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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I believe it is mostly supported by people who are awakened by the danger of extremists and ideological war pawns prowling around our borders. It’s simple math. ISIS started growing since the Iraq war and it was a matter of time before it finally broke its chains. Iranian warriors fought against it by being courageous and did not buy the talking, the speeches that said we should not intervene. Ever since, and after multiple experiences, we finally are united against this global threat. It’s a must. All that is going on in Syria and Iraq is just a part of a comprehensive protocol meant to sprea
  2. It's my honor to be the first one posting in this great site after suspending some days.
  3. alabegh

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    I thought you are believe in Liberalism
  4. Hijab is like a scenery, a panorama or a garden, a garden full of fruits of different colours. You can select anyone of the thousands of rooms with thousands of windows, and from its frame look at the garden, stretch your hand and pick off a fruit. You can pick off the entire garden at one and the same time like a single fruit, satisfy with its flavour your heart and soul, and make the garden, the hijab, a solace for your (disturbed) inner self. Of all the Active Image myriad windows through which one can look into the garden, let us have a look at Hijab through the window of beauty, a deep wi
  5. i think it's Surah of Ghasas that mentioned about 4 ladies but all them are praised: mother ans sister of Moses, daughter of Shoaib and Pharao's wife. 28: 7,11,26,9
  6. The problem is not for every sect of Islam so we can blame Islam for that. when we look at the issue we realize soon that these terrorist are recruited only from Wahhabists or Salafists and this means we should ask them and blame their version of Islam.
  7. Imam Ali SA: Live among people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive they crave for your company. Nahj al-Balagha
  8. the other verse is in Surah Yusuf (12:70) ayyatuha alAAeeru innakum lasariqoona
  9. Actually i don't know about the guy but guiding one person maybe worth more that every singes of our deeds. here is the Hadith : "it if somebody guided because of you it is better for you than everything on which the sun rises and sets "
  10. There is no different between woman and man is this regard and both can be Junub in sleep and if you became Junub you should do Ghosl before Fajr. that about being sleep. but if you think you were awake it would gets hard and you should fast 60 days and feed 60 poor. if you believe that you weren't conscious enough to realize and decide so apparently you were sleep but if you decided to do that and you were conscious so apparently you were awake. so the only person can answer the question is you.
  11. No. you can read Quran whenever you want. although you can read every part of Quran as you wish.
  12. Defiantly they can be a Shia. even those who are totally crazy with a Shia parents they are Shia in view point of jurisprudence of Shia.
  13. Salam. These 313 are the core members and the rulers of the land of the universal uprising. the Imam al-Sadiq (AS) says, "They are 313 and each one of them will see himself amidst three hundred." for more about these 313 you can read this :https://www.al-islam.org/an-overview-of-mahdi-s-government-najimuddin-tabasi/soldiers-imam-al-mahdi
  14. Salam. this spacial Hadith "find the night of Qadr in one of the odd nights of the 10 last days" (تحروا ليله القدر فى الوتر من العشر الاواخر من رمضان) i couldn't find it in Shia's book but we have some Narrations indicates that the Qadr is in the last 10 days of Ramadan without mentioning of odd. whether or not the 29th is included by these Narrations so there is chance of being Qadr for the night but since we don't have any spacial Hadith about the night and we have several Hadiths about 21th, 23th and even 27th, it's not common to wake this night.
  15. Salam. if you married him by your decision even if you were unhappy about it the marriage is correct. there is even more, if your father did Nikah on behalf of you and you were not aware of that but after while you became happy to this marriage, the Nikah is correct.
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