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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Even then, we don't endorse 'our' crimes or see them as integral to our religion. Shia history is the history of our Imams and their followers. I don't think we can ever attribute any evil to them, unlike other Muslims who actively defend and justify the actions of some Muslim leaders.
  2. Firstly, my condolences go out to the Islamic ummah, be it Sunni or Shia. They don't differentiate between us and the poor lives that had to be taken in the past few days did not deserve this blind biased hatred. It really is horrifying and I can't imagine what the families are going through. I live in Australia myself, and the vast majority of people here have been very respectful and supportive and it gives me hope in humanity. However, a few of the comments in the thread have been interesting. We know people like to bring up the "Islamic conquests" and the terrors some 'Islamic' nation
  3. Sincerest thank you's to all who made dua, I pray Allah sends His blessings your way!
  4. Salam, I sincerely thank you and I pray to Allah everything will go very well inshaAllah.
  5. Salam sister! Thank you so much it means a great deal! InshaAllah you and your family are very well and in good health!!
  6. Hey sisters and brothers! I'm in a situation where I really need people's duas. The dua of a stranger to a stranger is accepted and I hope even one person can make dua for me. This Wednesday after two years, I have an exam which is really really important. I have no friends to really confide in or family and kinda feel alone. Idk why the idea of opening up shiachat popped into my mind. Alhumdulillah for everything, but my circumstances are somewhat difficult and this one exam is really important. It's funny how a couple of hours can really determine a lot. I know that what Allah
  7. Salam brother, I relate to the op in a way as I am of similar age and in somewhat of a similar sitaution. Could you please answer this question? I don't know what we're supposed to think the answer is supposed to be.
  8. I am someone who suffers from ththe dreaded waswasa and today I offhandedly said a comment about my class. Would this be considered backbiting since the comment was more or so bad?
  9. Each person to his own. They will be judged them based on their own actions. The Prophet is Allah's best creation and people who disobey him and stray away from his message are at fault, not him. By your logic will you blame the Prophet if this kufr, nifaq and fisq turns out to be more than just an accusation? You'll have dug yourself in a hole. ‎(ولا تزر وزارة وزر اخرى) (And no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another...) 35:18 So called students learnt nothing and the proof is in your own books. These aren't accusations they are facts which have been proven multiple times
  10. Why say alayhi alsalam if you don't believe Imam Hasan a.s is infallible? Isn't that reserved just for infallible prophets? I really don't understand how one claims to love the Rasool's Ahlul Bayt but constantly tries to undermine them (Imam Ali's rights), constantly stands against them with mere companions (Fatima Alzahra a.s), constantly belittles them and their tragedies (ignoring Imam Hussain's martyrdom) and constantly starts arguments trying to discreetly disapprove their merits because that is the only way some suhaba will ever exceed them. By dragging Ahlul Bayt down to lift suhab
  11. Do you know what, I am really trying to refrain myself from saying much because we are in a time of mourning and we really wish you'd respect that. If you are not mourning over the martyrdom of the Prophets grandson, please at least allow the rest of the Islamic ummah to mourn in peace. There's no need to come on our forums with petty and unnecessary comments. W'salam.
  12. Average Sunni is also at fault. Look at all the average Sunnis on this forum continuing to deny this hypocrisy! Nasibis have tainted Sunnism completely and they don't even realise it. Friends are given higher statuses and are favoured over the Prophets own flesh and blood. If only the Prophets family weren't worthy of importance and high statuses but the Prophets Ahlul Bayt excel and have elevated the suhaba in every aspect possible!
  13. I go to an Islamic school which is majority Sunni and today at the Jum'a sermon they were going on and on about how Muharam is one of the greatest months and how the tenth day is the greatest of days! They went on and on about this and I got so angry I was on the verge of angry tears. Look at millions and millions of so called Muslims completely ignore the Prophets grandsons martyrdom and sweep it under the rug. One of the most important battles not just in the history of Islam but the history of the world! The Imam was oppressed during his life and they continue to oppress him.
  14. No this does not mean dumb. He did not say this book of Allah is dumb. He did not say the book of Allah is mute without me. If you're an Arabic speaker or know anything about Shia beliefs other than what you copy and paste you'd know the following: - Shia believe the Prophet and his Ahlul Bayt are talking Qurans. Allah has revelations through 1) words written in a book 2) through talking humans, the Prophet s.a.w.a and his Ahlul Bayt a.s. - Here, Imam Ali a.s is referring the the Quran as the mute Quran (because you know, it's a book that doesn't speak) and he as the talking Qu
  15. Conversation is going great so far, but I want to ask a question not relevant to the topic (sorry). Who do YOU (not scholars or anyone else) think are those who are vested authority over you? Any Khalifa who seems himself as an Islamic leader? e.g Abu Bakr, Umar, Muawiya etc?
