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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. he was infact a shia! :)

  2. I am leaving the forum. I think it's the best thing to do. The very fact that I am being targeted for just practising one of our furu-e dîn, that some people have chosen to make concessions to the party of the opressors of Ahl ul Bayt (as). I have always considered Pan-Islamism to be a modern heresy that is paving the way toward the one world religion of the Dajjal. If you guys are happy following it what can I say... As far as I am concerned I find it impossible not to invoke la'nah on the opressors of Fatimah (as). If Pan-Islamism is more important to you than the broken rib of Fatimah (as) I really pity you. The fact that the moderators simply prevented me from posting my original post, that they refuse to greet with the appropriate "assalamo alaikom" speaks volumes to me. May Mawla (as) save your immortal soul from heresy and from eternal hellfire. I do no longer consider this forum to be a shi'ah forum but a place for Pan-Islamists. May Allah (swt) preserve all true Shi'ah of this terrible heresy. Syed Demaning wrote: I think the forum is no longer moderated by people who uphold sound traditional Shi'a doctrine and is lead by people who instead uphold heretical beliefs like Shariatism and Pan-Islamism that go against the very fundamentals of our faith.
  3. MFAHH wrote: Well I don't care. Let them take anti-depressants. prozac, group therapy etc it's their problem if they feel this way. What's next? Stop talking aboutr Hitler because it might offend Nazis? Brother Nader Zaveri is completely right. All I ever did was to invoke laanah on the ennemies of Ahl ul Bayt (as). If you guys want to ban me for it DO IT!!!! I will take it as a compliment to be banned.
  4. Masiac wrote: This is the first post written by a moderator that actually makes sense. I do fully understand your argument but I am afraid that other moderators don't have such noble intentions given the fact that they have embrassed the heresy called Pan-Islamism.In any case they are not afraid to send threats and use disgusting language when adressing a fellow Shi'ah. JawzofDeth, who sent me the private message threatening to ban me, didn't even use "assalamo alaikom" when adressing me (I did nevertheless give him salaams). If you're going to ban me then ban him as well for gravely insulting a fellow Shi'a by refusing to adress him with assalamo alaikom. All I have done is to practise my religion and I get rewarded by being threatened with being banned (I am ok with that). On the other hand, JawzofDeth who doesn't even say "Assalamo alaikom" to his fellow Shi'a Muslim is still part of this forum and a moderator. Go figure... MFAHH wrote: "Audhu Billahi mina shaytani rajim" offends Satanists because they believe Shaytan to be their god. Should also stop cursing Shaytan just because Satanist love him?
  5. The Qoran and Ahl ul Bayt (as) are in full agreement. It is obligatory to invoke the curse of Ahllah (swt) on the ennemies of Allah (swt) and the Ahl ul Bayt (as) as the Qoran explicitly says. There can be no disunity between the speaking and the silent Qoran on this issue. As for use of the English language ("smart arse") I suggest you follow the manners of your ancestors in using correct language when speaking to people and when writing. MFAHH wrote: Are you suggesting that we should also not curse Shaytan by name when we say "Audhu Billahi mina shaytani rajim"?
  6. Mashallah what humility, I didn't insult or speak in an arrogant way to you. All I did was for the admin to write in English. Allah (swt) gave us the right and the order to curse his ennemies, do you think you are above Allah's (swt) authority? Wow amazing: shiachat admin places itself above Qoran and Ahl ul BAyt (as) to tell us thzat we can't do tabarrâ. Guys go all the way: why don't you also forbid tawalla?
  7. I am a Shi'a on a Shi'a forum. You are asking me to practise one of the furu e din in private. That's ok. I'll do it when you guys order our sisters to wear hijab in private and order everyone to pray in private. Also don't forget to ban public expression of tawalla as well. So much for freedom of religious expression. Also don't forget to tell Agha Danshmand the same.
  8. I request the admin to write in English: Akhlaq= ethics and morals Mannerism= Mannerism is a period of European art that emerged from the later years of the Italian High Renaissance around 1520. It lasted until about 1580 in Italy, when a more Baroque style began to replace it, but Northern Mannerism continued into the early 17th century throughout much of Europe.[1] Stylistically, Mannerism encompasses a variety of approaches influenced by, and reacting to, the harmonious ideals and restrained naturalism associated with artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and early Michelangelo. Mannerism is notable for its intellectual sophistication as well as its artificial (as opposed to naturalistic) qualities. There is no arrogance in a Shi'a writing about one of the furu-e dîn of his faith. Unless of course this is not a Shi'a forum.
