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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. One of the controversial issues among Muslims is the relationship of Shi’as and Sunnis. There has been some conflicts between Shi’as and Sunnis during the Islamic history. We can find some ideas in religious texts that could be construed in a way that help to this conflict. Of course, there are many examples of the teachings in Quran and Hadiths that call Muslims for unity and brotherhood. How do you think we (Muslims) should understand Islam in the world today? What is our religious obligations toward other Muslims (from other sects)?
  2. That is right. Indeed, all the obligations that we have are because of the order of God. But since we believe that God is al-Hakim (the most wise), his orders should have some reasons. Learning these reasons, can help us to follow his commands in a more suitable way and act based on knowledge and al-Ma'rifah.
  3. Muslims are required to fast a month (Ramadan) in every year. We should stop eating, drinking and some other actions during the day and we are allowed to eat, drink, etc. again at evening. If one ask that why we should do so, what might be our answer? I want to put this question forward, so that every body can share his/her idea and we finally be able to have different reasons for fasting. In this way, we'll be able to fast in a more meaningful way and to improve our understanding about fasting.
  4. “I have only been sent to perfect good manners (/moralities)” (Bihar al-anwar, vol: 68, p: 382) This is a famous hadith (narration) from the holy prophet of Islam. I think this is one of the key concepts that Islamic teachings should be understood according to it. The hadith shows what is the goal of prophet hood, what is the aim of inviting people to Islam. In contrary to some groups that try to present a vicious and violent image of Islam, this is a narration from the prophet of Islam that clearly expresses his goal which is morality and ethics. When we consider this narration with a verse of Quran, it makes more sense. In Quran, God says: “Certainly Allah conferred a benefit upon the believers when He raised among them an Apostle from among themselves, reciting to them His communications and purifying them, and teaching them the Book and the wisdom, although before that they were surely in manifest error.” (Al ‘imran: 164) These two quotations, completes a picture of the prophet of Islam. He was sent to people to help them to be better persons. Guide them to morality and spirituality. His aim was to build a society based on justice and mutual respect. And that is how we should think about him and his teachings. What is your idea?
  5. Some points: - I think there is a misunderstanding about what I said. I didn't mean to defend all traditional religion in one post. That is simply impossible. I am not discussing about religious beliefs, rituals etc. My question was clear. Is it possible/ consistent to have meaningful life without believing in "god" and "life after death". - There are some religious ideas that we may or may not find it Convincing but the question is in more basic level. If we don't believe in God and life after death, how can we imagine a meaningful life? How can we justify all the suffering that exist in life which make our lives really difficult. If we don't believe that there is life after death and that there is a god who will Compensate all the suffering we have in this life, how can we tolerate all the problems in this life? - If we present an image of life that is confined to material world, how can we talk about virtues that goes beyond material? How can we continue a life which is full of disappointments, suffering, illness, losses, etc. In materialistic view of world, it is really difficult (if not impossible) to depict harmonic image but if we believe in God and life after death, we have a good explanation that can make our lives meaningful.
  6. O Allah, bless Muhammad and his family, and hear my supplication when I supplicate to You, and hear my call when I call You, and turn to me when I whisper to You; because I had escaped to You and I stand before You, in need to You, imploring You, hoping the reward You have for me; and You know what is in my heart, and You are aware of my wish, and You know me; and my route and my destination, and what I want to start my speech with, and what I want to utter my requests, and what I hope for my destination, are not hidden to You. And O my master, Your decisions about what will be on me, till the end of my life, my hidden and my public, are applied to me. And my gain and my loss, and my advantage and my disadvantage are in Your hand, not in hand of anyone other than You. O my God, if You deprive me, then who will provide sustenance to me? And if You forsake me, then who will help me? O my God, I seek Your protection from Your anger and the arrival of Your wrath. O my God, if I was not befitting Your mercy, but You befit to endow me with Your vast munificence. O my God, it’s like I am standing before You, shaded by my complete reliance on You, then You said what is befitting You, and covered me with Your forgiveness. O my God, if You forgive, then who is better suited than You to that? And if my time is close and my deeds haven’t made me close to You, so I made the confession of sin my means toward You. O my God, I oppressed to my soul by my attention to it (that I let it do what it wants), so woe to it if You don’t forgive it. O my God, Your kindness to me never ceased in my lifetime, so don’t discontinue Your kindness in my death. O my God, how I despair of Your good care of me after my death, when You did not guard me but beautifully in my life. O my God, guard my affairs as befits You and turn to me with Your munificence, to a sinner that his ignorance had drowned him. O my God, You have concealed sins for me in the world and I am in more need for its conceal by You for me in the other world; when You don’t reveal them for anyone of Your righteous servants, so don’t disgrace me in the day of resurrection in the presence of the leaders of the witnesses. O my God, Your endowment extended my wishes, and Your forgiveness is better than my deeds. O my God, so delight me with Your encounter, in the day in which You will judge between Your servants. O my God, my excuse to You, is the excuse of the one who is not needless of the acceptance of his excuse, so accept my excuse, O the most munificent one whom the sinners excuse to. O my God, don’t reject my wish, and don’t disappoint my request, and don’t cut my hope and asking from Yourself. O my God, if You wanted my shame, You wouldn’t guide me, and if You wanted my disgrace You wouldn’t secure me. O my God, I don’t believe You will disappoint me in a request that I spent my life requesting it from You. O my God, so the praise is for You permanently, permanently, perpetually, eternally, growing and not diminishing, as You like and please. O my God, if You hold me because of my crimes, I