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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I did not translate the entire nikah nama. Item no. 12-16 are about specifically about mehr (how much is payed in total, how much is moajul, how much is ghair moajul, any property given in lieu of mehr etc.)
  2. Religiously speaking, crossing out that column has no importance. Just like rule 21 has no importance (a man doesnt need his wife's permission to get a second wife). As for the legal proceedings, judicial system here is so corrupt, I think it makes no difference whether you have it crossed out or not. Even if you have not crossed it, you could still face equal or more degree of problems getting a divorce. And even if you have crossed it, you could still get a divorce very easily, if you have the resources. I think this is why the scholars usually give no real value to this "government" nikah n
  3. (salam) I can translate a part of the official pakistani nikah nama for you. 17. "Are there any special conditions of nikah contract?" 18. "Has the husband granted the wife the right to divorce; if yes, on what conditions?" 19. "Are there any restrictions on the husband's right to divorce?" 20. "At the time of marriage, has there been any formal documentation regarding mehr and the financial support? If yes, briefly what are its contents?" 21. "Is the groom already married to another woman at the time of the present nikah? If yes, has he obtained permission for his second marriage from the co
  4. (salam) sister farwa Yes I know about this problem and I have raised this issue myself. They say that we dont need to worry about it because it has no islamic value in itself. It doesnt mean anything because the islamic laws have got nothing to do with the "government issued official nikah nama". The reason why the shias usually cross out talaq column is because they feel it would be a bad omen to talk about divorce at the time of beginning of a marriage. So rest assured that your divorce rights are not affected in any way whether that column is crossed out or not. Sometimes the girl's parent
  5. tarbooz is watermelon in Pakistan too. Ok, so it is like... Kharbooza = canteloupe (I didnt know this before) tarbooz = watermelon garma = melon
  6. If kharbooza is melon, then what is garma?
  7. (salam) What is kharbooza called in english? Thanks.
  8. Someone told me that many pages of the "bore ho raha hay" thread were deleted because the moderators thought they were useless. So if they had been allowed, maybe there would ve been like 250 pages now. This is very silly and such a big waste of time.
  9. I'm not particularly against polygamy, nor too much in favor of it. But I wonder how things could have been if it were easier for men to do justice with their two or more wives, and it were easier for women to keep their jealousy in control.
  10. "he does not like it"...by that I meant that he thinks it is better and more safe for her not to go there. It is out of sincerity that he is not giving her the permission, and not because he wants to be a jerk or tyrant.
  11. Sis Hajar, I agree with you. When I said that wives need permission, I meant that according to the law they need it. But ofcourse, if there is a general understanding that the permission is not required, then obviously there is no need to call everytime you have to go out. I was actually talking about some particular times or places where the husband does not allow the wife to go (because he does not like that place or any other reason) but the wife wants to go there still, in that case, the rule is the answer I received: 4. He has the right not to allow you to leave the house without his per
  12. I wrote to my marja's office for an answer to a situation. A part of my question was that if the husband believes it is necessary for his wife to stay at home (and he has his reasons for it), but the wife thinks she needs to go out, what should be the islamic solution to this problem? The answer to this part of my question was: 4. He has the right not to allow you to leave the house without his permission but he should also consider your feelings. So I think that it is clear from this that women do need their husband's permission, and if he does not give permission, then well...hmm, if he is
  13. Is it haram to attend a dinner (not pub) where alcohol is being served? If you are invited to a dinner, and you go there only to find out that they are also serving alcohol, would it be wajib to leave that place immediately?
  14. Yes it is very hard. If you live in joint family system, then it is almost impossible to maintain your complete hijab all the time. One of the hardest things in Islam is to live in with your brother in laws and still keep your hijab the way it should be kept. You even have to sleep with your hijab and never take off your socks because you are surrounded by non mehraams. It is the right of the wife to have privacy in her home. But in the typical pakistani family system, this is not always possible. But most pakistani women dont care about hijab anyway...and many dont even know the difference be
  15. Yes it appears Ali to us because we are shias. A sunni could say it looks more like Umar. What I mean is that we cannot present this is a proof to a non-shia because Ali is not absolutely clear. The other thing is that if it had been so clear, then wouldnt everyone become shia. I think this is just like the reason why Quran does not mention the name of Ali (as), though he is indirectly talked about everywhere in Quran. In the same way, the moon does not have Ali very clearly written on it, but it looks like "Ali" to those who are shias.
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