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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, what is the logic behind Muslims, or even Christians, who are not Pro Palestine? For example, a Muslim Indian says he is not Pro Palestine because "The Jews have more unity and the Arabs are always in conflict with each other" But The Zionists are killing the Palestinian people? I don't understand his logic,I don't agree with him. The Kashmiri people are dealing with the same issue as well, genocide,persecution and opression by India and Pakistan government
  2. What is the difference between these,I asked a Muslim friend how Sihr is viewed in Islam,she told me "don't be silly" but it is mentioned in the Quran, I was just curious.
  3. I tried comparing Druze sect and people to Sikhs, considering both their role and origin in South Asia and Middle east, I explained this to my Palestinan friend but she did not understand what I meant exactly.
  4. Why do many people say Sikhism is a "combination of Islam and Hindism"to be blunt, this is condescending, I am non muslim and I can just as ignorantly say "Islam is a combination of Judiasm and Christianity" considering they're all Abrahamic religions. Lastly, in my opinion if my faith be compared to another faith, I'd rather it be Islam, Jewish religion is built on segregation just like Hindu(Brahmins, which is thehighest caste and if you're not a BrAhman in Hindus you're considered not hindu"
  5. I would like to know about Sufi Muslims I hear that they participate in the spiritual side of Islam, and are there sufi converts/reverts
  6. This Lebanese Maronite guy was talking negatively about muslim girls he said it is easy to seduce a Muslim girl. I am angry. WHY DID HE SAY THIS.
  7. Salaam, I have close Muslim friends who I know online for 2 years, It's a group of people, this group of people publicly deny their South asian heritage and ancestry even when there is proof that they are not who they say they are. One is a male who is Hyderabadi (SouthIndian full blooded) and claims he's an Arab and Persian, he started insulting my religion when I confronted him even when i was respectful, I am no longer friends with this guy, The other person is a Female, She is Pakistani Punjabi and pretends to be Lebanese, I confronted this Women as well and she began insulting me personally, so I am no longer her friend, These 2 people have been insulting my family and talking about me when i am not present, There is something in the Quran about this, "Who deny their fathers linage is cursed by GOD (Allah)" and something about backbting/gossiping, please help me with this
  8. I am considering converting to Islam, but am afraid my father will not approve. I have been reading translated version of Quran in English in private every day, I have been visiting the local masjid with my muslim (Afghan) friend, my father is not a religious man and I do not belong to a religious family, but What do I do if he does not accept my choice?
  9. yes i am Sikh, my dad is from Pakistan, i am Canadian, my mom is from UK, i am unorthadox
  10. yes My dad is Pakistani, Sikh, i was born in Canada my mom is from UK
  11. Salaam Alaikum wrwb, I am non Muslim girl from Canada, What Is Shia?, why is there conflict between Sunni and Shia?. How are the Shia Muslim if they curse the prophet?, i respect Muslims and Islam, I am unorthadox Sikh
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