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  1. JasmineAila

    Shias In Malaysia

    Salaam Alaykum. I will go to Malaysia in October, Is there anyone here who lives in KL? I'd like to ask some pieces of information. Thanks )
  2. JasmineAila

    What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    the Galway girl in Brooklyn
  3. JasmineAila

    Stories of your ancestors

    My ancestors were Buginese. They fought and rebelled against the Dutch and the Japanese for more than two centuries.
  4. JasmineAila

    Iftar 2017

    Coconut water and pisang ijo
  5. my brother has type 2 and he's fine with it. make a note what to eat for sahoor and iftar, and consult with the expert will be best.
  6. JasmineAila

    Why are Lebanese secular compared to other Arabs?

    Ina is constitutionally a secular nation. they embrace pancasilais democrasy (Pancasila). but the gov only recognises only six formal religions. | freedom of religion is a basic need, a civil right. supposed to b no limitation. not really, Infact, shi'ite muslim gather secretly, do rituals exclussively. Many ahmadiy lose their job, face difficulty in public service. and so so.
  7. JasmineAila

    Why are Lebanese secular compared to other Arabs?

    Scandinavian seems more Religious than those on the chart, in term of "values": human rights awareness, security, prosperity, etc. It's hideous to think that Arabian are more Islamic than non arab. tell me what is better than secularism in diversity If you live with hinduis, buddhis, konghucu, protestant, catholic, adventis, indiginious etc in a country for a long term? It leads to the peace. N trust me there are a lots of agnostics in Ina, and also ignorant muslim extrimists for these past 5 years (imported, as an influence of Arab spring). they came in Paki earlier i guess. one doesnt simply walk to Netherfield.
  8. JasmineAila

    Be Positive

    understood we should, since it's crucial in life. thanks for reminding.
  9. JasmineAila

    Be Positive

    It reminds me of a story "salt n lake". relieve our chest to accept everything. It's not easy, madam. -) depends how big container we have. we r not infailliables like imam
  10. JasmineAila

    RIP Junaid Jamshed

    to Allah we belong, and to Him we shall return. may Allah have mercy on them. al fateha
  11. JasmineAila

    homosexual or bisexual

    what you value more? a person who cares about you or just another physical body?
  12. JasmineAila

    RIP Fidel

    He is a Leader with dignity. I do respect what he stood for. His compassion for the human condition is one that many should strive for. A heart of steel, si se puede..
  13. JasmineAila

    Vladmir Putin is Julius Caesar

    It's sounds like a fairytale tho. I am fond of Vladimir Putin for his bravery, frankly shows he doesn't stand for this kind of politics of the US (squeezing others - endless desire to dominate, which is catastrophe) and against Isis in proper way. Imperialist powerful countries only need benefits per war and chaotic situation in Iraq, Syria, and in some other countries. Uk for example, has colonised more than half of the world and some still think that their race is the best one. ahh bloody hell. Julius Caesar won the tittle of dictator in 45 bc. He was a successful statesman; conquering the territory of Gaul that is now occupied by modern France; defeating Pompey in a civil war, he invaded Spain and went on to win several battles in the Mediterranean. I guess Vp has nothing to do with Jc. It isn't fair to compare these two persons. and yea I believe Allah does best either.
  14. JasmineAila

    If You Could Have One Superpower...

    ahaa visit mr. Willy Wonka ! he has the best chocolate factory xD I wish I have the doraemon's anywhere-door -)
  15. JasmineAila

    Gender ROLES

    Yap gender talks about "the Role" of both sexes (in domestic and public). Literally not only the way of thinking, but also the way we act, the way we contribute, and how we deal. eg : a husband chooses to be a stay at-home-Dad during the weekend, spending more time with the kids, doing house hold chores; cooking, etc. While his wife attends a French course. -) Society has been morally corrupted, almost everywhere.. The practice of procuring, raping, and torturing women was conducted openly, without fear of any form of sanction. (It also happens to men/boys in prisons; madrasah/Islamic school for males - but it hardly ever to find/meet victim who want to share his dark story) In a province of Ina, Aceh, which adopt syar'i law upon the society as "The law of kekhususan" (unsure how they call it in Malaysia, and Saudi :s), when victims of sexual violence complained to the legal authorities about what had taken place, their request for help was generally met with denial and aggression (its even more tougher for those who works as a labourer). In some cases (husband - wife relationship), women who complained, were beaten or punished for doing so. Idk whether this is a common phenomena in a third world country.