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  1. Scroll down to 'Arguments of Proponents'. http://en.mobile.wikishia.net/index.php/Meeting_with_Imam_al-Mahdi_(a)
  2. Sirius_Bright

    Taqleed of today's Scholar

    That's insane. I would like to watch that video.
  3. Sirius_Bright

    Sunni friend

    Handicapped can be sane and matured like us to understand religion. They are not included among mustadhafin.
  4. Sirius_Bright

    Sunni friend

    I don't know. https://www.al-islam.org/day-of-judgement-sayyid-akhtar-rizvi/part-4-day-judgement#51-araf
  5. Sirius_Bright

    Taqleed of today's Scholar

    Lol.. Who said that?
  6. Sirius_Bright

    Third testimony (Shahadat-e-Salisa)

    عليك اسلام ورحمة الله وبركاتة I'm Muqallid of Sayed Ali Sistani (may Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى grant him long life). I do taqleed (follow) because I don't know Arabic and it's grammar properly to extract solution to daily fiqhi issues.
  7. Sirius_Bright

    Third testimony (Shahadat-e-Salisa)

    Salaam brother, I understand what you're saying but Azaan and Iqamah and Salaat are part of Furu-e-deen (Fiqh) where we are either required to do Taqleed of A'alam or do ijtihaad to derive conclusion from Quran and Ahadith or practice precaution. As for our beliefs (Aqaed), believing in Imam Ali (a.s.) as khalifatahu bila fasl is part of our faith where we're not required to do Taqleed or anything and Insha Allah Imam Ali (a.s.) will be our intercessor on the day of Judgment.
  8. Sirius_Bright

    #39 iPad or Other Tablet?

    I don't have one now but I may buy surface laptop if I require as I'm more into windows. Latest iPad Pro is also good for casual stuff.
  9. Sirius_Bright

    Sunni friend

    Imam Muhammad Baqir (A) has said:- “On the Day of Resurrection, Allah will test five groups: Children, and the man who died between the appearance of two prophets (and did not meet either of them), and the person who was alive at the time of a prophet but did not know (about his claim), and the idiot, and the insane, and the deaf and dumb: Allah will send a messenger towards them, and he will prepare a blazing fire; then he will tell them: 'Your Lord orders you to jump into it.' Whosoever will jump into it will find it cool and safe; but whosoever will disobey will be led towards Hell” (Biharu ‘l-anwar, vol.5. p.279)
  10. Sirius_Bright

    Sunni friend

    Just scribbling a narration in rough words doesn't prove anything. Post the full narration with Arabic, if possible. If you go through the link things will become crystal clear. Making it easier for you, Mutawatir ahadith for it's meaning, https://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/234992828-munazara-debate-farid-versus-walid-wasil/?do=findComment&comment=2407868 Specific sahih hadith; http://www.revivingalislam.com/2010/12/73-sects-of-islam.html?m=1 If you're still adamant after this then I can't help.
  11. Sirius_Bright

    Sunni friend

    @Juma Khan Read through the link brother Sumerian posted.
  12. Sirius_Bright

    Sunni friend

    If guidance didn't reach somebody then he'll be counted among 'Mustadhafeen'. These people will be tested again in the Akherat and their fate will be decided.. This is totally different to what we're discussing.
  13. Sirius_Bright

    Sunni friend

    He reverted to Islam before martyrdom.
  14. Sirius_Bright

    Sunni friend

    Lol.. What He mentioned names of 12 Imams to people.
  15. Sirius_Bright

    Sunni friend

    Exactly, glad to see you burst your claim of self interpretation of 'explicit' verse by yourself. There are so many things to be considered when interpreting a Quranic verse, Hadith being one of them and a very important part.