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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Lolz no in a sunni website. Sahih bukhari, volume 1, book 9 number 490. Allah ka shukar .
  2. Aslam o alekum I came across a ahadeth that says a man's prayers are anulled if a woman, donkey or a black dog passes in front of him. Black dogs only because they are shaytan. So my question is Is this hadees valid? If it is, does this mean women are equivalent to dogs and donkeys? And that woman is shaytan ??
  3. What if the situation was vice versa ? You men won't have any problem ? Secondly, i am a muslim woman ican't dress up like these women, i can't become steak. There is a diff between wife n w**** !! N what you tell to people is something very insensitive. What if i was your sister ? Would you be this calm then ?
  4. lolz i made him promise not to take hoors. Well Allah told both men and women to lower their gaze, it's not just men we women are also like this but we control ourselves. Men always say that it is how we are made , we are polygamous in nature n blah blah... These are just excuses. Actually problem with our men is they never appreciate their wives coz they take us for granted. As far as definition of beauty is concerned, he was the one who chose me...
  5. No he can't close his eyes. N secondly i never ever stare men or look at them twice. I am hurt not jealous . I am the only one who deserves his love and affection . This is my right....
  6. yes when you love someone so much you don't want them to get hurt. but just wanna scare him lolz... maybe not but still i feel bad about this. n can't talk to him as once i tried and he got really angry n said i can't close my eyes @Haji 2003 very funny :P
  7. It's not western influence at all. Even girls from pakistan(like myself) want to live separately. It's not that we don't like our in laws. Everyone wants to live according to their own wishes without interference for example when you live with your in laws they want you to get up early(extremely annoying ) and then you have to be in hijab always, no quality time with your husband therefore no bonding n understanding. Thats why girls don't want to live with in laws
  8. salam ! I really want to know what is the punishment for husbands who stare other women ? I know staring namehrams is haram n etc etc but is their any special or severe punishment for husbands ? Cause this almosts gives a heart attack when you notice your man staring some other girl who is not even prettier than you. And don't say that wives should discuss it with husbands that never turns out good.
  9. Ok m tired of this ! Please don't give this ridiculous excuse that men are polygamous !!! Men n women are different n blah blah blah !!!! They are not that different both have lipidos n women have it more than men(7times). But it is our society which forces women to keep their their mouth shut. When men are abroad or in war, their wives control themselves and wait patiently for their beloved husbands. They are not given permission for mutah. Then why are men given this right ? I know it is allowed in islam and is halal etc etc. But being a woman i don't like this at all, n i think it is unfair to wife as well as against self respect of the muta wife. Thirdly, mr ding dong if you want women to control their jealousy then men should also control their lust. We become jealous coz we love our husbands and don't want to share their love and attention.
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