  16. This is a weird analogy which proves the shi'a stance, since both Talut and Dawud were appointed by Allah. Talut appointed by Allah as a Leader and Dawud as a Prophet. Meaning the Prophet is appointed by Allah just as is the Leader. Just because Dawud a.s was a prophet doesn't necessarily mean Allah has to appoint him as a leader regardless of who's afzal. We see Ibrahim a.s asked Allah for the position of Imamah which proves that Imamah is given by Allah and not picked out by humans. Abu Bakr and Ali are not in the same situation as Talut and Dawud and the only similarity is one being afzal,
  17. add to that tarawih prayers, the talaq rule was changed, second adhan in Friday prayers, praying directly on carpet etc etc
  18. First of all, I'm glad you converted into Islam and chose Shiasm (I'm assuming you did). I'm a Muslim born female and therefore the hijab was something I was born and raised to see all around me. For me, it was the norm. I wore it at eight years old which was pretty young to some people but my friends were planning on wearing it so I did too. Back then, hijab to me was so simple. I would wear my normal clothes with a scarf. As I grew up I started noticing (especially in these years) a lot of girls are straying away from what the ideal hijab should be and are being highly influenced by western
  19. Abu Bakr and Umar had different rulings and Umar banned some things Abu Bakr didn't, so who does the ummah refer to when the Imams can't agree upon one sunnah? The Prophet s.a.w.a has used the words Wali, Khalifa and Mawla, given Ali the position of Haroon (brother, successor and Khalifa) to Musa, pointed to Ali and raised Ali's arm in front of masses declaring him Mawla directly after stating his own authority on the believers. Was the Prophet not clear enough?
  20. Umar made a lot of "mistakes". One of which, abandoning Prophet hadiths completely and relying just on the Quran. ‎جامع بيان العلم وفضله، ابن عبد البر، ج 1، ص 177 ‎رقم الحديث: ١٩٠٤ ‎قال قرظة بن كعب لما سيرنا عمر إلى العراق مشى معنا عمر وقال: أتدرون لم شيعتكم؟ قالوا: نعم مكرمة لنا. قال: ومع ذلك إنكم تأتون أهل قرية لهم دوي بالقرآن كدوي النحل فلا تصدوهم بالأحاديث فتشغلوهم جردوا القرآن وأقلوا الرواية عن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم وأنا شريككم. فلما قدم قرظة بن كعب قالوا: حدثنا. فقال: نهانا عمر رضي الله عنه ‎(١٩٠٤ إسناده صحيح) So the Prophets hadiths are against the Quran? They
  21. I can say the same about your sect. Bukhari and Muslim have a bunch of fabricated hadiths considered authentic and authentic hadiths considered fabricated. I can also say the same about my sect. We have a lot of hadiths from the Prophet, it's just the difference is we look for authentic hadiths which seem to be lesser than fabricated. Having one authentic Hadith by the Prophet is better than having ten unauthentic weak hadiths. Too much has happened in the history of Islam (especially after the death of the holy prophet) and authentic narrations from the Rasool were becoming rare because of th
  22. Yes but @Megatron said majority of Sunni Ulema are not definite in considering Rasool Allah's grandson a rightfully guided Khalifa, which is shocking and problematic. Also do not say (ra) after Muawiya. You say it after Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman and we do not mind but do not think Allah is pleased with the enemies of Rasool Allah and his Ahlul Bayt.
  23. The Master of Youth of Paradise is not rightfully guided according to the majority of Sunni Uluma? A question out of curiosity, why are you with the latter?
  24. @Ùmar Bin Àli It seems they have banned you? But I have a feeling you'll continue to lurk these forums. So I'd just like to say the following: Corruption is due to a fallible system of elected leaders and not because of Allah and his divinely appointed Khalifas. Allah is Just and He is the best of rulers but look at our world, is it free of corruption? Humans will always be battling their Nafs, Shaytan and their worldly desires. Brother, this argument is obviously going nowhere it will be a continuous back and fourth. Are we arguing to seek the truth? Or is a matter of principl
  25. ...Which is exactly what Shia do when talking about the Prophet and Ahlul Bayt. Their level of Iman is unreachable but we do try to incorporate their valuable lessons in both Deen and Dunya. We learn from their hardships, and they way they lived their lives. Talking about their enemies is only to bring attention to the people who stole, killed and murdered the Prophets holy progeny. Take Muharam for example, cursing Yazid (la) is a very very small aspect and instead we focus on what was essentially the most brutal battle of all mankind. We take lessons from Rasool Allah's grandson and the way
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