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    Sirius_Bright got a reaction from Hameedeh in Arbaeen 2017   
    Convert's stories are always special. 
    Thanks for sharing.
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    Sirius_Bright got a reaction from yasahebalzaman.313 in Arbaeen 2017   
    Convert's stories are always special. 
    Thanks for sharing.
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    Sirius_Bright reacted to Qa'im in Sisters-Choose The God-Fearing Man   
    Ya Amir al-Mu'mineen ...
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    Sirius_Bright reacted to Ibn Al-Shahid in For Those Who Are Deliberately Delaying Marriage..   
    I totally agree with FreeSpirit. Cool story and all but very unrealistic "moral-of-the-story" in this day and age. If I find a family that will willingly give their daughter to me, I'd finish the paper work today.
    Hard to find such people everywhere.
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    Sirius_Bright reacted to Hameedeh in For Those Who Are Deliberately Delaying Marriage..   
    O Allah! Be a helper and guide to the youth in this important decision.
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    Sirius_Bright reacted to baradar_jackson in Week 1   
    Dang dude, with all that working out and all that eating (and implicitly, all that time spent in the mostara) how can you find time to do anything else?
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    Sirius_Bright reacted to guest050817 in A Guide to Sunni Trends   
    Although i would argue you could divide the madhabi sunni's as well. I have seen some viscious inter-secterian aqeedah debates among sunni's on the issue of istigatha, tawassul, the attributes of Allah azwj, and a massive ashari - salafi divide.
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    Sirius_Bright reacted to Who_Am_I in yaad e mehdi ajtf   
    ayat tatheer 33:33 Allah Said
    And Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye members of the Family, and to make you pure and spotless. ﴾33﴿ 
    I often think that Allah keep away rijs(impurity) from Prophet and his household (14) so unless we remove the rijs from ourselves we can not go near to the master of time his holly imam a.s... And for those who removed the rijs from them are able to see and meet with the imam a.s (Allah knows better)
    We can not see the the sun while our eyes are closed or covered. we can see the imam (with his will) with internal eyes open  
    We can not see the sun while we have any cover over our eyes similarly we can not see imam with hijabat-e-nafs upon us.
    Just open your internal eyes and remove the veils to see the master of time inshallah. 
    May our souls be sacrifies on him
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    Sirius_Bright reacted to ~RuQaYaH~ in A ShiaChat Reunion?   
    Salam all!
    Great thread - am overcome with nostalgia right now as Shiachat was a big part of my life for a long time! I think life has just gotten in the way - have been busy with work and family. I'm now married with a baby girl (who I just gave birth to less than a month ago!) and been working full time for quite a few years now (although I'm currently on maternity leave). I'm still *kind of* lurking around the forums - I still visit the forum very occasionally although it tends to be brief and every 4 or 5 months or so and I rarely contribute. In terms of religion and my views etc, I'd say they've changed and matured a fair bit since I was on the forums (I was only like 16 when I first joined the forums so I've changed a fair bit as a person in the last 12 years!). I still look back on my time on this forum very fondly and enjoyed engaging with many of the SC regulars and learnt a lot from many people here. I really hope some more old timers post in this thread to let us know how they're going and where they're at with life! 
    Eltemase dua
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