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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What is so screwy about referencing a number of links to the same story. Are you attempting to discredit me simply because I asked an awkward question? Is it not permissable to question the actions of an organisation initiated by Khomeini? Or do you simply have a problem answering questions?
  2. Do you have to distort points to suit your purpose? I cited the report. I linked to the Tehran Times. I asked if such reports can give the impression that Iran is dominated by backwards fools. Your claim that the Tehran Times doesn't speak for the Islamic Propagation Organisation is specious since it is the official voice. Moreover, the IPO was established by Khomeini to be independant of government influence. But its voice is influential, of that there can be little doubt. Does such reporting from such an influential organisation paint a picture of Iran as somewhere that cannot be trusted wit
  3. Is this the Islamic Propagation Organisation The Islamic propagation organization was established on June. 21, 1981 the instruction of the late Imam Khomeini the leader o the Islamic revolution and later on the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis) described the status of the organization as a public non-governmental establishment. In the letter sent by Imam Khomeini to Ayatollah Jannati instructing him to set up the organization, the main objective of Islamic propagation had been described as commending the good and prohibiting the evil. If so, then even described as a non-governmental orga
  4. I came here looking for the facts. I was illustrating the realities of what is happening. It would have been more appropriate if you had simply given the facts to begin with. But I suppose, like your kind generally, you don't even fart without your special guru, sorry cleric, saying it is haram. It's people like me who are trying to save your sorry asses from forces that you cannot even begin to comprehend. You can wander around with your sanctimonious head in the sand and convince yourself that anyone who doesn't follow your cleric's dogma is not worth saving anyway. But I take the position t
  5. My facts are what I am attempting to get at. Are you saying that the Tehran Times is a fraud and the statement in its About Us page is also a fraud? This seems quite a serious matter really.
  6. No. This paper is the Iranian government's media for portraying itself to the English speaking world. These are uncertain times for Iran. It is faced with two of the most powerful and fanatical foes in the history of the world. Iran desperately needs as many friends as it can get. To allow itself to be portrayed in its official media as a nation that arrests animals, therefore holding animals culpable for for their actions, makes Iran look like a backward, primitive culture that can no more be trusted with advanced technology than a child can with matches. What is especially sad here is the i
  7. Using pigeons for espionage is nothing new. If some has fitted these birds with cameras or such then it is probably not surprising. If these birds have been captured then all well and good. There is certainly nothing wrong or surprising about any government producing a foreign language news paper to put forward its point of view. The issue here is that an English language news paper, set up to put the Iranian point of view, run by the Iranian government, is clearly so badly run that it employs people who use such inappropriate terminologies that make Iran a laughing stock. And a dangerous laug
  8. A Mechanical bird??? Are you suggesting that Iran would hold a machine culpable for its actions? :wacko:
  9. Nice try. I was wondering when a claim of mistranslation would pop up. The article was written in an Iranian English Language newspaper. Their stated aim is to reach an audience that reads English. If you're going to fall back on the old 'mistranslation' excuse then almost anything can be excused. But wait, please don't be offended by anything I have said, it's all a mistranslation!!!!! I have to say that I have always taken the line that Iran should be given maximum leaway. But we would take matches away form a child. I can't in all conscience disagree with the west's intention of removing n
  10. Al of these statements make perfect sense in the spirit of the paranoia that comes with military obsecession. But none deal with the issue of Arresting an Animal. So, the question remains. Does Iran arrest animals. Does Iran believe that an animal can have the same conscience as a human? To be quite honest, I was expecting a straight forward response here. Either a claim that the Tehran Times is not what it claims, or even the old faithful, a mistranslation. But it seems that Iran does indeed arrest animals. Hopefully these creatures get a decent trial. But on a more serious note, if the Ira
  11. This story, in a very sensationalist UK newspaper was brought to may attention: Iran Arrests Pigeons spying on Nuclear facility I immediately responded that the story is utter tosh. I know for fact that Iran is an advanced industrial state with an intellectual tradition dating centuries. Then this link was brought to my attention: Iran busts spy pigeons near Nuclear site My first reaction was that this Tehran Times is a silly fraud. But the About Us page claims: Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Beheshti realized the need and the English-language Tehran Times was born concurrently with the revolution.
  12. It seems this issue won't go away. Please look at this Wikipedia entry I am raising this issue as the entry and the quotation has become a matter for discusion on a popular political discussion forum.
  13. I posted a reply to this topic. It was the second reply. It put exactly the same points to Muslims as you have put here, to Christians. The points I made were references to post in this forum. That post has been deleted. I suppose re-inventing your religious traditions and even composing new quotations from your prophet isn't something you like being highlighted. Though it would increasingly appear to be very necessary. There seems little point in continuing discussions with people who can only cast insult, fabrication, and animosity yet refuse to tolerate any rebuttal other than with vitriol
  14. It will be interesting to see your evidence for these claims. However, there is no reason why Jesus or anyone else cannot practice any of these. Jesus didn't abolish any laws, What He did was make it clear that most of these laws are laws of men and not God.
  15. Agreed. Women should be free to choose how they dress. No man has any right to touch any women unless she says they can.
  16. OK, I apologise. I have discussed this several time here. I thought you were one of those. The law Jesus is referring to is the Commandments. This statement was made in a sermon which Jesus gave, possibly one of the most powerful sermons ever given. In this sermon Jesus spent much time clarifying and emphasising the Commandments. That our prayers are not a matter of public display, they must be done in complete privacy. Jesus used the analogy of a locked closet. That we must never kill. That we must never judge each other on behalf of God. That we must never tell a lie nor talk falsely about
  17. If you have to ask you got a bigger problem than first appeared.
  18. Yawn Out of context Had this discussion already with you.
  19. Jesus didn't come to fulfil Jewish law, He came to fulfil God's law. Wow, he's finally got it!
  20. The period I was refering to was not the dark ages. it was the Middle ages. It would seem that Islam is already very much in a state of intolerace. It suits your leaders to keep you divided. Who do you think?
  21. Strange that no other Muslim scholars who have expressed an opinion on Islamic slavery are aware of this. Oh dear. Here we go again. Jews are the rightful masters Muslims are the rightful masters. I suppose you got this from the same source as your claim that Muhammad abolished slavery. The problem is your leaders. Until you face up to that reality Muslims will continue to suffer. But hey. You may yet reach your ambition of being an even bigger sob story than the Jews. Then you can avoid all guilt and responsibility by covering your eyes and ears in a swamp of self pity.
  22. Luther wasn't a prophet. He was just someone who happened to be in a fortunate position at the time that he could make his protests without risking being thrown onto a bonfire. Many other had attempted to do exactly what Luther had done over the previous 400 years. Including a number in England. All ended up on a bonfire.
  23. I will resist getting into a discussion at this time over your assertions regarding medicine and universities as this will simply cloud the issue. I will also resist getting into an argument over the rights of wives and female slaves to refuse sex Your claims about slavery in the New Testament are incorrect. But, we can discuss that issue at another time. I would like to concentrate upon the issue of slavery. The society which predated Muhammad was barbaric and unacceptable. We can both accept this. Muhammad reformed that society, abolishing many of the distasteful practises and instituting a
  24. The reason so many monks and to a lesser extent, nuns were so well fed in the past is because many of the Abbeys and Monasteries they belong to have extensive farm lands. This in fact goes back to ancient times. Initially, monasteries were set up for people of a pious disposition to spend their lives in prayer. They prayed for the world and for their own souls. Eventually they began praying for the souls of specific individuals. Wealthy and powerful people would bequeath extensive lands for the establishment of monasteries so that the monks could pray for their souls. These lands were intended
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