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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Alsalam alaikum and Eid Mubarak. I noticed something this Eid. What I noticed is that I can't feel happy. I don't feel like I deserve to be happy. That is because of my sins. A history of bullying and abuse were a factor, I think, in me making bad decisions throughout my life. I would sin and then regret it and do sincere taubah. However, I just go to another sin. Then I regret doing it and stop, but I'll move on to another sin. And so on. It reached a point where my faith just hit a really point and I was just praying because I was used to it. My heart couldn't take the state I was in, so I made a sincere effort to stop all sins and improve my faith. Now, alhamdu lillah, I am what you might call a serious muslim. HOWEVER, I still can't get over the fact that I was in such a depressing state before. It keeps on haunting me. I have had a few life-or-death situations happen to me recently and people would just tell me that Allah kept you safe from danger. I do believe that Allah kept me safe from any harm, but I feel like I don't deserve it and would rather just die. Visiting my family and seeing them all happy doesn't make me happy anymore and I feel lost. I'm really sorry for posting something so depressing on happy days, but I just can't help this feeling I have.
  2. Thank you. I'd like to point out the qatif isn't part of Hijaz. It's on the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. May Allah accept your prayers.
  3. Two explosions were in Qatif (A shia majority city in Saudi Arabia) beside a Mosque that I frequent. I was praying Maghrib in the mosque when I heard a loud explosion. Everyone continued their prayer. Then we heard a second explosion and that's when most people inside started to panic (Including me). It was truly a frightening experience. Alhamdullillah there were no casualties.
  4. I'm happy to help. If you need any more information then don't hesitate to PM me.
  5. I don't live in Bahrain, but I go there about three times a year. It still definitely is a shi'i majority country and I sometimes pray in the prayer in the malls. I never felt uncomfortable or anything. Shi'is aren't oppressed in terms of their religious beliefs. You won't be "punished" for being a shi'i if you don't talk about politics.
  6. No offense, but I really hate it when someone says "What would the prophet/imams think of this?" No one can possibly know what they think of something unless they explicitly said something about it.
  7. Hello? Did you open a link? I'm a proud shi'i and I mourn the death of Imam Hussein (as). Learn to read.
  8. If you really are a shi'i then you might want to read this: https://www.al-islam.org/articles/we-cry-husayn-so-did-prophet-islam-s-yasser-al-madani
  9. Alsalam alaikum My brother has this summer training program that he's attending. He goes daily (Except in the weekends) and the distance he has to travel is more than 80 km. It started before Ramadan and will end before Ramadan ends. He goes in the morning (Before Dhuhr) and finishes before Dhuhr. The thing is that the Adan for Dhuhr occurs when he's on his way back. Should he fast or not?
  10. Ok since this topic was revived, I'll add a question related to the main topic. Does smoking marijuana (weed) invalidate fasting? If a person becomes high from smoking it, are his fasts and prayers not accepted for 40 days just like drinking alcohol?
  11. If homosexuality is indeed a mental sickness, then why do they require punishment? Aren't sick people exempt from punishment? Can someone please explain this?
  12. You don't need to "prove" anything to Allah. Allah knows what is truly in your heart. Allah will know when you are sincere and you need to believe that Allah will know. Again, you need to be sincere and truly believe that what Islam calls for is the truth.
  13. I edited my post with more information.
  14. Not just Adam, Moses (as) also killed an innocent person. Unlike the Imams and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), some prophets weren't prophets by birth. Adam was not a prophet when he was first created. He was made a prophet when Allah put him on this Earth. Same thing thing for Moses. He was not a prophet at that time. Also Ibrahim (as) was not worshiping Allah once he became baligh. They became prophets after Allah willed it so, and not from their birth. They became infallible once Allah made them so as only Allah has the power to grant that to his creations. EDIT: I found a much more knowledgeable source for your question: https://www.al-islam.org/shiite-encyclopedia-ahlul-bayt-dilp-team/infallibility-prophets-part-3
  15. Salam Sister, If you don't have any muslim relatives/friends, then have you tried breaking your fast with non-muslims? Sure, it might sound weird but breaking your fast is just a late meal. I'm sure that there some respectful non-muslims who would be willing to share a meal with you. If your main concern is breaking your fast with other Muslims then you could visit your local mosque just like what @zainabamy said. I am not a revert/convert, but I will be praying for you. May Allah grant you a family and friends to which you can celebrate Islam with.
  16. I have a feeling quite similar to yours. I fee like people hate me and think I don't deserve love and that sometimes makes me believe I actually don't deserve anything. All of this was because of my past mistakes which I deeply regret. I'm in the process of overcoming this feeling by believing that Allah LOVES his worshipers when they ask him to help them. The creator's love trumps the love of the things created. Always remember that. After that, it helps to put a goal in your life. I, for example, love my parents greatly and would do everything for them. That is my secondary goal which actually is related to the primary goal (Allah loves when we treat our parents with kindness). Try to put mini-goals that help your your primary goal which is to please Allah.
  17. I don't know about the ruling but I think I will allow it if it was permissible. I also think that I don't have a say in this matter if she is using her own money.
  18. Is it permissible to rinse one's mouth for wudu' while fasting? I have been avoiding rinsing my mouth, but sometimes my muscle memory gets the better of me. And on a related side-note: What about brushing our teeth?
  19. While there are rulings against it, I personally don't recommend it. No matter how open-minded either side is there will be problems related to the difference in sect. The only time where I noticed it working with minimal issues is when both parents aren't very religious.
  20. As much as I want to, people who seek mental help where I live are looked down upon. Not to mention that the psychologists and psychiatrists here don't take their job seriously.
  21. Brother, I felt I was the only person like this. I'd rather death take me then actually live. It's not because life is cruel or anything like that. Sometimes I feel like like my existence wouldn't make a difference. I find no enjoyment in actually living anymore. I guess you could say I'm depressed but I honestly don't know. The only reason why I'm still motivated to live is because I want to worship Allah. I also want to serve Imam Mahdi when he finally returns (May Allah hasten his arrival). I also want to live more so I can repent from my sins with good deeds. I want to make a positive a difference in this world. I spoke about this once with my father and he said that before he got married and had me in his life, he believed that he wouldn't mind if he died. However after getting married and having me, he didn't want to die so he could be there for his family.
  22. Guidance does not come from humans. It has to come from God. Pray to god to guide him to the right path. Try telling him stories about the Prophets and Imams (AS). Tell him of what Imam Hussein (AS) fought for during Karbala. Tell him that it's never too late to start taking religion seriously and do not act condescending in any way while talking to him. If he still insists on not becoming religious and you feel it might hurt YOUR piety then the only option is to leave him, sadly. At that point, you need to sort out your priorities, especially if you're not pregnant. I will be praying for you and your husband.
  23. This is what I hate about most muslim societies. They ALWAYS shun the sinful instead of shunning the sin itself. Don't act all high and mighty. These "evil sodomite freaks" all have the chance to sincerely repent before their death. "The sin which makes you sad and repentant is more liked by Allah than the good deed which turns you arrogant." -Imam Ali (AS). Let's focus on the sin itself, and not the people who commit it. What do you know? A person who just hit puberty and has same sex attractions may come here seeking help only to see all the hate and hurtful words and lose hope.
  24. Depends on the husband and wife. If a wife wants to then her husband must provide. If a husband wants to then his wife must provide. Both of these cases can be at ANY time. Stop fearing sex. It's a good thing. Islam just put some restrictions on it. Allah created animals for us, but restricted which animals we can actually eat. Does that mean that eating halal meat is dirty, disgusting, or whatever? No.
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