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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As somewone who lived in canada and is now in the islamic republic ( al hamdulillah , living in iran is far better for muslims then the west, and i invite you to come and study here ther is mush to learn and many doors are open here, dont waste a life doing nothing for islam in the west and come here dear muslims , ther is also many true sunni brothers here and a also sunni islamic seminary from jamiatul mustafa in the northern city of Gorgan ) i can say that most of the iranians i met in canada and probably most of those who are in the west are complitely irreligious and ignorants and they
  2. Seriously how can anyone talk against yusuf estes? , he has done more for islam than any one of you little google scholars. His speaches are excellent and he is a better muslim than many of those who consider themselves muslims. If you want to say something then try to be a better preacher to bring people to islam.
  3. Why do you waiste your time with this person? he represent nothing more then what the wahabi represent for the sunni muslims, the leader and sayyed Sistani and most of the marja ( those who are really marja3) all agreed that cursing those who are revered by other muslims is haram and making fitna is haram. Just dont waite your time with them and refer to the people of knowledge if u need a information. Books are there
  4. Dear people , not because somewone talk in a attractive way that everything he say is correct and truth, u listen to somewone only because he talk in a attractive manner instead of opening books of real acholars ? Is it only because you people became too lazy to open books from true and reconised scholars or because you like intertainment?
  5. I can see that u never been to iran and never met the ulama there or even the common religious people there , if u say that u did then i would say that u have some problem
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