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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The best method of defense is attack itself.Right move ! Head right up to the north,your aim is to liberate harameyn its not too far away and everything seems impossible until they are done.
  2. The problem is not Erdogan it is the neo-ottomanist turkish population.They constitute roughly 50 % of the electorate and control much of the media.The ideologs of this neo ottoman wannabies are so hateful towards us the shia,iran,the kurds,the leftists,gulenists and pretty much everyone else.Their ideologs must be silenced there is no other way.The most prominent ones of those ideologs are ; 1.Cubbeli Ahmet 2.Kadir Misiroglu
  3. You should add eternal salvation to the benefits of arranging one's life according to the commandments of God.
  4. This is the conclusion that i have come to after studying the matter for a long time: Two types of tawassul is valid in islam 1. Offering your prayer to Allah and adding O God please grant my wishes for the sake of ...... (such ans such virtious person) 2.At the grave of a virtious person asking him/her to pray on your behalf to Allah to grant your wishes.This MUST be done WITHOUT raising your hands as if you were praying. 2a.If the virtious person you want to pray to Allah on your behalf , you should ask him to pray on your behalf to Allah in his presence.Again without raising your hands. Best regards
  5. ok one more thing,the most important two works of sunnism are written by PERSIAN AUTHORS. bukhari-Persian muslim-Persian also their so called imam of the millenia Jalaleddin Suyuti was also a PERSIAN i think sunnism was founded by the persians not shiism this is absouletly true since they accept whatever is in the bukhari or muslim
  6. But the safavids were not actually a persian state their rulers were almost all turks and their main thing was shiism,not persian nationalism
  7. im living in turkey and i posses some information about the religious affiliations of the azerbaijani people,i will try to provide as much information as i can 1.After almost 70 years of communism Azerbaijanis have been made largely secular 2.There is a return to religion,which has been happening since the collapse of the USSR 3.80 percent of the population are Twelver Shia 4.the remaining 20 percent are extremist wahhabis 5.the govenrment is autheriterian and while it tries to preserve secularism mostly, it favours shias and the president is shi'ite The Islamic Republic of Iran should respond to the growing threat of salafism in Azerbaijan in coordination with the Azerbaijani government,the salafi groups MUST be CLEANSED either through religious opinion making or through devastating FORCE. The other thing that the Islamic Republic should do is to,help our Shi'ite bretheren there to learn their religion and understand what an infidelity secularism is.
  8. Is there even any SANE sunni supporting the anti-government rebels in Syria ? I dont think so.To find out that some of our Shi'ite bretheren have some sort of sympathy for the rebels would be a great disappointment for me.
  9. You might not like him,which you are entitled to do,but when he tells the truth and straight away destroys the salafi donkies like he does in this video you must give him the due credit.
  10. I swear by Allah that even the prophet said ALI IS THE CALIPH AFTER ME on that day,the shia of muawiya (sunni sect) would say things like caliph in spirtuality,caliph in religious matters and sharia,caliph means many things brother etc.
  11. Using the English language in an elequent and formal manner does not neccesitate that your point is correct.You have no proof for WT also it is in clear dispute with the Quran.Allah manages the affairs of the universe through his angels this is per the teachings of the Holy Quran.And the hadith books mean nothing to me if the narrations in them are in dispute with the Holy Quran.
  12. Wilaya Takwini Wilaya Takwini is that wilaya which allows the wali or guardian to administer and plan the affairs of all things in any way that he pleases. It also means to possess the power and ability to affect ontological affairs and to have the ability to administer the natural order of the World and to disrupt its usual system. Wilaya in ontology (takwin) is specific to Allah and according to Tawhid Rabubi it is He alone, by means of His Wilaya, who has the power to control the world and thus manifests His guardianship and lordship in many different forms. Concerning the ontological wilaya of Allah, the Holy Qur'an says that He is the guardian (wali) of the believers and it is He who takes them out of darkness and into light. Allah in the Holy Qur'an, on many occasions, proclaims that Wilaya is confined solely to Him and that looking towards others is no benefit and only brings about lose and disappointment. In a verse He says that the oppressors have no guardian or helper and has severely reprimanded those people who take others as their guardian and helper instead of Him; He then says that only Allah is the guardian of the servants and it is Him who will bring the dead back to life and has power over all things. Source: http://en.wikishia.net/view/Wilaya Is this the position of the School of AhlulBayt ? Wilaya in ontology (takwin) is specific to Allah and according to Tawhid Rabubi it is He alone, by means of His Wilaya, who has the power to control the world and thus manifests His guardianship and lordship in many different forms He manifests his guardianship and LORDSHIP in various forms ? Well,he manifested his guardianship in Imams (as) , did he manifest his LORDSHIP in them also ???? BEWARE OF THE GHULAT
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