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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. you can see it on their faces. the curse that they carry.
  2. bunch of clowns. It just kills that these clowns get funding for this crap
  3. Keep in mind though Canada changed its position under Trudeau, during the 70's. that why the urban areas aint white anymore ..lol
  4. Wow that is good research. It is somewhat reflected in their current policies today especially the controversial Operation Sovereign Borders,
  5. raza82

    Old certainties

    I think Bernie Sanders said it best when describing the unfathomable support Trump was getting in the beginning during the GOP, that it is important for all Americans to understand that the election of the next president should be based on who is best to lead the country towards the future rather than being mad that they were being laid by an african american during the past 8 years. It is White lash as described in the news these days.
  6. He will establish the Kingdom of Heaven!.
  7. Well it's connection to one through a chain, you connect to your Shaykh, who connects with his and it leads to Rasul, Noor of our Rasul. we believe he is Hazir and Nazir, and that he is connected to his Ummah.
  8. Sufi's people in the concept of Bayah (allegiance) to the Shaykh, the initiation requires on to recite the Kalma and pledge allegience to them. Imam of the time , "Imam Mahdi Al Muntadhir" and to RasulAllah and his AhlulBayt, they all believe that the Shaykh shares a spiritual connection with their mureeds and i know this first hand that alot of them believe in the 12 Imams.
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