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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam and Peace on all us. Especially, on the lovers of Ahlul Bayt (as)
  2. If anyone doubts the Quran we have in our homes, he/she is out of fold. But how many Muslims know the history of the Holy Quran. The point is that we are discussing events which are mostly not truly recorded. Most Muslims believe that the Holy Prophet left the Quran in Kitab shape with Classical Quranic Arabic and with dots for the letters. Even some people believe that Hafsa kept the Holy Quran on top shelf. Wonder, if anybody had the full complete Quran and how many kilos it weigh
  3. It is like arguing, which I don't want to do. If you read from the beginning of the thread, I tried to diffuse passions. Thus, I said that Ali Akbar who was martyred in Karbala was his age was narrated to be 18, now Ulemas says that he was 35. I was not referring to any other Ali Akbar to confuse the matter. Go back and please check. BTW, according to hadith, rasool Allah didn't say Quran, he said, Kitab Allah.
  4. Salam brother, I do the taqlid of Ayatollah Sistani and these differences in history doesn't affect my religion. It only makes a shouting match, that this Ulema said this and that Ulema said that. What does it achieve! I am not qualified to vet any hadiths, neither I am learned enough to know what each and every Ulema said on each and every subject. In this age of internet, it is easy to do Google, and without reading to copy and paste. Reading is an art, while to me writing is not.
  5. Salam brother, The reason I believe that Bibi Khadijah was 'batool' when she married the Prophet (saws) as it takes the possibility of her prior marriage (s) and children.
  6. Salam brother, Agreed, that there was enough water to take bath and wash bodies. Here is al-islam.org again:
  7. Salam brother, One of these Ulema is Dr. Ali Shariati. Some might not consider him "Ulema" but he is very well known in Shia circles. Her age is mention that she was 14 when she married Imam Ali, but Dr. Ali Shariati give her age 24. I am sure that you are aware of Fatima is Fatima. So, I will not answer you point by point, but the above is sufficient and you are very well aware as most of the history is mired in controversy and taqiyyah. Quran was burned, so were the hadiths. Prophet tells us that he is leaving two important things, kitab (book) of Allah and .... Please show me the kitab Allah left by the Prophet? By book, I don't mean suras and ayahs written here and there. I mean the Full and Complete Holy Quran. What we have is Usman Codex in our houses, offices, masjids and so forth. If one looks at the first copy of Usman Codex, the original one, one will find that: The letters didn't contain dots, thus there was no way of telling between "n", "b", "t" and so forth. It didn't have diacritics, thus it lacked grammar meaning the Classical Quranic Arabic. These both were added to Usman Codex about 75 years later after the death of Prophet.
  8. Bibi Fatima (as) is/was Nisa al-Alameen. Thus, the plural applies to her only and no one else, because her status being Nisa al-Alameen. Do we have one Allah or many ilahs. But for Allah, the Holy Quran uses the plural: The problem lies when the Wahhabis and their Shia counterparts take everything literally.
  9. Salam sister, There were not just Haider (as) children as mostly they survived. There were companions who were real, real old. It is not that surviving without water for 3 days, water deprivation and dehydration can lead to the other developments, which are well document in the article you quoted. Take Ali Asghar who is supposed to be six months old baby. Six months old succle their mother's milk, they don't drink. Again, our Ulemas say that the water was cut off on tenth (ashra) of Muharram, and not on the eight of Muharram. Thus, it forced the hands of Imam Hussain to start the war. He knew what affect will have on everybody on the lack of water. Does, it take away from Karbala if the water was stopped on 8th day or 10th day of Muharram? No, it doesn't. And, remember how was the fighting done in the days of the Prophet, in the days of Imam Ali, would that fighting will be different in Karbala. Not one person fought at a time, they all joined the fight after a while.
  10. Salam sister, Please read the whole thread what I am saying. That Karbala is a very, very sensitive issue and the extra emotion which are injected into Karbala doesn't take away anything from Karbala. It has been the Iraqi Arab custom throughout centuries to recant Karbala with showing what happened, and every year more and more emotion were added to them, thus changing the reality. For example, the Ali Akbar who was martyred in Karbala his age is shown as 18 years old. But now our ulemas believe that in real life he was 35 years old. It is just like Aisha age, that she married the Prophet when she was 6 years old. But does it take away anything from Karbala if Ali Akbar was 18, 35, or in between these two ages. Of our Ulemas are still peddling the 18 years old scenario. Imagine, if they can peddle the real age of Ali Akbar now, what will happen to them. They will be torn in pieces. If we are saying that our fourth Imam was 22 years old during Karbala and Imam Hussain was 57 years old, then his first child was born when Imam Hussain was 35 years old. Does this make sense with Imam Hussain having 3 or 4 wives? So, I kept saying the age of Ali Akbar who was martyred in Karbala doesn't matter as this doesn't take away from Karbala. I was quoted over and over Shaikh Mufeed. Does it change reality by quoting Shaikh Mufeed over and over that Ali Akbar was 18 when he was martyred in Karbala. Or, any other Ulema. It is time that we should recant Karbala with reality, as it is really turning our young generation away. And, those who want to join us from other faiths, see nothing but raw emotions.
  11. Do you know what is 40 in Arabic. Guess what, it is Arbaeen (forty). Therefore, Arbaeen falls on 20th of Safar. Get it. BTW, how old are you?
  12. Too much cooked history of Umayyad. One cannot deny everything in Taqiyyah. Even, you will see that some Shia Ulemas say that Aisha was six when she married the Prophet of Islam. Too many heads were chopped off. They still are.
  13. How many times to reply you. Bibi Fatima was the Only Child of Bibi Khadijah. Period.
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