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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I said that because, according to theory of evolution, as you say Adam was evolved from apes. Astaghfirullah But the Qur'an and 3 other holy books tell us that Allah created Adam in heaven. The theory of evolution is in denial with the holy books. If you use little logic, you'll realise that Darwin is trying to tell us that there's no God. About science, I told you earlier, no one is telling you to reject all scientific theories. But this doesn't mean you have to accept everything science throws at you. As a Shia Muslim, the Qur'an and the teachings of ahlulbait
  2. Don't interpret the holy Qur'an in your manner. Your neither a scholar nor an infallible. Be careful when you talk about ahlulbait, Allah has purified them from all forms of sins. They are infallible. No one is telling you to not learn science, but that doesn't mean we have to agree with everything science throws at us. The Qur'anic verses clearly indicate that Allah(swt) descended Adam from heaven when he did a mistake. Don't go against Qur'an, fear Allah. Who is greater Allah(swt) or Charles Darwin? I'm not telling you to totally ignore science and go to the dark ag
  3. Salamun alaikum May God forgive you for that. You believe that man's ancestors were apes? Seriously? I don't think you recite the holy Qur'an. Its clearly mentioned that Allah(swt) has made man superior over all other creature. Also man is Allah's(swt) best and most perfect creature. “And surely we have honoured the children of Adam, and carried them on the land and at the sea, and provided them with good things, and we have made them to excel by an appropriate excellence over many of those we created.” (17:70) You say that Adam, who was a prophet evolved from an ape?
  4. Salam, The situation is getting tensed day by day. NATO countries are undermining the power of Russia. This is exactly what Hitler and Napoleon did. Both Hitler and Napoleon invaded Russia unaware of the Russian winter, both went with huge forces and returned with very little. I recently read an article by an US official and according to him Russia could defeat NATO in less than 3 days. Visit the following link if possible https://www.google.co.in/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/a21344/us-claims-russia-could-
  5. Well said brother, even I suspect that this guy is here to create controversy and not learn about our faith. The way he is talking, i don't think he has read the proofs provided by other brothers in this thread. If he would have read it, he wouldn't have asked the same questions again.
  6. Hello, What you call hate is just our opinion about US and the west based on solid evidence. No one is forcing you to accept our view. You are free to have your own views. Just the views and opinions expressed in this chatroom have made you tired. What about your government's torture and aggression throughout the history? Shouldn't we get tired of that? I am among those who have suffered because of the policies of US government. You invaded Afghanistan to get Osama bin laden and destroy Al Qaeda and Taliban, but was Osama ever found there? As far as I know Taliban an
  7. I also visited the link. You have given example of an incident which is 2 decades old. It occurred before 9/11. I strongly feel the definition of terrorism has changed after 9/11. Anyways, feel free to inform when your government does something like that now or if they have done something like that in recent years. Also, please explain if you can, why your government has not labelled individuals like George Bush, Blair, Ariel Sharon or any of the US generals involved in the Iraq or Afghan war as terrorists? All the best, Ali
  8. The US and its allies always talk of democracy and human rights. Where's their call for democracy and their so called human rights in Bahrain? Where's there democracy and human rights in Saudi ? Are they scared because they may lose allies? This is the US hypocrisy, they don't want democracy, they are only interested in the oil.
  9. Ya thank you for the precious information . I never got angry anyways. You can call me irrational or anything, but its your government's policies that has destroyed the middle east and made it unstable. You are trying to avoid my question, why don't you declare George Bush as a terrorist? His crime is evident. All I tried to say was, you declare people like him as terrorists and bring them to justice and I'll start believing that there's justice in your country. I guess you got angry because I exposed the hypocrisy of your government. All the best, Ali
  10. Hello there, ain't you that USAF guy? Well.. I'll start believing that your government treats all criminals equally the day they call war criminals like George Bush, Tony Blair and Ariel Sharon as terrorists. Don't talk about the justice system of your country sir. Your government always talks about democracy and human rights, on the other hand they do nothing to stop human rights violations in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Is there democracy in these countries? Your government will do nothing to prevent human rights violation there because Saudi and Bahrain regimes are your
  11. Yes I read it. I'm not ignoring anything. I still say the same thing, these are rare cases. The examples you have given me only involve that Sikh organisation and the Indian government. Have other countries declared it as a terrorist organisation? I don't think so, even if I give you thousand more instances, you may not agree with me for reasons well known. But one day, you'll realise and believe it my friend. You'll realise that the so called media is biased and hypocritical. May Allah(swt) guide us all in the right path. Wassalam
  12. First of all, the organisation you talked about is no more existent. Like I said before, the examples you gave are just rare incidents. I told you to give more examples, but you didn't because I knew u googled it. I've told you before on another thread to not use Wikipedia as the reference, you didn't learn. Secondly, I still stand by what I said earlier. Religion is the deciding factor for determining whether a person is terrorist or not. If they truly followed the definition, Adolf Hitler should have been declared a terrorist long time back. You don't want t
  13. You can only find these rare instances. You can't go beyond that. Or can u? Talking about India, the naxals operating in central India are called Maoists and NOT terrorists. Now please dont tell me that they don't have a political ambition. But the pro independence organisations in Kashmir are labelled terrorists. Either call both terrorists or don't use the word at all. Looks like you are an Indian, don't talk about your country. You have no justice there, the killers of Gandhi roam free till date. Your current head of the country is accused of killing many Muslims. Don't give
  14. According to the holy Qur'an, some people will never understand and follow the true path because their hearts have been sealed. I guess nusantara, is one such person. Its useless explaining to such a person brothers. His fate has been sealed I guess. He is not interested in hearing out the truth. May Allah(swt) guide him in the right path. @nusantara if you are really interested in finding out the truth, read the book 'THEN I WAS GUIDED' by sheikh Muhammed Tijani who used to be a pro wahabbi sunni early on his life. He has justified the reasons for his conversion to shia faith.
  15. Then why wasn't US invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya called an act of terrorism? I'm not telling that ISIS are not terrorists. If you go in terms of the definition, US and it's western allies are also terrorists. Why these double standards by the international community? Look bro, all I'm trying to say is that some people have blended the word terrorist with Islam. Give me an instance where a non Muslim criminal was called a terrorist. This how they run things in US and the west. They determine the religion of the person, if he is a muslim then he is a terr
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