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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. One more question.. if it's a Talaq rujuii, can she ask to get her Mahr and her presents back, since the man usually has no right to take this things from her in this kind of talaq ??? Or can she ask to make it a talaq mubarrat or khul' since the husband wants the mahr and the presents?? I hope my questions aren't confusing. It just seems that they are taking her Haqq and still want to make sure that the husband can take her back during iddah.
  2. Bismillah, Few weeks ago I mentioned one of my friend's problems with her husband. To make it short: He asked her to give him her mahr and all the presents he made her, then she could go and get her Divorce. Usually this would be a Khul' divorce, right? He just took a Sayyed as a Wakil to make the divorce but this Sayyed intends to make it a revocable divorce, even though she gave him the mahr and the presents to make sure he could take her back. Is this even right?? If it's a rajai divorce, why should she give him the mahr and the presents and why should he be able to
  3. Yes, but trusting isn't easy if your husband gives you no reasons to trust him, but many many reasons to mistrust him.. She wasn't nagging . He ignored her for no reason, causing more and more doubt. And no one said that she's a saint and he an embodiment of evil. I'm just telling you what's happening. And you can believe that her version is the truth. She is just trying to get help and advice. It won't help her to tell us things that aren't true - that would lead to wrong advices.
  4. Yes they are muslims. But her father is not strictly religious.. No she has an older sister. But her sister isn't married yet and has a totally different lifestyle.
  5. She thanks you all for your answers. Right now she is really confused about what is right or wrong. She's currently living at home with her parents in a tiny village where he has no perspectives (no work). She got a request for a great job in the city her husband lives. But this problems with her husband make her parents say "if you get a divorce you have to stay with us and we won't allow you to move in that city. Or you stay with him and can go." And as I said before, the husband CAN'T support her financially at all. She would stay with him but pay everything for her own, while no
  6. As much as I know he doesn't have much to offer financially. He lives with his father and brothers. Their mother left them few years ago. The sister herself would be able to find a good job in the city he lives and even pay for herself. But the question is: is HE or this relationship worth it? She already invested so much in him and all she got was heartbreak after heartbreak..
  7. They aren't living together cause he isn't financially stable. And because some other reasons she once told me. Of course a long distance relationship CAN be a recipe for disaster but it doesn't have to be. Some people had an engagement phase for about 2 year with no problems. I believe that it depends on the individual if it works or not.
  8. Yes, she's 25 y/o. Right now she doesn't even think of getting re-married or not. She just wants this nightmare to end, without the fear of getting punished by Allah swt for leaving.. But I'm sure that she'd marry again after she is divorced. Maybe not asap, but she will. She's a really beautiful and intelligent young lady, who just fell in love with the wrong guy. I really pray and hope that happiness will find her soon inshaAllah.. :/
  9. The sister asking this question said thank you for your answers. Deep within her heart she knows that leaving him would be the best, but she says she is afraid of what comes after the divorce. Ya3ne the possible mischief that comes with it. As I know her, she's a really religious girl who's afraid to do anything that's against the will of Allah swt.
  10. Salam 3aleykum, a sister sent me this, asking for your advices: First of all sorry I'm not a natice English speaker and this will be a little longer: I have a personal issue with my husband. We are engaged since 4 months now (made a Nikkah), but I still live at home with my parents. Me and him know each other for 1,5 years and already went through a lot. He made a lot of mistakes like lying to me, chatting with other girls, never calling me back or ignoring me for days. We were fighting a lot. He lives about 6 hours away from me. in April he told me that he doesn't want me
  11. Salam, That are two Fatwas I found on this case. ٢٣٩٨ اگر با زنى كه در عده طلاق رجعى است زنا كند آن زن بر او حرام مى‏شود و اگر با زنى كه در عده متعه، يا طلاق بائن، يا عده وفات است زنا كند، بعدا مى‏تواند او را عقد نمايد، اگر چه احتياط مستحب آن است كه با او ازدواج نكند و معناى طلاق رجعى و طلاق بائن و عده متعه و عده وفات در احكام طلاق گفته خواهد شد.٢٣٩٩ اگر با زن بى‏شوهرى كه در عده نيست زنا كند، بعدا مى‏تواند آن زن را براى خود عقد نمايد، ولى احتياط مستحب آن است كه صبر كند تا آن زن حيض ببيند بعد او را عقد نمايد، بلكه احتياط مزبور حتى الامكان نبايد ترك شود، و همچنين است اگر ديگرى بخواهد آ
  12. Salam, uhm.. I read a fatwa in farsi which said that if a man marries a woman during her iddah, she becomes forever haram to him, even if they had no sexual contact. but yes, if the marriage was batil, then they needed to have sexual contact to be haram for each other after it. (in case of Zina) That's why I'm asking if their marriage was batil or not. If it was batil, they can marry in future but if the marriage was sahih, they would be haram for each other according to the fatwa I read. It's a little confusing.. hope you understand what I mean, Just wanted to know if a) The
  13. Bismillah, Assalamu 'aleykum, A friend of mine has a really complicated problem! I couldn't find an answer for her so I need your help inshallah. My friend didn't knew that she was still in her Iddah (Khul3 divorce) when she made a mut3a with another man. After the mut3a (it was only for 1 week and they had no sexual contact), they noticed that their mut3a was actually batil, cause their Mahr was just 100 Surat al-Fatiha, but according to her Marja Sayyid Ali Khamenei, a Mahr like this isn't allowed. And this makes their marriage batil. (Correct me if I'm wrong) The question
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