hold to Your forgiveness; and if You hold me because of my sins, I hold to Your pardon, and if You enter me to the fire I will inform its inmates that I love You. O my God, if my deeds are little compared to Your true obedience, but my wish is great compared to the true hope for You. O my God, how I return disappointed from Your presence, deprived, while my good thought about Your endowment was that You will return me with salvation, forgiven. O my God, I spent my life in the greed of neglecting You, and decayed my youth in the drunkenness of divergence from You. Then, O my God, I don’t wake up in the days of my dare against You and my going in the way of Your anger. O my God, I am Your servant and the child of Your servant, standing in front of You, relying on Your munificence to You. O my God, I am a servant dissociating to You from what I have been confronting You because of my low shame from Your vision, and I request Your forgiveness because forgiveness is a description of Your munificence. O my God, I don’t have the strength to move from disobeying You, except when You woke me up to Your love, and I was as You wanted me to be, then I thanked You for entering me to Your munificence, and purifying my hearth from the filth of neglecting You. O my God, look upon me the looking upon whom You called him and he answered You, and appointed him with Your help and he obeyed You. O the near one who doesn’t avoid the daring against him, and O the generous who is not stingy with the one who hopes his reward. O my God, grant me a heart which its passion approaches it to You; and a tongue which truth is raised to You; and a vision which rightfulness brings it near You. O my God, the one who is known by You is not unknown, and the one who seeks Your shelter is not forsaken, and the one who You turn to, is not a slave. O my God, indeed the one who seeks way by You is enlightened, and indeed the one who holds fast to You is assisted. And I have took Your shelter, O my God, so don’t disappoint my hope from Your mercy and don’t ban me from Your kindness. O my God, place me, among Your loyal people, in the position of someone who hopes for the excess of Your love. And, O my God, inspire me the passion to Your remembrance with Your remembrance, and put my effort in the happiness of achieving Your attributes, and Your holy place. O my God, I invoke You by Yourself that You join me to the place of the people obedient to You, and to the nice abode of Your pleasure, because I can neither defend nor I can benefit myself. O my God, I am Your weak sinner servant, and Your penitently returning slave, so don’t make me one of whom You turned Your face against, and their oblivion banned them from Your forgiveness. O my God, grant me the perfect separation (from everything) towards You, and illuminate the eyes of our hearts with the light of their looking at You, till the eyes of the hearts rip the veils of light, and reach the core of magnificence, and our souls become suspended in the majesty of Your holiness; and O my God, make me one of whom You called and he answered You, and You noted him and he thunderstruck by Your majesty, then You whispered to them secretly and they worked for You openly. O my God, I have not dominated the disappointment of despairs over my good thought and my hope haven’t been cut from Your beautiful munificence. O my God, if the sins have lowered me before You, but forgive me for my nice reliance on You. O my God, if my faults have reduced me from the beauties of Your attention, but the certainty to the munificence of Your favor, have wakened me. O my God, if the negligence have made me oblivious of the preparation for Your encounter, but the knowledge about the munificence of Your bounties, have wakened me. O my God, if Your great punishment invites me to the fire, but Your sincere reward have invited me to the paradise. O my God, so I ask You, and pray to You, and turn to You, and I ask You to bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, and that You make me one of who continues Your remembrance, and who do not break Your covenant, and who do not neglect Your thanking, and who do not belittle Your order. And, O my God, attach me to the most delight majesty of Yours, so I know You, and perverse from everything other than You, and I be fearful of You, and be attentive to You, O the owner of the majesty and munificence; and may Allah bless Muhammad, His Prophet and his pure family and greets them, a great greeting. More about the supplication
  7. Thank you for taking part in the discussion. I think there is a clear difference between claiming and proving. One can claim that his life is meaningful but he should be able to give an image of an ideal life that is meaningful and show how his current life is following that pattern. In the other word, What is the definition of meaningful life according to Dawkins? And do you think his definition is sufficient for the concept of "meaningful life"?
  8. That's right. For knowing about the usage of a product, we need to be aware of its manual. Then, we'll be able to use it properly and know it better. However, I think this question goes beyond this level. Not only our actions and behaviors but also our insights, understanding and search for meaning depend on a divine grace. If we confine ourselves in this material world, and limit out life to this universe, then finding a meaning for life is very difficult (if not impossible). If we don't believe in God and the hereafter, what can justify tolerating all these sufferings, evils and problems in our lives? That is why I think life can be meaningful, if we believe in God because otherwise, there are lots of questions that we can not answer them.
  9. Thank you for your answer I think if we want to find a true meaning for life, we have no way other than following God. If we look at this material world and consider all the limitations, evils, sufferings, etc. what can lead us to meaning if we don't benefit from the divine light? So, I am with you that the best way for having meaningful life is to follow God and obey his orders but I seriously doubt the possibility of meaningful life without God. Do you think it is possible?
  10. What is the meaning of life? This is a very important question that every body has to answer it. The question can be posed in different ways: What is the purpose of life? Why we should tolerate all the evils and sufferings in this life? Is it reasonable to continue this life? Many thinkers have tried to answer to the question. Some believed that there is no meaning in life. Others believe that life is not hallow and meaningless. But even those who think that life is meaningful, are divided into two groups: 1. Those who believe that we need to God for having a meaningful life 2. others who tried to present an image of meaningful life without reference to God. What is your idea? Do you think that life is meaningful and if it is so, do we need God for meaningful life?
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