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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I don't come here as often but I have a few things to say about Starlight and hameedeh. Starlight is an amazing mod who always replies to my pointless questions. I have private messaged her a few times, maybe more, and she has always replied with a helpful and positive answer. Also, she is very open minded about certain topics. Hameedeh is also awesome. She has always replied to my questions on time and never got annoyed of my repetitive questions. She has even messaged me to notify me that she would be away for a couple of days so that I don't feel upset that she didn't reply back t
  2. I agree with you completely. Although, I have tried so many times to be less kind to men but I have failed many times. Some people take advantage of your kindness and shyness. I have experienced it myself. I have been hurt by others and I still can't be mean. It's just not in me. Sometimes I wish I can isolate myself and just live in nature. Sounds crazy, but I would love that. So you are right about everything you have said. I have also heard from somewhere that it's not modest if a woman's voice is loud or if she laughs a lot in public. She should always have a low voice and should alw
  3. Thank you for telling me your story. You are right brother. I guess he thought it was okay because I let him give me a high five the first time. Although, it's going to be extra hard for me to say it, but I will next time inshallah. It's hard for me to say it because I am just a very VERY nice person in general and knowing that I might offend them the tiniest bit upsets me. I know I should care about what Allah thinks most but there are worse things that we should fix in ourselves. Compare it to all the wasteful times we spent our days in or all the people we have hurt or upset in the past and
  4. I hope so...but the guy who works there always chats with me when I buy a shawarma. He kinda knows me now. I'm not going to go to that shawarma place for a while because of that situation. I know you can just tell the guy you can't shake hands but it's so hard to say it. Especially if you are going to offend them or confuse them. I can only say it when I know the person.The main reason I don't say it is because I know that if I was in their situation I would feel embarrassed and awkward about it. Anyways, thanks for your answer sis!
  5. Oh, sorry...I didn't know it was called a fist bump. I find it very annoying how guys think it's okay to give fist bumps to a hijabi girl. Like really, does he think I am a gangster or part of his group. He had tattoos all over his arm so it made me look shady too. The shawarma guy probably thought he was handing me something sneakily. Gosh, so embarrassing.
  6. Well, it's like a fist pump...it's very weird as only guy friends would do it. I don't know why he decided to do it to me. It's like this picture:
  7. Salam I have issues of being too shy to say that I can't shake hands with a guy. It's because I feel like I am being rude to them or that I have offended them. For instance, today during work, a guy worker decides to give me high five. I felt too shy to just ignore it so I gave him a high five. He has done this 3 times now. Weeks later, while I was going to eat out during lunch break, I coincidentally bumped into him at the shawarma store. This guy is an atheist by the way so he doesn't know anything about why a Muslim girl can't shake hands with a guy. So he sees me and decides to give m
  8. Pretend you were interested in a woman and wanted to ask for her hand. However, you find out that her family doesn't have much. You find out that her father doesn't live with her, and it's only her, her mother, and brothers. You also find out that she helps out with food and rent, and basically doesn't save up for much. She would be around 24, 25 and is just about to study to become a teacher because she just changed paths from a previous career. Would that turn down a guy and find that unattractive? Do some guys want a woman who is well off? I was told that some men prefer women who have
  9. Thank you sister Hameedeh. You are always so helpful. I wish I didn't worry so much. I was afraid that he thought I was living with a boyfriend. I didn't want him to dislike me for something that wasn't true. Even though he looked relieved in the end, I still wonder that maybe he thinks bad of me. I worry too much...it's a really horrible trait. I just really like him and I want him to think good of me. He even brought his mom to see me but somehow she couldn't find me. Thanks again sis!
  10. There is a man who I am really attracted to. He is also really attracted to me. I posted a thread about him before. As always, I am overthinking about the smallest things. Today, we were having small talk..he was smiling to me and I was smiling back to him. I never said anything about my personal life because he knows that I am very shy around him. He gives me some space and respects me very much. He asked me if I was saving money as I work almost every day. I was tired that moment because I just came from work and I was starting my classes. I accidentally said that I don't save money because
  11. Sorry I edited my post. I think it would have been too controversial.
  12. Would you not recommend someone to do laser hair removal on their body or would you think it's a good idea to remove hair permanently? The main reason why I have doubts about it is because I heard that it can cause cancer. Also, the treatment can go wrong and cause skin damage. So, what are your thoughts on it?
  13. I think it was the milk because that's when I started to feel really sick. Maybe it was also because I added raw cocoa powder with it. Thank you for the advice, I really appreciate it
  14. Really? I think I read it somewhere, not sure where exactly...but it said that it was not good to break your fast with a cold drink because it upsets the stomach. We are supposed to break our fast with something warm like tea. That's why I broke my fast with herbal tea and dates. Blessings to you too
  15. Makes sense..so basically our stomach becomes smaller when we are fasting during the day, so what we normally eat would be too much on our stomach during the month of ramathan.
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