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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. assalamaolaikum a very very nice wish that ur birthday is on 23rd Ramazan

  2. (salam) ok.... This is also what i found... Wa salam
  3. (salam) Errrmmm you sure thats in the quran?
  4. (salam) Ok, so lets say the issue is not with them being born sunni or shia. But lets imagine the child is 5 years old, and you want to teach them how to pray namaz.... Do you teach them to fold their arms or put them by the side? Pray on sajdagah or not? imams and caliphs can wait, thats something that can come later and they can decided between the two... but what about when they are young. when do they break the fast? Will they say ali yun wali Allah or not... Its these things that have to be taught no matter what. And if both parents are equally strong in their beliefs then what? I gu
  5. (salam) Problem with teaching both styles is they would get confused. Would they pray different to the father who leads prayer? Would they break fast earer than the father? I would like to know, in islam, where the religion of the children come from. If it does at all. Are children born muslim? Shia? Any more ideas? Wasalam
  6. (salam) If both parents are equally certain of their beliefs, then what? I know its up to the children to decide, but when they are young, you have to teach them how to pray namaz. What do you teach them? Shia way from the father or Sunni way from the mother? Also, when you say spouse' madhab, are you saying they follow the mother? Many Thanks Wasalam
  7. (salam) I'll try and put this simply. If the father is Shia and the mother is sunni, would the children be born shia? or Muslim (ie sects dont count)? Or sunni? I know in Islam, a lot of heritage comes from the father. Also, is there islamic backing for what the children will be? Please ask if I am unclear. Wasalam
  8. Salam I have found this out as i was researching. And the woman cannot divorce the man, but she can ask an islamic court to divorce the couple. Many thanks for the replies. Wa salam
  9. Salam I want to know if there is a stipulated period of time of seperation, after which a husband and wife are considered divorced. If the husband has been seperated for over 3 years, has not seen his son for 3 years and pays a CSA once in a while, is the marriage over islamically? Or is an islamic divorce still required? Wa Salam
  10. Salam Just moving to the top in case it slipped past fatah...... Wa salam
  11. Salam Can someone post the day/date of the middle of the month, and the last two days? Its a bit difficult to work out.... :Hijabi: Many thanks Wa salam
  12. Salam Okay, lets play. You say if imam Hassan (as) abdicated to muwaiya then there must have been some good to muwaiya. Lets say i agree on that point... so that part of the topic is closed yeah? Now what is your opinion of muwaiya calling on people to curse imam Ali (as) in public? (the references are right there in the first post) Wa salam
  13. Salam This is the best thing that was said and i think very apt. Wa salam
  14. Salam A quick search on google brings up the movie. Was made in 1980 and apparently won wide acclaim and some movie prize. Here is a link: - http://www.brain.net.pk/~rptw/profiles/salmaan.htm Anyone else seen it? Wa salam
  15. Salam I remember once seeing a film on channel 4 (UK) when i was younger. I think it was called "the blood of hussein" and i think it was mid eighties. I remember bits of it, and had some english people in it. I think they kept switching between present and past. Anyone else remeber this film? Wa salam
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