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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hi do you wanna compare Palestine to Karbala ??????? if you say yes, you dont know nothing about Karbala. is it possible to compare an infallible one to the others?
  2. Congratulations, I think you must name your daughter in the names of Fatima سلام الله علیها like Fatima Zahra muhaddethe محدثه or ... .Because she has been born at night of Mubahilla and in the story of Mubahilla there were only one woman and she was Fatima سلام الله علیها
  3. maybe it means if you don't recite Surah "Qul huwallahu Ahad" even in one the daily pray, it would be Makrooh. in the other word, it is better to recite this Surah in one of the daily pray. please see his book in Persian Issue 1196
  4. الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ الَّذِی جَعَلَنَا مِنَ الْمُتَمَسِّکِینَ بِوِلاَیَةِ أَمِیرِ الْمُؤْمِنِینَ وَ الْأَئِمَّةِ عَلَیْهِمُ السَّلاَمُ All praise is due to Allah, Who made us the follower of Imam Ali علیه السلام and the other Imamsعلیهم السلام
  5. what about your father? dose he know your problem? maybe she has illness؟ or may you have done something agents her ?
  6. Hi My son is around four years old. The problem is this; most of the time he is going to follow me to go out of home. at first I cheated him in different ways but now he knows all my cheating. And now it is difficult for me to go out. Maybe you say it`s usual but I don’t know How can I treat him? thanks
  7. Hi the name of imam Mahdi has not been mentioned in Quran verses . in Quran ,however, we can find some verses that belongs to Imam Mahdi like ; chapter 21 verse115 and chapter 24 verse 55 and chapter 28 verse 5.
  8. It is just an advice for the girl, what will be happened for her children. Will they became Sunni or Shia. So if her children prefer to be Sunni, her descendent will go to other sect. I think it would not by good for Seyyed girl.
  9. the matter is this, we must have reasons for that. in other word why Allah did not mentioned Imam Ali`s name in Qur'an. yes we have lot`s of verses about Imam Ali(علیه السلام)
  10. The name of Imam Ali علیه السلام in Quran It was not possible to be mentioned his name in Quran. If Allah had mentioned Imam Ali (علیه السلام) in Quran, it wouldn’t have been accepted by Sunni Muslims. There are some reasons: First; they attributed the delirium to holy prophet while he was near to death [1], perhaps they attribute the Gabriel to the delirium. Second; all we know Sunni Muslims believe in a rule for the prophet companions that named ijjtihad, they do this to change or make some orders(احکام) like Taravyh and mut`a. so they can do the same in this case and cut the Imam Ali`s name in Quran. Three; Quran has a chapter that named Hypocrites (منافقون) according to this chapter It`s evident that there has been some hypocrites among prophet companions, however Sunnis don’t accept and justify that. Four; Quran says tow of the wives of the prophet told the secret of the prophet, however they urge to respect all the wives and all of them are umm- ol - momenin( ام المومنین). Fifth; Quran explicitly has mentioned a verse about temporary marriage. (Nisa, 24) and they accept it was recommended in the time of prophet and first caliph and even at the early of caliphate of second caliph. However they making the verse away and reject it. So there is no Warranty here that Sunni Muslims accept. [1]; the second caliph has said the man tells delirium. [صحيح البخاري، ج1، ص37 و ج7، ص9]
  11. starlight its your idea. maybe someone can not control himself. i think it depends on the situation if he can control himself so its better for him but if not he can do it. in addition he must know the Mut`a has some Consequences والله العالم
  12. whats your idea if he commit a sin? if commit a sin it affects on the child. ,
  13. In the name of Allah It has been one of the women demands to have equality of Portion (heritage). There are two reasons for double legacy for men; 1. Some duties that only men are responsible for, while women are not responsible like · It is obligatory for men to go for jihad · It is obligatory for men to pay Wife alimony. · It’s obligatory merely for the men of murderer’s family to pay blood money in a case of unintentional murdering 2. The benefits that accrue to women not for men, like dowries مهریه, صداق)) In addition, equality is different from justice. Look at the human body, the brain position is in best status and safer unlike the feet.
  14. i think you must find the reason that force him to be irreligious. maybe he has seen the differences between our behavior and statement. i believe your behavior can affect to him more than advice. it dose not need to explain for him about god or hereafter or religious. yes if he has question about them you must answer him.
  15. in the name of Allah A sign for existence of Shia before Buyids (آل بویه, صفویه) dynasty Alinameh (علی نامه ) one of the important Iranian poems, has been forgotten by Iranian and Shia. It has been collected by Rabi` an unpopular Shia poet in Iran. ” Among 12 thousands verses (in Alinameh), we can find three thousands laudable. Two important advantages of this poem are;1. it is nearer to Firdausi poem (شاهنامه) so the language are similar to Shahnaleh 2. its historical face is very more serious”. Ali garmarudyi said. ”a poem with these Volume and specifications is alone enough to be noticed by Farsi literati” Shafi`I Kadekani said. The poet was born in 420 AH and wrote it at the age 62 and offered to Ali bin Tahir, a noble in Sabzevar city. This poem is one of the current evidence for existence of Shia before Safavieh (صفویه
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