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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam thank you for the hadiths. See, that's my point exactly. I know that there is a salah that you do on the first night or on the night of burial, but is there a hadith regarding a salah you do everyday for a deceased loved one? and the benefits of it?
  2. Salam everybody Recently, I have been praying 2 rakat after fajr prayer for my mother's soul - she passed away. I have never come across any information on a prayer for the dead, except for namaz-e-Mayyat and Namaz wahsat-eqabar. I've never found a specific prayer to pray for the dead on a daily basis. So my question is, will these 2 rakats I do for my mother benefit her? Are there any hadiths on how the dead will benefit from people praying for them? Thank you
  3. Salam I don't see my soul leaving my body, but I feel it almost trying to pull away from it. I guess my dreams don't last long enough for me to leave it. Maybe I can practice leaving my body the next time I dream about this again? I'll be sure to update you if I have another one of these dreams.
  4. @Kilij I never would've imagined this to be a gift, that is awesome! I almost forgot to mention that a few years ago I did have a lucid dream. I had a dream I was sitting on my bed and I was fully aware - for some odd reason - that I was actually asleep, but I used to it to my advantage and told myself to fly and I was instantly flying around my house, excited and showing off to my family. Fortunately enough, the dream ended right before I hit a wall LOL. Is that what you call a lucid dream? I'd like to think it was a lucid dream haha But the dream that I have of my soul leaving my body is so much more different. I cannot get up, I can't function properly, and it feels like there's something holding me back. I even had another one of those dreams the same night I posted this and I can still remember saying "oh for god's sake, not again!". But it's nice to know this is something completely normal, and I don't know why I never posted this sooner. all of your answers are extremely interesting to say the least. Salam
  5. Thank you @Ali Hamieh and @sharinganMahdi. You have both put my mind at ease because I was told it might be some kind of warning from Allah or something. @sharinganMahdi I usually go to bed from 11pm-1am, I don't stay up too late. But I also tend to take naps at 4pm-5pm. Salam
  6. Salam everybody, I've made this account just to discuss something that has been bothering me for a very long time. For almost 4 years I have been getting reoccurring dreams of me being in bed on my back and feeling like my soul is being separated from my body. And everytime I feel like it is being pulled away, I say my shahada but other times I forget and I'm too scared to remember. Today I took a nap in the afternoon and I had this happen to me again. But this time my soul felt like it was being tugged and then put back, tugged again, and then put back. I did remember to say my shahada this time, and I was a little scared. If anyone has any idea on what this means, why I have this dream so often, or if they've experienced it themselves, feel free to let me know. Thank you
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