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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam brothers and sisters I have a little soil from Karbala And i found a clay in shop Only ingredients of this clay mixture is natural clay. So im asking Could i mix this clay and soil from Karbala and make turbah? Thanks
  2. Salam brothers I need to ask this In fajr,maghrib and ishaa when we pray do we say takbeer on third and fourth rakaah loud? Or is it just reading surah hamd and other surah loud in first two rakah? Thank you
  3. Selam After ghusl,i notices a liquid,sticky and no colour in small amount coming out of organ Is my ghuls valid or should i do it again?
  4. And thank you brother for answering JazakAllahu khayran
  5. No,no,its okay about zakat Im asking about paying for salatul witr, Is that permissible to do in our school To pray witr for someone for money
  6. Salam brothers I grew up in sunni family,but i converted to School of beloved Ahlul bayt a.s,alhamdolillah for guidance When i was sunni,in Ramadan,when time for giving Zakat comes people give money for praying witr They give it to official Islamic community or to the poor people to pray witr for them. So im asking,is there such thing in School of Ahlul bayt a.s? Is this permissible?
  7. Thank you all brothers I agree with you I dont see anything wrong Thanks again May Allah reward you
  8. Salam brothers I have a question regarding turbah You see,i found a turbah ,which was old and colour changed,so i washed it to remove everything from its surface and i used a knife too While i did that cleaning i also re shaped turbah with knife Actually i adjusted it to my forehead But i read somwhere that its disrespecting thing to use knife So im asking Did i do wrong? Can i use this turbah?
  9. Sure Here it is Since the first place to look for evidence of a belief or concept is in the Quran, we must turn to this divine book for evidence of Mohsin b. Ali’s (a.s.) martyrdom. And evidence of this event appears in the 8th and 9th verses of Surah Taqweer (81): ‘And when the female infant buried alive is asked, for what sin she was killed.’ Mufazzal b. Umar, the respected companion and special deputy of Imam Sadiq asked Imam (as) – What is your opinion about these verses? Imam (a.s.) informed: O Mufazzal, by Allah, ‘Maudato’ (i.e. infant) in this verse means Mohsin and surely he is from us and not others. Those who claim otherwise are lying. Then Imam (a.s.) elaborated (on the events on the Day of Resurrection) – Fatimah, the daughter of the Allah’s Messenger will supplicate – O Allah fulfill Your Promise and Your Pledge with me with regards to those who oppressed me, usurped my rights, struck me and distressed me with regards to all my children.
  10. Salam brothers and sisters I read about killing a hazrat Fatima a.s unborn baby,Muhsin a.s. There is one thing i dont understand Its a verse from Quran saying that a female infant will be asked... And Imam Sadiq a.s said that this verse is about Muhsin a.s But here it says a female infant Muhsin a.s is a boy. Im confused about this Please brothers or sisters,can you explain?
  11. Thank you brother But i was hoping more for something,some proof,hadith,anything on which we say that nose is not obligatory Ayatullah Sistani and other ayatullahs are saying its a mustahab But based on what? But thank you for replying brother May Allah reward you
  12. Salam brothers and sisters Im here to ask something regarding nose position in sujood. I know we shia perform sujjood on natural items like stone or wood or like that but the best is turbah made from dirt from karbala. But my question is about nose I read that putting nose on sujjood is mustahab So its not obligatory but i read this in Kanz ul ummal volume 7 that ibn attiya narates that Allah wont accept sujjod of a person who didnt put nose right on earth. And also i read that Prophet s.a.v.s had signs of mud on forehead and nose. I dont know much about hadith regarding sujood but could someone tell me where do we find that nose is not wajib in sujood or where does it say its mustahab. Please do not think im here to make some debate or make someone nervous or angry I just need answer because im confused JazakAllahu khayran
  13. Salam When we say for example Ya Hussein ,is that a dhikr? Can we do dhikr like that?
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