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    Carpet for Basement

    Does carpet even belong in basements? If so, what are qualities you should look for and which brands? Some doubt carpet's ability to recover from moisture. They note that even the least amount of moisture causes mold growth, leading to health problems. Others insist that carpeting is one of the best materials when basement moisture is prevalent. Best Carpet Qualities for Basements Before discussing specific brand recommendations, following are basic qualities that make a carpet best-suited for basements: Low Pile. High-pile (thick) carpet takes a longer time to dry out, should it get wet. The lower the pile, the faster the drying process. Cut-Pile. Carpet is usually made of fiber loops that can be left "as-is," cut, or combined loop and pile. Cut pile carpeting tends to be more durable and easier to extract water from, should the need arise. Pad-Less. While most people installing carpeting in basements are reluctant to give up the padding (it has the advantage of making the floor warmer), padding also acts as a sponge and traps water within and underneath it. How To Make Your Home Feel CozierMan-Made Materials. Carpet derived from organic materials (for instance, wool) will not stand up to moisture as effectively as man-made materials. Nylon, Olefin (polypropylene), and polyester are the most popular types of man-made carpet fibers. Sectioned. If you buy wall-to-wall carpeting and part of it gets so soaks that removal is necessary, the entire carpet must come out. But if you buy carpet squares, you can excise the water-logged part of the carpet with surgical precision. Not only that, carpet squares are a DIY-friendly install. Waterproof: Some carpets are considered waterproof because they have special backings that prevent moisture from passing through. Best Brands of Carpeting For Basements 1. Shaw LifeGuard While it may be a publicity stunt, it is a stunt that works. Shaw constructed a 25,000 gallon swimming pool lined with its LifeGuard carpet to demonstrate how well it stands up to water. Result: no leakage. Shaw LifeGuard is a 100% waterproof carpet, which means that water may reside on its surface but it will not leak underneath it. This allows you to have a higher pile than you might ordinarily have, since in the event of water leakage you only need to draw water off the surface, not surface and underneath. 2. Tigressa H2O Similar to Shaw LifeGuard, Tigeress H2O has a unique backing that prevents all liquids from passing through. This way, you can be assured that moisture will not find its way to your padding. Where Basement Moisture Comes From Basement moisture ranges the spectrum of woes. At one end of the scale, in certain climates, it can be seen as a fact of life that must be managed. At the other end, basement moisture can be a very huge issue indeed and a real estate deal-breaker. Tracking down moisture in the basement prior to installation of flooring is a tricky business. The source often seems like a shifting target. But you can narrow down the sources of moisture in your basement into three categories: Leaks: Water leaks can come from cracks in the foundation wall, up through cracks in the floor, down through air-vents in the side of the foundation, etc. You are not always so "lucky" as to catch an active water leak in process. But even dried-up leaks can be identified by remnants such as calcium deposits and other trailings that are left behind. Moisture in Air: Even above-grade rooms have moisture in the air. Moisture-laden air inhabits many basements. Often, the source is easier and less invasive than you might fear. A displaced dryer vent hose spewing exhaust into the basement will spike basement humidity levels. Dehumidifiers are always a great idea in basements, even ones that appear to be dry. Moisture Through the Floor: Sure, a crack in the concrete floor will emit moisture. But did you know that even a stable, intact concrete floor can wick moisture? Carpeting in Basements vs. Hard Flooring Looking at two sides of the carpeting vs. no carpeting issue: Carpeting Allowable The "pro-carpet" side says that carpeting can be installed in the basement and will fare no worse than other types of flooring materials such an engineered wood or laminate. This argument runs that carpet has a "breathabiity" factor greater than other types, and that even light moisture can be mitigated with dehumidifiers. Additionally, in the event of large water leaks, carpeting can be dried out quickly enough before mold/mildew develop. However, this job must be taken on by professional water extraction companies. No Carpeting, Hard Surfaces Only The "anti-carpet" camp says that there are far more durable basement flooring options than carpet. Straight concrete (stained or painted) and ceramic or natural stone tile are practically impervious to water leaks or condensation--with tile and sheet vinyl running a close second. Not only does carpet get water-soaked but its pad does, too. The argument extends to the mold and mildew that can develop in carpeting material, turning the basement into an unsafe environment. The main point is that water in carpeting can never be fully extracted, even if done by professionals. @madihakhan [Mod Note: Advertising link removed.]
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    Happy birthday to you
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    Best Rice Recipe

    Yes Actually I have posted this recipe on recipe section
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    Online Quran Teaching through Skype

    Learn Quran from Roshni Online Quran Academy - Online Quran Teaching Services Learn Quran – Roshni Online Quran Academy is an Online Quran Tutoring Academy, a leading and exclusive Online Quran Teaching & Home Quran learning Academy from Islamabad, Pakistan, provides one to one Online Quran Classes Plus Basic Islamic Teachings to all individuals ranging from the age of 4 to 70. Holy Prophet(PBUH) said “The Best amongst you is the one, who learns Quran and teaches it.” Website link ---> http://roshniquranacademy.com
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    Best Rice Recipe

    I m going to share a recipe which I m sure many of you have never tried before I hope you guys enjoy this recipe !! Mushroom Soya Biryani (Biriyani) (Mushroom Biryani, Soya Biryani, Mushroom Pulao, Soya Rice, Mushroom Biriyani) Ingredients Mushroom - 1 lb /1/2 kg ( cut into small pieces) Soya Chunks - 1 cup Basmati Rice - 2 cups Onion -1 large ( cut lengthwise) Tomato - 2 ( finely chopped or crushed) Ginger garlic paste - 2 tsp Corrainder leaves - ¼ cup (finely chopped) Mint leaves - ¼ cup (finely chopped) Green chillies - 3 nos (finely chopped) Oil - 3 tblsp Ghee - 3 tblsp Coconut milk -½ cup Water -3 cups Yogurt - 2 tblsp Salt - to taste Chilly powder - 2 tsp Coriander- Cumin powder - 2 tsp Fennel Powder - ½ tsp Turmeric powder - ¼ tsp Whole Garam Masala - (Bay leaf - 1, Cinnamon - 2, Cloves - 5, Cardamon - 3) Method Clean the mushroom with a wet kitchen towel to remove the dirt. Do not wash with water. Cut it lengthwise to retain the mushroom shape. Soak 2 cups of Basmati rice and the soya chunks seperately. In a heavy deep vessel heat oil and ghee together and fry the whole garam masala (bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves, cardomon). Add onions and saute till golden brown. Slowly add chopped green chilly, chopped corrainder and mint leaves while suateing the onions. When onions turn slightly brown and crispy add ginger garlic paste and tomatoes and sauté till it becomes a paste. Now add mushroom slices. Squeeze the water from the soya chunks and add it. Add the turmeric powder, chilly powder, corriander-cumin powder, fennel powder, yogurt, coconut milk and salt. Saute everything until it thickens to a gravy consistency. Drain all water from the rice and put it in a rice cooker. Add the gravy to the rice along with water and mix well. Check for salt and switch on the rice cooker. After the biryani is done, gently fluff it up with a fork and garnish with corriander leaves. Serve hot with raita and some sidedish. Variations You can use one of the ingredients and make mushroom biryani or soya biryani alone. Serving Suggestion Enjoy the Mushroom and Soya Biryani with raitha as side. You can also have cauliflower fry or chicken fry as side The Recipe is taken from http://simpleindianrecipes DOT com