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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As we mourn the Wafat of the Seal of Prophets, we are reminded of the group of hypocrites that surrounded him in his last days as they conspired against him and his purified Household afterwards. The authentic Hadeeth of companion, Hudhayfah ibn Alyaman tells a sad and horrific story of the injustice committed against the Holy Prophet (SA) and stands as an indicator of what's to afflict AhlulBayt (AS) after him. ألا لعنة الله على القوم الظالمين https://www.al-islam.org/articles/narration-hadeeth-hudhayfah-ibn-alyaman-hasan-ibn-muhammad-al-daylami
  2. Salam alaykum, Please read and share this article: http://www.islamicinsights.com/news/opinion/moon-sighting-or-moon-fighting.html Eltimas dua
  3. Salam alaikum, Please read and share this well-written article titled "What is Ghuluw". It will give you a better idea what falls under Ghuluw and how countering it relates to the essence of Tawheed. https://www.al-islam.org/articles/what-ghuluw-seyyid-mohsen-rizvi Duas
  4. Salam, Read and share this article http://www.aimislam.com/reflections-arbaeen-pilgrimage-biggest-mourning-procession/
  5. “I am addicted to drugs and can’t stop!” “I can’t get good grades in school and am just not smart”. I can’t focus during prayer and can’t pray on time!” “I have a temper which is my nature and that’s not going to change!” “I have attraction to the same gender and I can’t help it!” “I can never change, that’s just who I am!” And so on and so forth… https://www.muslims4peace.org/nature-or-nurture/ Please read
  6. Salam alaykum, Here is a link for an article titled, "Peaceful Transfer of Power". http://www.islamicinsights.com/religion/peaceful-transfer-of-power.html With Duas..
  7. Salam alaikum, Please read and share this article with your contacts http://www.standwithdignity.org/article/karbala-and-political-activism/ Salams and Duas
  8. Dear All - Salam Alaikum, Please view and share this video reviewing some of the acts of aggression inflicted around the world by the terrorist group ISIS which in no way represents Islam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbLa70XOD0g
  9. Salam, Please read and share this article with your contacts http://www.islamicinsights.com/religion/the-silent-murder-of-imam-al-husayn-as.html With duas
  10. Salam alaikum dear Lovers of Imam Husain (AS), There is a trusted sister I know personally who owns a Mawkeb in Karbala that serves Zuwaar for the season of Arbaeen. She is in need of donations to prepare for the serving of the Zuwaar. This includes maintenance of the place, purchase of materials and supplies, food etc. If you are interested in contributing something, please message me and I can collect the payment via paypal or cheque. Thank you, Sr Jermein
  11. Salam alaikum, I am searching for Ziyarah groups (Arab speaking) which go from any of the countries such as Kuwait, Bahrain, or Saudia which I want to join from the US. I looked online but cannot find any groups. Please if you are local in any of these countries and know of good Ziyarah groups, please provide me the name and contact information of these groups. Thank you
  12. Salam alaikum, I'm trying to research Hajj groups which are most economical, led by followers of AhulBayt (AS) and provide good service to the pilgrims. I know it's still early to find advertisements for Hajj 2015, however, if you know of good economic groups from previous years, please let me know details so I can follow for this year. Jazakumullah khairan!
  13. Salam, Does anyone know any centers/masjids in the Houston area which is Arab-speaking? Thanks
  14. Salam alaikum, Does anyone know why the Similac Expert care alimentum brand is Haram? According to literature it is due to animal derived ingrediants of similac Expert care alimentum. However, what are the ingredients which make it Haram? Thanks
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