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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The problem is that I can't play a lot of new games due to some weird health issue with my eyes. I used to be able to play CoD: Black Ops for hours at a time, then I got MW3 and could only play for half an hour or so until I got nauseous and had to turn it off. I'd end up looking at the wall and see it moving like I was still in the game, same thing happened with Guitar Hero (wall would be moving in center of vision field). So really, the only games I can play now are older ones on NES, SNES, Genesis, etc. It's kind of lame, because video games were my thing as a kid... but now I just buy and trade vinyl records.
  2. The worst thing that ever happened to the black community was the incentivizing of fathers not to be in the home & plenty of black people have said exactly that. The worst thing that ever happened to America as a whole was no-fault divorce on demand
  3. This may shock you but I've never played a single survival/horror game in my life
  4. "dev" short for development. Like, what kind of games did you want to develop?
  5. Is that really what they want or just what the media has you believing what they want? Do you think that "socialism" is actually on it's way in, in a world where 0.01% of the population hold almost the entirety of the world's wealth? I've got news for you: socialism isn't coming. "Socialism©" is coming, and "Socialism©" isn't going to be socialist, it's going to be corporate totalitarianism. The evidence is all around you; from silicon valley effectively shutting down free speech to churches, synagogues, and masjids being forced to close because of the "pandemic" (freedom of religion becomes freedom from religion, because religion gets in the way of the implementation of corporate totalitarianism). Soon after that, they will come and take everyone in America's firearms so that the final domino can fall with no real resistance. It makes me wish I was already dead and in paradise with the prophets. I don't want to live in this disgusting new world where people are mutilating their children, there is no more monogamous love, and wherein your life will be destroyed for having an opinion that falls outside the boundaries of what is deemed 'acceptable' by radical social justice warriors.
  6. What kind of coding/game dev did you want to do, just out of curiosity? I myself want to make NES roms that can run on an emulator, and then give them away for free
  7. If you don't break the law, you won't have a bad scene with a cop. Obey the law, even the parts you disagree with = no police hassles I don't understand what's so difficult for people to understand about this, but I assume that it's ideologically motivated and that they want cops out of the way so they can push their degenerate "socialist" ideology on the society through use of force. Cops get in the way of that & that's why they want them gone.
  8. How about we don't slaughter anyone or enslave "their" (LOL) women? What in the world is wrong with these people?
  9. If that's not a tactical nuke, I don't know what is
  10. One of my responsibilities is going to be taking cards around to different home builders and drumming up more work for us. We're probably not going to hire on any other people for about two years. He already can glaze entirely by himself, he's just bringing me in to teach me a trade because he's sick of seeing me floundering & because he doesn't trust anyone else to actually work hard (He knows that I personally invest myself into the work I do)
  11. I grew up with the understanding that racism was racial prejudice, so that's always going to be the definition in my mind. I'm not going to change to satisfy the intersectionalists. I reject intersectionality & the sick, degenerate society that it is already producing through a generation of brainwashed Campus Communists who have had it better than I ever did or will.
  12. I've asked similar questions because I know plenty of Christians who just say that they are "Christian" and don't belong to any specific sect and I was curious as to why Islam didn't have something similar to this. If I ever find an answer that makes sense, I'll share it here
  13. I'm going to be a part owner of this company when he has to renew the LLC & will be putting up half the money to do that. This is essentially a "family business" because this guy is, for all intents and purposes, my brother from another mother. If he had to worry about relying on someone else, he likely wouldn't even have set up the company to begin with. He's going to be doing the majority of the installation work himself, I am going to be his apprentice in this trade. He put in his two weeks notice today at the glazing firm he currently works for, we should be ready to go in about two weeks
  14. That definitely looks like a tactical nuke, what's really going on here? I don't think that if the US has anything to do with this, that they'll come out with it although Trump normally loves to announce "successful" operations against Iran because he knows it upsets the Russians (who he has placed more sanctions on than Obama or W did, not that this is a good thing).
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