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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I vote that the title of this thread be changed. wth is wrong with you people. Think before you type. was-Salaam
  2. as salaamu alaikum, Just thought i'd stop by and say salaam and wish everyone a nice ramadhan. Please forgive me if i've ever hurt any of you in the past. Take care, was-Salaam a nice naat
  3. salaams & Eid Mubarak!! Wassalaam
  4. Yes Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali, Ibn Masud, Abu Huraira, Abdullah bin Abbas, Aishah, Hafsa, Umm Salma (Radiyallahu anhum) all had memorized the Quran according to Imam Suyuti in his book Al-Itqan fi-ulum al-Quran. True, but from what i have observed they are quite rare. And after reading what yonus said i put two and two together. If my conclusion was wrong then forgive me. -- Now back onto the real topic. Was `ali (ra) the only person who memorized the Quran word by word or is that hadith i quoted earlier wrong? Wassalam
  5. Name one sunni scholar who believes in the concept of infallibility for non-prophets.. Assuming it is a wahhabi position is pure ignorance on your part. Wassalaam
  6. All you did was build a straw man argument by assuming that sunni's believe verse 33:33 says that ahlul bayt are infallibile and then trying to show that our belief contradicts the quran. Being a part of the ahlul bayt doesnt mean that they can not ever sin! The verse never implicates that these individuals are protected from sin. As a brother said earlier "the verse says to make pure not to become infallible. in many place in the quran believers can be made pure as well. you have to prove that through cleansing = infallibility " As for the proof for the other hadiths check the search feature
  7. We do have narrations in which the prophet explicitly stated you (the wives) are already from amongst the household. =D It is the shia who ignore these and only use what suit their nafs. Wassalaam
  8. Im sorry but this is a shia belief not a sunni belief. Wassalaam
  9. Bump Is this true or is the hadith false? If it is true, then i kind of understand now why i haven't seen many shia huffaz. Maybe they are waiting untill the mahdi (ra) returns and brings ali's (ra) mushaf...? Wassalaam
  10. ^^ I replied to the claim that suggested that the ahlul bayt are considered infallible within sunni islam. This is not the case though whether ahlul bayt includes the wives or not it doesn't matter because neither of them are considered infallible within the ahlus sunnah. To answer the rest of your question one has to believe that they are infallible, which is not the case. Wassalam
  11. Quick reply although it might be unfruitful. Infalliabilty is only for the Prophets (as). All others have the potential to commit error and sin. Wassalaam
  12. So only `ali (ra) knew the Quran fully? The hadith wasn't speaking about in depth knowledge it was speaking about just the actual quran, word by word.. Wassalaam
  13. wow.. i'm speechless. Wasalaam
  14. (salam), How many of the people around the messenger (saw) knew the Quran in its entirety? at first i assumed knew meant with indepth knowledge but it seems that isnt the case otherwise why would he state this before Wassalaam
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