  9. Note from Admin - I request the dog of Ali a.s to be humble and show some mannerism (Akhlaq). Thankyou Salams
  10. Assalamo Alaikom I have recenlty been warned by the moderators that I would get banned if I continued to practise my faith my applying one of the furu-e dîn: tabarrâ. Here is the message I received: "You are not permitted to abuse the three, you should know this by now. This is not permitted here. You are in danger of being banned due to complaints. Consider yourself advised! " Here is my reply: For the last two years I have increasingly felt the need to express my thoughts on tabarrâ, for reasons I will soon explain. But before I start, I would like the readers to have a good look at the picture illustrating this note. As some of you might have guessed this picture is taken from Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of the Christ (2004). Jesus (as) here is being dragged by the Temple guards with chains and ropes and humiliated. The reason why I am posting this picture is because this is precisely the way how His Majesty Amîr ul Muminîn Imâm ’Alî ibn Abi Tâlib (as) was dragged by his enemies through the streets of Medina after the attack on the house of Her Majesty Fâtimah (as) by the demonic enemies of Allah (swt), namely Abu Bakr [Edited], ’Omar [Edited], Khalid ibn Walid , ’Othmân [Edited] and Qonfodh , may the mighty and eternal curse Allah (swt) and his infinite punishment be upon them . The reason for this note is that I am simply fed up with being lectured by people on how I shouldn’t invoke Allah’s (swt) curse on Abu Bakr [Edited], ‘’Omar [Edited], ’Othmân, Khâlid ibn Walîd and the rest of the enemies of Hazrat-e Shâh-e Shâhân Shâh Imâm ’Alî (as). I am being told that I have no manners, that I shouldn’t behave like this, that it’s bad for Islamic unity, that God is Love, that it happened in the past, that there are more important issues and that there are worse oppressors than the demon in human shape who beat Hazrat-e Fatimah (as), namely ’Omar ibn al Khattâb (Edited). [Rest of the post deleted because I can't be bothered editing an entire Essay - Admin]
  11. Actually yes: end of story. I won't be lectured by a Pan Islamist heretic who implies that only repeating two parts of the shahada instead of the complete threefold shahada is enough to be a Muslim. What you are preaching is Bakrism not Islam. You are of course most welcome to study the religion of Islam as brought to us by the Ahl ul Bayt , enbrasse Islam and reject the neo-.talmudic desert Arab supremacist desert cult of Abu Bakr [Edited] and Omar [Edited].
  12. To be Shi'a is to be Muslim. End of story. When Allah (swt) asked the angels to prostate to Adam (as) and Iblis (la) refused this clearly made the difference between Islam and kufr. When Allah (swt) designated Hazrat-e Amir ul Muminin (as) as his wali and as as wasih to the Prophet (pbuh) those who obeyed that command were the Muslims. Those who disobeyed that command repeated the arrogant disobedience of Iblis (la) and became apostates. There can be no brotherhood between Truth and Falsehood, between Adam (as) and Iblis (la), between Ali (as) and Omar (la). Shi'a-Sunni brotherhood is heresy and a mockery of the truth for it implies that there can be unity between Truth and Kufr. Ahl ul Bayt (as) are the Ark of Salvation, anyone who doesn't embark it has chosen hell.
  13. WOW So Zakir Naik is your new Che Guevara anti-colonial hero hey? So if I understand you correctly any Nasibi gets your support if he just says what the whole world knows about Western imperialism. So it's ok for him to blapheme against Ahl ul Bayt (as) etc... as long as in your eyes he defends third worldism. WOW you guys are disgusting. Anyone who supports a lover of Yazid is a lover of Yazid, even if he claims to be Shi'ah. You guys are disgusting. :sick:
  14. WOW amazing to find supporters of that Nasibi Yazid lover on shiachat. Give me a bucket I feel like vomiting...
  15. I am sorry but a state that claims to follow Islam and choses to implement morality laws just on one part of the population is a joke. The thing is that the state is not only to blame but mostly Iranian men. They have dropped traditional Iranian clothing and have adopted Western clothing and fashion and that hasn't changed since the revolution. How on earth can a regime that claims to liberate the world from Western imperialism sound credible when its non-clerical leaders and male population still dress in Western clothes. Clothing translates a culture and Western male clothing is far from being modest. Traditional Iranian shirts, like the Indo-Pakistani kurta, used to reach up to the knees thus covering the very parts that Western clothing empowers as a sign of male domination. As I said before: the first anti-colonial act is the preservation of tradition. To implement morality just on on part of the population is hypocrisy and contrary to Islamic ethics.
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