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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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  1. Salam For understanding letters better use google translator It can pronounce what you type
  2. سلام I do love him for his brave resistance. We lack inspiring faces like him these days. One who fights for freedom, Independence, honor. God bless him
  3. :salam:,

    Brother where are you, you haven't written since july 31.

    Inshallah is everything fine.


    And be aware that people fall under one of two categories: they are either your brother and sister in faith, or they are your counterpart in humanity.”
    ― Imam Ali bin abi Taleb

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    2. ElAhmed



      Well its all about the Battle of Mosul.

    3. Mahdi Mortezapour

      Mahdi Mortezapour

      Why Iraq defeats ISIS faster than Syria while Iran and Russia and Hizbollah are helping syria?

    4. ElAhmed


      the only terrorism in Iraq is ISIS, and in Syria there are lot of groups. While Iraq  has one 1 enemy to defeat, syria has many to defeat

  4. Salam It seem Iraq is much more successful than Syria in fighting ISIS and I guess the reason is Unity between Government and People. And I heard this news which really made me Happy! Iraqi Hashd al-Shaabi to be granted official status: PM Thu Jul 28, 2016 4:54AM Home Middle East Iraq Fighters from the Popular Mobilization Units flash the V-sign as they patrol a street in recently-liberated city of Fallujah, June 28, 2016. ©AFP The Iraqi government says Hashd al-Shaabi forces, also known
  5. Daesh leaders, families fleeing Mosul: Iraqi minister Sun Jul 31, 2016 12:31PM Home Middle East Iraq Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi (AFP photo) The Iraqi defense minister says some Daesh Takfiri commanders have fled Mosul in northern Iraq as the army and allies push forward to liberate the city form the grip of militants. “A number of ... leaders (of Daesh) in Mosul, they and their families sold their belongings and withdrew towards Syria,” Khalid al-Obeidi said late Saturday. The
  6. Salam Maybe By mentioning it here she wants to share her feeling with us and the least human act we can do is to hear her story and help her, not bothering her. Being a born a Muslim has negative points, one is you never doubt in your belief. The Faith comes after Doubt. If you never doubted. then it is not true faith, It is a tradition you are following..
  7. Iraqi army has killed 1,300 militants in Mosul operation City of Mosul will be retaken within a year from Daesh, Iraqi defense minister says 25.06.2016 Fatma Bülbül Ankara world, middle east Iraqi Defense Minister Halit el-Ubeydi (C) By Idris Okuducu, Hemn Baban MOSUL, Iraq Iraqi Defense Minister Halit el-Ubeydi said that more than 1,000 militants were killed during operations to recapture the south of Mosul. "According to the Prime Minister's statements and military of
  8. Farsi as the Arabic pronunciation of Parsi. Persian is English pronounciation of Parsi Iran is the current name of the country. Pars is old name of country. Iranian=Persian. (nationality) Farsi=Persian (language). I wish this help many who are confused with our terms!
  9. The attributes of God is divided among the three, one is merciful, one is eternal ,... Most people just don't get it! even big top monks say its a mystery we cannot understand, we just accept it. if I am not mistaken, in bible its said that Abraham is son of Father, Moses, Jesus, ...all sons of Father.
  10. Salam Its like Egg, It has yolk, white and shell. but these three are all called egg. Its like water, it can be liquid, it can be ice, it can be steam, but in all these three conditions water is water. Its like human, we have soul, mind, body, and the three of these is called human. we cannot talk to God directly, so we should do it through Jesus. It all goes into Jesus and by him we can connect to God.
  11. Salam All problems you are dealing with Iran solved through its first 10 years after revolution, You can do it faster by studying Iran's history at that time. Iran created "Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution", Alongside Regular Army and mixed all those groups in one, under one commander. All acting under leader's command. when He said that? Iran is powerful in Military because of "Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution" and Basij, not regular army, It's a onetime chance, a bless from Allah, that people are gathered for tr
  12. Salam I guess this topic has been completely discussed and we are just repeating and repeating. It's become useless and boring. Most of Syria is under control of enemy. Kurds are acting on their own, NATO has increased his presence in area and they are looking for plan B after collapse of ISIS. So lets talk about something new.
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