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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Most likely was. Iran is not foolish, they know their position as well as the US. It's now being reported that there were no casualties for the Americans and that the base was given orders to evacuate the strike. It seems Iranian leadership took the high road and best compromise. Appease outraged folks but not seeking war. Very commendable.
  2. There can't be a war without a skilled war general. Likely no retaliation. There are no resources for it nor can the people of Iran tolerate it. This strike was a means of dampening influence by proxy war of Iran. Not to cause a war, so in all likelihood it's not going to happen. What's expected is more Western influence on middle eastern affairs therefore more control.
  3. Our Prophet was conceived under a full moon, it is nonesense. No one, not even the Imam would comprehend this because it is not authentic. Knowing birth times can make it easy aproximate the highest probable 4 day window of conception , with maximum threshold of 6 day window. Lunar calculations with today's advances in physics, models، and overall mathematics make it accurate well beyond 99.5% Accuracy thresholds. The greatest minds/people were conceived statistically/probably on both full moons and none alike, and the worst minds and people in equal proportions after normalizing proportions. "not referring to anything you can't accept or comprehend as 'nonsense made up Hadith" I have an obligation not to do this with the Qur'an. NO such obligation exists for one of hundreds of thousands hadith's floating around. The modern world has uncovered causes with studies and evidence the causes of birth defects and miscarriages and their mitigation. The causes are real and should be emphasized, smoking, drinking genetic issues, active infections etc. This garbage Hadith puts us all back into Jahil and ignorance, ignoring real issues that are preventable with using sound and evidence backed recourse to minimize such outcomes like miscarriage and birth defects. It diminishes real progress and generates negative impact with REAL consequences. So please excuse my tone of disgust when reconciling this so called Hadith.
  4. You have a brain , and reasoning. Grade it yourself. You don't need me or anyone else to do it. The evidence is there. The Imam never said such garbage because he is not an idiot. His ancestor and our Prophet was Highly likely conceived under a full moon. If you know/believe the Prophet's birthdate is April 22, 571 AD in the Gregorian calendar. Then the most probable conception window is July 28-August 1 570 , add less likely days +- 2 days around those bounds. July 28-August 1 570 , hold a full moon or at least 90% full moon, with less likely days at 80%+
  5. If Hitler was conceived under a full moon and millions others are too, there still is no correlation. There are plenty of birth statistics for you to access and simply reason the nonesense of the made up Hadith. The majority of the planet is born outside those time windows, and there's still a higher ratio of criminals born in that window... So ask how many conceived not on full moon are psychotic, the answer? Many.
  6. Then who is to blame to reflect their behavior and influence? The men who enforced the laws, and unfairly punish women. Let's be honest, Islamic"authorities" have not been the kindest lawmakers, jurors over women. What incentive do women have to follow the religious rules of those who've unfairly treated them? Let's not kid ourselves and pretend women have not and are not being suppressed now and resort to extreme measures to protect themselves in an "shariah enforced" court in all aspects of life. If you're so afraid of them emulating "Western" traditions over eastern why not look and see what the west had that the east doesnt? Probably something far more Islamic than the east though not in name , which then relates to freedom, liberty, that feeling we all want. With that.. Now it's easy conflating Western culture, social, trends, etc with those sentiments. Seems very attractive to try and copy.. can you blame anyone?
  7. What do we know about Deen anyway? I feel the same when I hear anyone preach to anyone about what the "Islamic" way is. Truth is, Muslim or not there exists a spectrum of people who will act or behave the way they do regardless of their "deen", Western or eastern, black or white. The best thing we can do is curb our frustration and smile and accept people and wish the same from them. If someone is running around preaching something you disagree with as being right or wrong and you disagree, have a healthy conversation with mutual respect. If you can't, or the conversation devovles into hostility....walk away.
  8. 77:1 doesn't send messengers in a gust? I'm not sure if the question is relevant unless there is only ever one consistent use for these words for objects
  9. We have subtle but different interpretations. A command from us we are the senders (of the book not apostles in my interpretation ) But... I don't know if "it" necesarily means whole book. If someone recites or is reciting a verse, it's appropriate to say they are reciting Qur'an, it is also appropriate to say theyre rwitig a specific chapter of Qur'an.. you know what I mean ? Well either way I'm open to it meaning it could have been the whole book. But I stand by that if that was the case... the Prophet did not memorize or absorb it all that night.
  10. Well I'm not entirely opposed. I reasoned it's either revealed only in stages to Muhammad or ummah, or revealed all on night of al qadr and revealed again in stages but not absorbed all by Muhammad that night. I cannot find absolutely explicit detail concerning amount revealed on laylatulqadr. "Indeed we are sending" indicates present tense not past tense (sent). From chapter 44, so I lean towards only revealed in stages during Muhammad's life.
