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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Prophet Khizr (عليه السلام) is still there on earth and not taken to heaven. Similarly, Imam Mahdi (عجّل الله تعالى فرجه الشريف) is present among us. Even if we see him we may not recognize him but he sees and recognize us.
  2. No. Shi'as of UP have long supported BJP because of their history with congress and that is better for them, atleast for now. These would be huge if SC even entertains such petition. Personally, I don't think anything will happen. Qur'an is too sensitive for Muslims and if they talk about altering Qur'an it may also raise similar questions on other books such as Bible and Gita.
  3. He looking like a youth (40 year old) is in hadith. Is there any thing in hadith about him wearing modern clothes and not having long beard?
  4. I agree. This is a great opportunity to get a book/leaflet published that replies for all those verses in question. It should be with a catchy name in order to make non-Muslims interested.
  5. Waseem Rizvi is an Indian guy who is an ex-chairman of Shia Waqf board. He has given many controversial statements. The latest being - Remove 26 verses from Qur'an that promotes terrorism. He has also filed PIL in Supreme Court which will be definitely dismissed.
  6. There are many shia maulana in UP who supports BJP and their reasons are different. Hope you are not getting the wrong one.
  7. I don't know what kind of beliefs does those shias have but if they believe in Qur'an and traditions of Aimma (عليهم اسلام) then 2:2-3 is a clear proof for belief in occultation of Imam Mahdi (عجّل الله تعالى فرجه الشريف) and his reappearance.
  8. I remember one of my Hindu colleague talking about a person known as kalki who will end darkness and injustice. He is already born and will appear in later times on a white horse with a sword. It sounded so much like our beliefs. Perhaps, they are talking about Imam Mahdi (عجّل الله تعالى فرجه الشريف) only painted him according to their beliefs and notion. والله اعلم
  9. Some Kuffar believe in Imam Mahdi (عجّل الله تعالى فرجه الشريف) more than some Muslims. Yesterday, Mutawakkil searched for our Imam (عليه السلام) and today other oppressors in the world are searching for him. With that being said, we should always remember world is not black and white. Yesterday, the Jews who were waiting for Holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) for centuries turned against him when he proclaimed his Prophethood while many Kuffar believed in him. There will be people amongst Imam's (عجّل الله تعالى فرجه الشريف) followers who will turn away from him while many others will come towards him. It shouldn't matter if the rebellions have amamah on their head or long white beard. We should gain his (عجّل الله تعالى فرجه الشريف) Ma'refat and enliven his remembrance and always pray to Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) to keep us steadfast before and after reappearance.
  10. Writing down a plan to prevent it again is good but the brother is certainly not doing any drama. Careful with the words.
  11. This guy is most probably trapped in some case/scam by BJP and they're using him. One more Maulana is there similar to him but he is comparatively less annoying. Also, he is not a religious leader. Previously, he was chairman of Shia Waqf board (waqf = Endowment).
  12. The protest happened everywhere in the country and 'La'anati Waseem Rizvi' 'Arrest him' posters with his photo was everywhere on the road for people to step on it and take dirty tyres on his face and gain some thawaab :P Shi'a ulemas have given statements but it's high time we boycott this guy and publicly remove him from our sect.
  13. Dreams have interpretation. Not all dreams are true though.
  14. Translation is basically another language for the (Arabic) Qur'an. So when 10 people translate the same thing, they will come up with slightly different translations. However, this slight difference can change meaning completely. Therefore, we should always check ruwai Tafseer (explanation of Qur'anic verses using ahadith of Ahlulbayt (عليهم اسلام)) along with translation.
  15. There's no problem in beating chest hard. For tatbir, different marja has different opinions. You should check with the marja you follow. Sayed Ali Sistani does not have any fatwa.
  16. Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. Hence, Sirius_Bright. You can check that star in my dp.
  17. We do not claim all our narrations to be 100 percent saheeh. However, a hadith being weak doesn't mean they are fabricated, they simply have less evidence of being saheeh considering these ahadith have survived over generations and eras. These days people are more concerned about grading the hadith then anything. Rijal is a tool and this tool is not perfect either.
  18. I'd go to Ghadeer-e-khum, listen to Prophet's khutba, give allegiance to Imam Ali (عليه السلام) (and video record if possible) .. Also, search 2 people and punch them in their face.
  19. If young people are sitting on minbar, you cannot say they are fake scholars. Every case (young scholar) needs to be examined separately. Anyone saying these things to Imam should be our enemy, no matter how great that scholar is (think any great past and present scholar). No one is greater than Imam. This also shows blind following of scholars can possibly lead to misguidance.
  20. Therfore, we should always have a backup. For eg, we follow second most learned mujtahid in case where Sayed Ali Sistani writes 'Ehtiyat'. That Maraja would be automatically our next choice. Better for us to prepare rather being lost. May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) prolog his life.
  21. Not a general statement for everyone but who returned fearing Marhab is a coward
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