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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam. Of course internal wars caused by another forces. Wrong knowledge of Islam can be a great couse of these wars, but in my view the first problem is decadence of moral values.prejudice, intolerance, nationalism, irresponsibility are some of moral vices we are seeing today. We must return to morality. As we know there is narration related to prophet (PBUH)that considers his mission as prophet as to completee noble character traits.
  2. I dont give idea about this juridical answer.but on psychological and moral viewpoint, this fantasies lead to another fantasy, and this prosses continue in further. Imagine what will happen later. A fantasy is not mere a fantasy. It has strong power. A good fantasy motivates good actions, and a bad fantasy motivates bad actions.
  3. Salaam my brother. You can see this address: en.miu.ac.ir. Maybe can give your answer. This address belongs to جامعه المصطفی العالمیه. Foreign people enrol this University that educates Islamic fields. This University is located in Qom.
  4. Thank you for sharing these teachings. Actually our society needs such teachings.as we know narrations invite us to be suspicious about ourself and be optimist about others. This makes people to trust each other.
  5. Thank you for sharing these precious teachings. Actually our society needs such teachings.As we know narrations invite us to be suspicious about ourselives, and be optimist about others. This make people to trust each other.
  6. Salaam. By doing as this very good narration invite us, we spread the trustworthiness in our society.when some people make a good assumption about us, and see that this assumption is true they trust us in future.
  7. Thanks my brother for sharing. I am agree with what you said, but I tried to reject the claim that, Islam is a religion of sword and have spread by force and violence.Unfortunately we observe many unmoral violence in Muslims history that we cannot accept those violence and attribute those to Islam. Islam has a very beautiful picture, that attracts people, but this very beautiful picture is hidden behind the violent and bleak picture we observe today
  8. Thank you my brother for sharing this topic. As you refer to, during the history, there has been many people that, use religion as an instrument, to justify their unmoral behaviors. We see such people in this verse:" When they commit an indecency, they say, ‘We found our fathers practising it, and Allah has enjoined it upon us.’ Say, ‘Indeed Allah does not enjoin indecencies. Do you attribute to Allah what you do not know?" (Al-A'raf:28)
  9. Does Islam cause the violence? What’s your answer? Some people say, yes. What’s their reason? Maybe they refer to the phenomena that are happening in Islamic community. Take a look at Islamic societies, and see the conflicts among them. What’s the massage of these phenomena? Do you conclude that Islam is violent religion? When you see what is happening in Iraq and Syria you confirm this idea: Islam is religion of sword. I don’t deny these conflicts and struggles and I am, as a Muslim, sorry about that; but if we want to give a moral judgment about this issue, we must contemplate carefully
  10. thank my brothers for these very good narrations. these narrations are the criterion in all situations, that we are judging people, whether they are our friends or our enemies.
  11. thank you for sharing this important issue. in Islamic sources, we have many teachings about the value of humans. Let’s see this verse: "That is why We decreed for the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul, without [its being guilty of] manslaughter or corruption on the earth, is as though he had killed all mankind, and whoever saves a life is as though he had saved all mankind...". (Al-Ma'ida:32) I invite ourselves to contemplate on this issue, and after that respond to this question: do we consider human beings as an instrument to reach our purposes or they are, themselves, i
  12. Generally we think that, if we want to be a good religious person, we must do the good behavior morally and religiously. For example we must pray, recite Qur'an, help the needy, be honest and atc. These are good deeds and they are the positive ones. But there are some deeds we should not do, the negative ones. Generally we regard the positive deeds as the best, and try to do those good deeds while forget that, the negative ones are more important than the positive ones. More than doing good deeds we need the self-control. We need to avoid many negative deeds, and this is what the prophet Moham
  13. thank you so much my brothers. these dua's have many knowledge about God and and humans. unfortunately when we hear the term of dua, we imagine the people who recite these dua's in masque(specially when we hear the word of Du'a Kumayl). We must dedicate parts of our studies, to study these dua's and try, to understand the great MAAREF in them.
  14. salaam. I agree with bot of you. if we consider shia as a family, this family is considered a good family when they behave in a good way in their interactions. if there are tensions among them, they cant be as a role model for others. We must try, don't violate moral codes in our family so we can do morals in relation with others. so at first we must practice morals in our family to be ready to behave good with others.
  15. salaam. Allah can do anything, and he can do what he want. This statement is true, but there is a misunderstanding about its meaning. Is the meaning of this statement, that God can be corporeal or he wants to be as his creatures and does it? Actually this statement refers to the unlimited power of Allah, in doing everything that is impossible for us and all being’s, not much, because we all are limited to our natures. If we think that Allah can be incarnate this is out of the meaning of this statement. So your question by this wide meaning of the first statement is not correct. Let’s giv
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