  11. We interpret these different brother. I would also include verse 5. The plain word by word translation : 44: 2-5 ----------- By the book, the clear Indeed We revealed it in a night blessed Indeed We are warning Therein is made distinct every affair wise a command from us Indeed We are sending ******* ----------- I have pondered over this before...... I think I've reasoned it was possible but not likely that it was all revealed all in one night, (which is not really a conclusio) . But if so it was not absorbed completely. Ill show you why I think as such. Firstly I'm not seeing direct statement here ..that it was all revealed in one night. It begins by saying by the " Book , the clear !" Like your translation I see that as swearing by it. Indeed we revealed it on a blessed night (can mean parts or all of it) Indeed We are warning ***Therein is made distinct every affair wise a command from us Indeed We are sending *** I read this as a part of completing the first statement, " I swear by the clear book that was revealed on blessed night " that in the Book is every wise affair/command made distinct . Simply : Guidance for all affairs distinct, which are also a command (to obey ).... Then... "Indeed we are sending" Why Is it not "indeed we have sent ?" Why not "indeed we have warned?" My only conclusion could be the qurans existence was revealed to Muhammad, with the initial verses he recieved. The verses continue to be sent and continue to be as warning. The Qur'an/book preexisted Muhammad, but Muhammad had no knowledge of it per other Qur'an verses. Along with other verses mentioned here. If Muhammad was for example, revealed the Qur'an before he was born or when he was born, the statement that "it was not known to me " becomes redundant and unnecessary. So why did Allah command him to say that ? Therefore , these reasons are sufficient to me that Qur'an was not entirely revealed to Muhammad until the final verse towards end of 23 years.
  12. It could not have been in one night, we know this from Qur'an 25:32 The unbelievers say, 'Why has the Koran not been sent down upon him all at once?' Even so, that We may strengthen thy heart thereby, and We have chanted it very distinctly. I believe Allah would have defended a gainst this lie and told us in the verse that it was ALL sent down all at once. But it wasn't so. I do not dispute the books preexistance.. In the 97th chapter, it begins Behold, We sent it down on the Night of Power; Unfortunately this verse alone doesn't provide details to the extent if the entire Qur'an was provided or the first revealed verses. I'm not against the idea that it all could have been revealed but if that happened Muhammad did not memorize/absorb it all in that one night. Otherwise we'll have contradiction with 11:49 Please answer my question I really want to understand you here. 17:106 and a Koran We have divided, for thee to recite it to mankind at intervals, and We have sent it down successively this verse is also pretty concrete in determining that it came in pieces. there is also 24:11 Those who came with the slander are a band of you; do not reckon it evil for you; rather it is good for you. Every man of them shall have the sin that he has earned charged to him; and whosoever of them took upon himself the greater part of it, him there awaits a mighty chastisement. We're not the Prophet and the people waiting for this verse to be revealed about Aisha? evidence seems overwhelming to indicate it was sent in pieces/revealed in peices.
  13. Sura hud is part of Qur'an. Therefore, you cannot present a verse from the book to show me look, Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) don't have knowledge of Qur'an. That is ridiculous! So how do you understand the verse where it says, "this is news of unseen" revealed to Prophet, that he and people did not know it before the verse was revealed. What is your understanding, or tafsir if you don't have personal understanding ? Qur'an is message and guidance from Allah and is truth. The verse plainly explains Muhammad knew not the news of ghayb. And now and the rest of people know upon learning the verse. ..... if Muhammad didnt know before the verse was revealed then he could not have known before it was revealed. Otherwise a contradiction exists and the Qur'an is relegated as an invention of man and to be discarded nauzubillah. 41:42 falsehood comes not to it from before it nor from behind it; a sending down from One All-wise, All-laudable.
  14. Is this not a contradiction to other hadith? If the Prophet had black spots of impurity in his heart , how could he have been created and born with infallibility and knowledge, before even Adam. Who knew the message/book since birth? And was a perfect being and believer before revelation? How do you reconcile this contradiction? @Cool @Muslim2010 @Logic1234
  15. If you paid attention @Muslim2010 I said I don't believe hadith are necessary 100% must follow or else you are doomed to hell. I never said if you follow hadith you're going to hell or you will definitely be mislead. When I say I reject hadith I mean to say I do not believe they are necessary for every person to be granted Jannah. They shouldn't be put into laws and imposed onto people to follow and then give them punishment. Granted how varied everyone believes in different kinds. They shouldn't be used to govern people. They should be kept personal. So I don't understand your laughter
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