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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Imam Ali a.s said that if second man who came to rule had not forbaddin mutah there would not have been prostitution in Islamic region. So people must know that it was forbidden not by Prophet but by a person who wasn't granted prophrthood.
  2. I'm right and some among imams did marry more than four read about Imam Ali a.s and About Imam Hassan a.s.
  3. It is not against the Islamic rules, Did God mention for men number of wives, he can have in Jannah. There is no number brother but it is mentioned that number of wives for each men will be plural. Even if you read religious texts it says that each individual in heaven will have 70 hoors in Jannah who will be pure, chaste and beautiful. And Prophets are ones who have been given rights to enjoy the rights which they will have in heaven because their character in heaven or in the world is identical without any change. It is us ordinary humans who need to learn about differentiating between lust
  4. Such as we believe that doubts and skepticism are caused by dark forces for which we pray to God that protect us from those who create doubts and skepticism whether they be from Humans or Jinns. So, it's not only Jinns who cause such things, humans are too associated to cause such evils.
  5. There happen many strange events in the world all across but I believe that our intellect is not yet aware about their behaviour because we are unable to interpret various things such as it is a fact that Jinns make people mad and forget their actual personality and think themselves as something other but pschyology takes it pschyologIcal problem. . So, as I told you we need to understand these incidencts much deeply as a science because metaphysics is a science as well.
  6. @LeftCoastMom Secondly, there is great difference between islam that is practiced in Iran and Saudi Arabia. But I hope someday, all of land will be ruled by one true religion Islam.
  7. Jinns are truth and they do affect some people due to some reasons. In Islam, there are many prayers for driving them out. Besides, islam also want Muslims to develop themselves against them by believing that such evil forces won't affect them as long as they resist negative thoughts and keep praying to God to protect them which further add to the spiritual barrier against those dark forces.
  8. Your son is law is pagan and Muslim lol. What's that I can't understand what you actually mean.
  9. Andres, I acknowledge your advice. But I would like to inform you that I'm not Danish citizen. Danish is apersian name and I live in a Muslim country. I will never ever settle in a vicinity where Islam is unknown or misinterpreted. Today Europe speaks about democracy and rights of women which were unknown to it while monarchy was there and we have this system since our Prophet Muhammad ( pbuhhp ) came who taught through Quran that leader must have qualities like knowledge, courage and piety and said do not follow a sinner or an ungrateful person. You people take ISIS to be the embassador of
  10. Listen, there are many things which are to be kept intact in Islamic laws. You may have spoken about laws of inheritance and witnesses with others. But I have also told you as regards these questions of yours previously in my answer. As told before Islamic laws are kept in mind keeping various factors such as pschology, social responsibilities and so on so forth. You can't make a person underage as authority of his property until he gets mature and attains age above 18. So, if you keep pschyology of person in this area of law then why do you consider Islam to be wrong which asks two women w
  11. No one is blaming man. Just admit what is reality. Algebra was indeed a great discovery and that's alphabet for mathematics, not only this but there is chemistry, physiology, dentistry, geography, trigonometry many other fields where you will find contribution of Myslims. Europeans were not scientists by birth. All nations equally share in the development of science. Don't rule Muslims out coz you just don't like what we believe.
  12. I mean that you did not provide any verse from Quran which you think is not valid in these days. Can you provide any verse?
  13. God is just because: He has given all things rights as per their capacity and capability and nature. For exanple:- he asked rich to pay charity and poor to receive it. He caused man liable to secure his woman coz he has more physical strength as compared to woman. He caused woman to raise children coz she is more gentle than his husband and can feed and raise children well as compared to man. He caused all humans as belonging to one family and maintains that piety is criteria of superiority. He divided people in races for recognition and gave different faces so that each recognizer other
  14. Lol, muslim contribution to modern science more prominent than Greeks. Father of Chemistry, Jabir ibn Hayan a Muslim; khwarzmi, father of algebra was a Mudlim: ibn Sina, a prominent physician was a Muslim; then there are famous botanists, pediatricIan, surgeon who created 200 surgical instruments were Muslims. Why is West counting Greeks in and Muslims out? I think coz Greeks are Europeans and have white skin and Muslims do not have white skin. Lol its game of jealousy.
  15. Qasim_Husayn, those philosophers who say there was nothing before universe are either idiots or are speaking in context of creation. For God was always there to create creation and converting nothingness of creation to somethingness of creation by his power. Nothingness does not apply to God for it is property of things that are born and created just like you and me were nothing but now we are something. But God existed but not from non-existence. So, when there was nothingness of creation, God was there but he did not determined to create anything due to his will.
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