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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Shia's never worship their Imams, they obey their Imams.
  2. Hejab e Zehra, yup I said same what you said. I agree with you totally.
  3. Ibnsina it's confirmed 80 lashes for the one who is unmarried and does fornication. But decree is to be issued by going through all aspects such as the person was not involved under compulsion or many other conditions. Stoning to death has to be carried out for married ones who did fornication purposefully for lust and not under compulsion. Four men are required for testimony or 2 men and 4 women who testify that they saw such person commuting that crime.
  4. I used to think about my aunt, the one who spent her entire life taking care of her brother’s children. I also used to think about the many cousins I have who are too old to find a good husband. Every single woman in my family was suffering. I was being forced to marry a man twice my age; all my hopes were dying. Ten days before my wedding, I received a message from Hamza asking me to run away with him. This was my only chance of getting out of this cage, so I decided to be as selfish like the men of my family and leave home. It was my last day. I was depressed about having to leave my family, and scared as well. I waited for everyone to go to bed. At midnight I quietly walked towards the back door of the house. But, before I could open it, I heard my father’s loud voice asking me to stop. He was shouting from his window and his voice woke up my entire family who came running towards me. My brother stood with my father, a pistol in his hand. My grandmother started cursing me and crying. Before I could say anything, I saw my brother pointing the gun at me; a loud bang, followed by extreme pain in my chest. My mother came forward to hold me, but it was too late. I was already taking my last breath. The next morning the village people were told that my father accidently fired the gun while he was cleaning it. My whole family chose to remain quiet. No one reported the incident to the police; no one said anything to my brother. They all thought that he saved their pride. My family and other so-called respectable families have got a lot of blood on their hands. Death is not always physical; there are countless women who die every day by the misery inflicted upon them by the so-called respectable men in their families. For 100s of years, in a feudalistic society like ours, men have used religion as a tool to protect their lands and keep it within the family. When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) can give his daughter’s hand in marriage to Usman (RA), who was not from his own family, then why can’t we grant that same right to our women? Disclaimer: The post is a piece of fiction inspired by a true story http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/35245/being-a-syed-zaadi-wasnt-a-matter-of-pride-for-me-it-was-a-curse/ What's that? Was there no syed male for that girl outside her own family? Strange. There could have been many good boys among syeds as Hamza was Secondly, our prophet (pbuhhp ) had only one daughter Hazrat Fatima a.s who was married to Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Taleb who was among Ahle bait and not a non-syed. The girl that married Hazrat Usman was not prophet's daughter but neice of Hazrat Khadeja and married in the years while Hazrat Usman did not accept islam. I have reference too if you want.
  5. It's a nice feeling Masha-Allah. GOD made you to overwhelm wrong thought and there is nothing more pleasing than crying in happiness and out of love and thankfulness. God loves us all and He is so merciful. I love him so much because of mercy and care for us.
  6. There are two aspects of everything. When Allah (SWT ) blesses someone. He comes across two sutuayions: 1. Pride that I was always good that's why God blessed me. 2. Submissiveness that God blessed me because he always pardons faults of his creation so it's not my superiority over others but grace of Allah. Iblis has two choices and he selected pride instead of submissiveness. He considered that all creation is lower than him but God wanted to teach him that he whom I choose is best and never argue with Allah. But even then he was not ready to accept and went on transgressing. He knows everything but like people who murder even though they are aware it's crime. He also took blessings of Allah for granted.
  7. I could not stop laughing hahahahahaha. God is great. He was always there when you were nothing. So even if there be nothing of creation. Creator is always there. Ignorance has no refuge hahahaha
  8. It's ok. You are welcome. Islam teaches us to be responsible so have to t consider all aspects.
  9. This site is full of good people. You can ask questions that may erase your doubts and uplift your spirituality. All will help you. Insha-Allah
  10. Don't marry her. You got Muslim because your heart was always just. If you marry a sinful woman she will be unable to raise her children well. You have responsibility to steer your next generation to safety. Give them a good mother for their future otherwise I feel that in their exploitation you will also be equally responsible.
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