist with a lightbulb-shaped head made anyone in a laboratory, only that Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) created all people as the ability to create is a unique trait of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) that no other being has. So while people want to be politically correct and say "Oh the NOI is such a great thing!" It's really not, because the doctrines that it teaches are antithetical to those of Islam, let alone Shia Islam.
  12. I would definitely make your oldest son aware that he has to start to be reliable now if you do end up choosing to go back to work. I don't work currently but my mom does so I prepare most of the dinner and do most of the cleaning and stuff around the house for her because it's cool of her to just be letting me live with her as an adult let alone be helping me financially since I have a remarkably difficult time holding down a job due to my condition and some other factors in my life at the moment that demand a lot of time that could otherwise be spent working full time. As fr as the other adults in the household go, it sounds like they're going to have to start picking up some of the household responsibilities. Easy for me to say, but I don't understand the situation other than what I can glean from the info in the thread.
  13. Why Saskatchewan of all places? I heard it's ridiculously cold up there, is it for a job?
  14. I just don't want to give the click to MSN because they're part of the problem when it comes to demonizing Iran on behalf of the liberal regime, so a short summary would be great.
  15. I think it's even simpler than that: as you're having the NDE, you're just losing consciousness and your subconscious is taking over. It's like a dream essentially
  16. I am guessing that I know what this means and I think it's historical in nature but the main point still stands because people do this all the time, I'm sure that in different ways, we're all guilty of doing this at least once before: Someone can say "I believe in Allah ((سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى))" but when something happens to them that's negative, they consider the "trial of the ummah" (probably in this specific case losing a battle against another Bedouin tribe) as "Oh we're being punished by Allah ((سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى))". But if the situation is victorious, they say that the victory is because of them rather than Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). Basically, they blame Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) for the loss (especially if they are hurt) but then try to take credit for the victory instead of giving the credit to God. And Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) knows that this is what they're doing, and eventually they'll be held accountable for what they've said. But I could be wrong and I probably am. I am not a scholar, I just read the Quran.
  17. My mom was only a stay at home mom until maybe a year or two after my sister was born. Then she started working part time to help my old man (who couldn't really hold down a job) to pay the bills. When we moved to Florida, my old man left after a year and then my mom had to start working full time and raising two kids. If it weren't for my grandmother and grandfather, she never would have been able to pull it off. My sister turned out good at least and has a normal life, she lives in Toronto now and is getting married in December. If your kids are older, it's not really a big deal to work outside the home if you get the chance. Especially because it will give them the opportunity to start relying on themselves, give them a little more responsibility to get things done around the home... working outside of the home isn't the big negative that a lot of brothers want to argue that it is under the right circumstance. It can actually be a really positive experience both for you and in how it will make your other kids build character by helping with responsibilities around the house. At least that's how I look at it. I could be wrong.
  18. I say that since you aren't hurting for the money, to actually go for it. There's nothing wrong with getting ahead if you can, and you could donate a decent amount of that money to charity if you didn't feel right about keeping all of it. If your husband and son will help with the housework, then by all means but you shouldn't do it if you're going to be expected to come home and then do all the housework anyway.
  19. Twitter is the de facto public square now. I wish this wasn't the case, but it's how people choose to communicate their message to the world and Twitter is only allowing a certain range of opinions to be broadcast through their platform. When people try to make their own platforms (Parler for instance) Twitter and the legacy media put pressure on the company hosting that platform to remove it for something as nebulous as "hate speech". Nobody can explain what "hate speech" means and that's the point: "Hate speech" can be defined as anything and eventually will be defined as any opinion critical of American liberalism. It's already happening too: If you give the Islamic opinion that "men cannot become women" or that "homosexuality is a sin" then you've committed "hate speech" and will be censored, fired from your job, and probably beaten up or have your home attacked by communist Antifa goons. If you decide to defend your home and shoot them, you will be arrested because Antifa is the armed paramilitary enforcer wing of the democrat party and not only enjoys their protection, but has propaganda run on their behalf by God-hating media outlets like Clinton News Network.
  20. It's pretty simple: White people are uniquely evil and responsible for every evil thing that has ever taken place on the earth in history and thus, not being White automatically makes someone virtuous and their opinion worth more than that of a White person, regardless of how mistaken or erroneous it is.
  21. Yes. Saud is one of America's closest allies. Saud helped America's CIA take down the twin towers by providing the hijackers who crashed the planes into them so that there would be a credible story about why they were demolished and $1.3t went missing. Those building were taken down by demolition charges because skyscrapers are engineered to survive plane strikes. The two buildings collapsed almost perfectly into their footprint and tower 7 also collapsed but was not struck by a plane.
  22. Oh absolutely, and this is what I've been saying for a long time to my real life and Christian friends: If they can silence the POTUS, then they can (and will) silence you, because the goal of these companies that have become the de facto public square is to restrict speech to within a specific window of acceptable public opinion: pro lgbt/queer, anti-white, anti-male, atheist, pro corporate, pro liberalism, pro interventionist. It was a brilliant move by the government to outsource speech to private companies so they can control thought and opinion. And I was not a tremendous fan of Trump. I thought he was better than Hillary Clinton but he was still a degenerate who fornicated with pornographic performers while his wife was pregnant, he didn't have any religious values whatsoever and deep down, really didn't care about protecting the rights of religious people and it was obvious how he didn't do enough to stop the big tech censorship from happening. He should have used an executive order to seize Jack Dorsey's assets when Twitter started censoring conservatives.
  23. I think that it's abundantly clear that I am very concerned about the "soul" of the country, so to speak. So I approach a lot of things from that perspective. I feel like I am living among Lut's people and I worry that the day is going to come soon when this country is destroyed by a shower of stones of baked clay & I know that this is a terrible thing to say, but this country deserves it for it's immorality. Just the gross debauchery alone is enough to condemn this country ten times over but I'm factoring in the sins of gross materialism, imperialism, and the general attitude of scoffing at Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and the corruption of children that goes on in this country. America has lost it's soul and it happened on the watch of Western people. We told God that he was not wanted in our society and now he has "turned his back" on us (figure of speech) and given the country over to its perverse desires. America is corrupt and accursed among nations and people like me and the rest of us are all to blame because we let it happen. We didn't stand up and push back when God was being thrown out of society because we too were brainwashed by media into consumerism and materialism. Christianity has been thoroughly defeated by secularism and the culture reflects it. I don't personally know what to do and feel like there's nothing I can do, because I am just one person.
  24. All conservatism means in America anymore is that you're trying to arrest the continual decline of the country and hold it at it's present state. The present state is not good, but things are going to get a whole lot worse economically and morally in the next five years. I barely recognize America anymore and I'm going to be a stranger and a second class citizen in my own country within the next ten years if people do not wake up and pull their heads out of the sand: this country is finished. We're in a period of managed decline and if that wasn't bad enough, Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) is not going to allow himself to be mocked. He's been more than generous and forgiving to America over the past 40 years, but sooner or later this country is going to go the way of the People of Lut. If I manage to get out before that happens, then Mashallah but since people like me allowed this to happen by not standing up for traditional values and religion, I doubt that I'll be spared and that's just the way it goes. If you actually want to turn the clock back to a time with traditional values and religiosity, then they call you a reactionary. Being a reactionary is the worst thing you can be to the American liberal second only to a "racist" (but "racist" and "reactionary" tend to go hand in hand). They'll have their tech companies censor you, their outrage mobs will get you fired from your job, their antifa goons will come harass you at your house and all for the crime of saying something as innocent as "Men are men and women are women. Men cannot become women, women cannot become men". Oh lordy lord! Say something like that and they'll hunt you down and do whatever they can to ruin you socially & financially. So when this country and it's cesspools like San Francisco are destroyed by a shower of stones of clay, I'm not going to shed a single tear for them. They will no doubt enter into the fire whose fuel is men and stones. They'll be getting exactly what they deserve for their mocking of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and the righteous people in the remnants of the nation and the larger world, will rejoice in their painful punishment. What an evil journey's end! The culture of this country disgusts me. I used to be proud of America but now all I see are violent, materialistic brutes who are consumed in their lust for ever more extreme perversions. America is a culture of Jahiliya. If they can find a way to increase their depravity, they won't merely act on it, they'll pursue it with an impassioned fervor and to make matters worse, they try to import this debased "culture" to the rest of the world and then they scratch their heads and say "Why do the Iraqis/Iranians/Afghanis hate us? Why do they hate our freedom?" Because they have used their freedom to multiply the bacchanalian debauchery to a point so extreme that it would make the People of Lut blush in embarrassment. I seriously cannot accurately display my disgust for the materialist, consumerist, perverse depravity of this country and I hate myself for letting it get to this point. I hate myself for laughing at the preachers who warned us that this was the road that we were on when I was a child, because it's all come true and it's worse than those preachers could have ever imagined.
  25. Or any person that's remotely critical of the status quo. That's why Big Tech is able to censor people who point out obvious hypocrisy and flaws in the liberal western system and the government does nothing to stop it and ensure free speech. They've outsourced censorship to private corporations because "if you don't like it, then don't use the platform" but what they fail to tell you is that social media is the de facto "public square" now, and the range of opinions that are allowed to be expressed on it is policed by the platforms themselves, supposedly under the guise of preventing "hate speech" but "hate speech" has come to mean any opinion that runs counter to the approved narratives: materialism is good, LGBTQ ideology is a necessary and positive thing, white people are all inherently wicked, atheism is the only truth in the universe, and other "greatest hits" of Western liberalism operating under the guise of so-called "democracy" But here's the rub: America isn't a democracy. It's a fascist enterprise entirely owned and controlled by multinational corporations that uses military might to enforce these corporations' will on the rest of the world and the global South in particular. Average working class Americans, people of modest means were thrown overboard in this country forty years ago when consumer finance decided that it, rather than a government selected by the people, should be the ones that run the society. So they got one of their own (Ronald Reagan) into power and he began dismantling any and all regulation on the finance industry, which allowed banks to loan consumers money so that they could continue to consume and power the economy while real wages stopped rising in the 70s. In the 1990s, Clinton finished what Reagan started and parceled out the last bit of government power to private corporations, then in 2001 they rang in the beginning of the mass surveillance and police state era by demolishing two buildings in NYC with the help of their best friends, the Saudis. (9/11 was a controlled demolition, there's simply no way that two plane strikes took down those towers and collapsed them almost perfectly into their footprint). America has been funding terrorism since the start of the cold war (search Operation GLADIO to learn more), but since their move to traumatize the average American with threats of "terrorism" on September 11, 2001, has been a global terrorist enterprise tied to a colonial project in the Middle East (Israel). America exists now solely so that the astronomically wealthy can increase their wealth and to give billions of dollars in support of the Israeli colonial project every year while Israel eventually swallows up the entire levant because the remaining Evangelical Christians in America will always back it's expansion, as they see Israel's existence as fundamental to fulfilling New Testament prophecy.
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